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Fox To Air Damning
Michelle Obama Tape?


Note - This email comes from reliable sources. -ed

I have learned that FOX NEWS CHANNEL will air a devastating tape of Michelle Obama within the next 24 hours.

My source indicates the tape - which will have a huge impact on U.S. National Security, will air during "The Sean Hannity Show" and Greta Van Sustren's "On the Record."

According to Africa Press International (API), Michelle Obama is on the tape making comments and remarks about her husband's plans for America that will absolutely shock American Voters.

According to API, eleven days ago they received the first request to accept $2 million US dollars from Mr Ed Hale, President of Plains Radio, Texas - USA, in an effort to suppress the information from reaching the public before the coming US Presidential elections.

Six hours after the release of information by API on the planned broadcast by Fox News Network of the Michelle Obama tape, API was contacted by Obama¢s Campaign Manager.

Obama¢s campaign manager allegedly contacted API by telephone and email offering $3 million US dollars followed with a request to API to cancel the deal with Fox News Network. API says it declined the $3 million.

According to information I received at noon today, FOX NEWS CHANNEL will air the tape within the next 24 hours, meaning TONIGHT!


Supremes asked to halt Tuesday's vote
Constitutional crisis feared over Obama's 'qualifications'

Posted: October 30, 2008
11:00 pm Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

The U.S. Supreme Court is being asked to help the nation avoid a constitutional crisis by halting Tuesday's election until Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama documents his eligibility to run for the top office in the nation.

Democratic attorney Philip Berg had filed a lawsuit alleging Obama is ineligible to be president because of possible birth in Kenya, but as WND reported, a federal judge dismissed the complaint claiming Berg lacks standing to bring the action.

Philip J. Berg

The 34-page memorandum that accompanied the court order from Judge R. Barclay Surrick concluded ordinary citizens can't sue to ensure that a presidential candidate actually meets the constitutional requirements of the office.

Instead, Surrick said Congress could determine "that citizens, voters, or party members should police the Constitution's eligibility requirements for the Presidency," but that it would take new laws to grant individual citizens that ability.

"Until that time," Surrick says, "voters do not have standing to bring the sort of challenge that Plaintiff attempts to bring."


Obama: 'Nazism … similar to what's going on' in U.S. Democrat told radio station of difficulties for blacks in America

Posted: October 30, 2008
11:00 pm Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

A newly posted video on YouTube has captured Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama appearing to suggest that America after World War II had similarities to Nazi Germany.

In the video, Obama is on WBEZ radio in Chicago discussing the Supreme Court opinions on civil rights

during the time America was dealing with Jim Crow laws.

He states, "You've got the doctrines of Nazism that we are fighting against, that start looking uncomfortably similar to what's going on back here at home."

The video can be seen here:

WND reported earlier when Obama's comments on the same station at the same time suggested his disappointment that the U.S. Supreme Court never had gone beyond the constraints of the Constitution and established wealth redistribution plans.

In that tape, Obama is heard telling Chicago's public station WBEZ-FM in 2001 that "redistributive change" is needed, pointing to what he regarded as a failure of the U.S. Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren in its rulings on civil rights issues in the 1960s.


Ruling to come on Obama birth case

By Sheila McLaughlin • • October 30, 2008

A Warren County magistrate said he’ll decide tomorrow whether Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has to get proof that Barack Obama was born in the United States.

David M. Neal, a Turtlecreek Township resident who runs a political Web site, filed suit last week, saying state and federal government leaders have failed to verify that Obama was born in Hawaii, instead of Kenya.

The U.S. Constitution requires presidents to be natural-born citizens who are at least 35 years old.

Neal says he’s part of a nationwide grass-roots movement that has questioned Obama’s birthplace and qualification to run for president.

Neal’s complaint asserts that Obama’s Internet site does not disclose the name of the hospital where Obama was born and that an original long version of the birth certificate should be made available before the election.

The controversy has lingered even though various fact-checking groups and journalists have concluded that the Hawaiian birth certificate appears to be authentic.

Neal contends that Obama should be removed from the Ohio ballot if Brunner can’t confirm that Obama was born in the United States.


Confirmed: Obama friend closely tied to terror group
Anti-Israel professor praised by candidate has long history with Yasser Arafat's PLO

Posted: October 30, 2008
10:53 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Rashid Khalidi
JERUSALEM – Anti-Israel professor Rashid Khalidi, who has been closely tied to Sen. Barack Obama, is currently a top director for an organization that has a long and intertwined history with the Palestine Liberation Organization, including while the PLO was one of the world's foremost terrorist organizations, WND has learned.

Well-known former PLO leaders still sit on the board of Khalidi's organization. The former PLO leaders work for the Palestinian government but now identify themselves as members of the Palestinian Authority largely because the PLO has negative connotations.

Much has been made in recent months about the anti-Israel sentiments of Khalidi, currently a professor at Columbia University. During documented speeches and public events, Khalidi has called Israel an "apartheid system in creation" and a destructive "racist" state. In May, he wrote an opinion piece in The Nation magazine in which he argues Western powers backed Israel's establishment in 1948 due to guilt of the Holocaust and asserts Israel should be dissolved.

Some have also pointed out that in the 1980s, when the PLO was based in Beirut and was carrying out scores of terror attacks and assaults on Lebanese Christians, Khalidi, a local professor, several times used the word "we" when speaking to the media regarding the PLO. He also was quoted in several major newspaper pieces as a professor close to PLO leader Yasser Arafat.


Ex-CIA Expert: Obama Took Millions in Illegal Foreign Donations

October 30, 2008 | Kenneth R. Timmerman

Posted on Thursday, October 30, 2008 12:27:22 PM by GodGunsGuts

A Newsmax investigation of Obama/Biden campaign contributors, undertaken in conjunction with a private investigative firm headed by a former CIA operations officer, has identified 118 donors who appear to lack U.S. citizenship.

Some of these “red flag” donors work for foreign governments; others have made public statements declaring that they are citizens of Cameroun, Nigeria, Pakistan, Canada, and other countries.

A Newsmax sampling of about 3,400 donors also found hundreds more who showed “yellow flags” such as not having used a Social Security number or a known U.S. address. Most U.S.-born citizens are issued Social Security numbers at birth or by the time they enter kindergarten..

Erica Jong Tells Italians Obama Loss 'Will Spark the Second American Civil War. Blood Will Run in the Streets'
Erica Jong, 1976.
Getty Images
Erica Jong, 1976.

It seems that the final days of the presidential campaign have made Erica Jong and her friends more than a little anxious.

A few days ago, Jong, the author and self-described feminist, gave an interview to the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, the choicest bits of which were brought to my attention by the reliably sharp-eyed Christian Rocca, the U.S. correspondent of Il Foglio, who published excerpts on his Camillo blog. Basically, Jong says her fear that Obama might lose the election has developed into an "obsession. A paralyzing terror. An anxious fever that keeps you awake at night." She also says that her friends Jane Fonda and Naomi Wolf are extremely worried that Obama will be sabotaged by Republican dirty tricks, and that if an Obama loss indeed comes to pass, the result will be a second American Civil War.


More on the Links between Obama and Extremist Islam

by Daniel Pipes
Tue, 21 Oct 2008

updated Fri, 31 Oct 2008

A reader points out that Sutton has apparently retracted his statement about a connection between Barack Obama and Khalid Al-Mansour that I referred to in my column today, "Obama Would Fail Security Clearance." On Sep. 6, shortly after Sutton's statement attracted attention, Kevin Wardally, a " a spokesman for Sutton's family," e-mailed to Ben Smith of Politico a statement:

The information Mr. Percy Sutton imparted on March 25 in a NY1 News interview regarding his connection to Barack Obama is inaccurate. As best as our family and the Chairman's closest friends can tell, Mr. Sutton, now 86 years of age, misspoke in describing certain details and events in that television interview. We regret this unfortunate incident and we ask good conscientious people to extend compassion and grace to Percy Sutton.

Percy Sutton (middle) and Malcolm X (right) at a rally in Harlem in 1963.

But then Kenneth R. Timmerman of contacted the Sutton family, which in turn denied that Wardally spoke for them:

Newsmax contacted the Sutton family and they categorically denied Wardally's claims to Smith and the So there was no retraction of Sutton's original interview, during which he revealed that Khalid Al-Mansour was "raising money" for Obama and had asked Sutton to write a letter of recommendation for Obama to help him get accepted at Harvard Law School.

Sutton's personal assistant told Newsmax that neither Mr. Sutton or his family had ever heard of Kevin Wardally. "Who is this person?" asked Sutton's assistant, Karen Malone. When told that he portrayed himself as a "spokesman" for the family, Malone told Newsmax, "Well, he's not."

According to a 2006 New York magazine profile, Wardally is part of a "New New Guard" in Harlem politics that has been challenging the "lions" of the old guard, Charles Rangel and Percy Sutton. That makes him an unlikely candidate to speak on behalf of Sutton. Sutton maintains an office at the Manhattan headquarters of the firm he founded, Inner City Broadcasting Corporation. ICBC owns New York radio stations WBLS and WLIB.

Sutton's son Pierre ("Pepe") runs ICBC along with his daughter, Keisha Sutton-James. Malone told Newsmax that she had consulted with Sutton's family members at the station and confirmed that no one knew Kevin Wardally or had authorized him to speak on behalf of the family.

For someone claiming to be a "spokesman" for the Sutton family, who was authorized to call Percy Sutton a liar, Wardally even got Percy Sutton's age wrong. Sutton is not 86, as Wardally said, but close to 88. He was born on Nov. 24, 1920.

Wardally responded to a several Newsmax phone messages and emails with a terse one-line comment, maintaining his statement that Percy Sutton "misspoke" in the television interview. "I believe the statement speaks for itself and the Sutton Family and I have nothing further to say on the topic," he wrote in an email. Asked to explain why it was that no one at Inner City Broadcasting Corp. knew of him or accepted him as a family spokesman, Wardally responded later that he had been retained by a nephew of the elder Sutton.

Comments: (1) It appears that Sutton is standing by his statement. In any case, it would be hard to credit Wardally's statement that Sutton's recollections were pure fantasy. (2) Timmerman also points out that Al-Mansour did not fully deny the Sutton statement, but that he was determined to keep a low profile so as to avoid embarrassing Obama. (October 21, 2008)

Oct. 23, 2008 update: Another reader points out that I missed a further Obama connection to CAIR – that Joseph E. Sandler of the law firm Sandler, Reiff, & Young is one of three lawyers who filed a motion to dismiss Philip Berg's case claiming that Obama does not meet the citizenship requirements to become president of the United States. (I have posted both the original motion to dismiss and the first amended motion.)

As the Yid with Lid blog that broke this news puts it, Sandler is the legal hit man for CAIR; his "role for CAIR has been to stifle people from telling the truth about Islam. For example, last year he tried to get Jihad Expert Robert Spencer banned from speaking to the Young American Foundation, by using a threatening letter. Sandler followed up by threatening columnist Mike Adams for writing about the Spencer incident."

Oct. 27, 2008 update: Oliver "Buck" Revell, the former #3 in the FBI, has confirmed my point in an interview for, "Former FBI In Charge of Operations – FBI 'Would Not Have Hired' Someone with Obama's Associations." He unequivocally states that during his time, "certainly we would not have hired during my tenure a person that had the background, associates and relationships that Obama has had over his adult life." Some explanation:

when you associate with people of the likes of Bill Ayers, who is not only a known radical but an unrepentant radical, and teaches a radical socialism – some would say communist – approach to government, and espouses the use of violence if "necessary," and he determines when it's necessary, this is not the kind of person that an association with – and an association that was both voluntary and lengthy – would give you the necessary satisfaction that the applicant himself was not involved to some degree or at least acknowledged and agreed with parts of that person's social or political agenda.

Certainly with the Rev. Wright, if we had an individual who was coming in for an agent application, and he belonged to the Aryan Nation's Church and he had as his counselor and pastor Richard Gibb Butler, who was a radical white extremist, we would not have considered that person for a position in the Bureau because that is essentially a relationship with a racist entity; and being counseled by a vehement racist – whether he is black, white, red or brown – in and of itself is reason not to give someone access to highly classified information or a job in government that requires that.

Obama's relationships with various hoodlum figures in the Chicago area certainly would be something to look into and you'd have to determine the extent and degree of that relationship to make that determination, but it would be examined very carefully. I have no knowledge that Obama himself has engaged in any illegal or improper activities; I don't know that he has himself engaged in the radical activities that his associates have – or certainly the criminal activities that they have – but the fact that he knowingly associated with people – and he knew their backgrounds and he continued to associate with them – would have, in my opinion, been disqualifying for special agent position, an analyst position, in fact any position that required a security clearance.

By what has been reported and to some degree acknowledged, would in my view, have disqualified him for a position in the FBI based upon the fact that he wouldn't have qualified for a security clearance.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Seal your PRIMERS and more

I live in a world of reality. I think beyond normal events as its better to prepare now in order to care for the handgun that you will rely on for the protection of life and property.
The following are a list of my priorities I feel have become a necessity. NO ONE should ever carry ammunition unless you seal your primers. I like to use bright red nail polish.

Take a box of ammo and paint the entire primer and the lettering on the rear of the case, let it dry completely, when it is absolutely dry take a paper towel and wrap it around your index finger, put nail polish remover on the paper towel and wipe off the back of the case, removing all the red nail polish except what remains in and around the primer and in the lettering, so its easy to see. Put a printed label on the box of ammo or a permanent colored round dot so you can easily identify which box has sealed primers. Your ammunition is now protected from penetrating oil of any kind, from the primer area.

I always went a step further and cleaned each carry bullet with Flitz or Simichrome polish, and then I applied Flitz pure carnuba wax to each bullet that I would constantly carry. It will prevent corrosion and it will feed better. I have been doing this for many years.
People have died because when they needed their handgun, they had a dead primer because of oil penetrating their primer. A product like WD 40 will destroy your primer.

When you select your main semi auto carry hangun you will need to stock extra magazine, recoil, firing pin springs, etc, etc. It never hurts to have a second identical handgun so you could canabalize it for parts in an emergency. I have started using Silicone wire recoil springs that are excellent. If you have selected a Government 1911 pistol stay with the factory standard 16 lb. recoil spring. I only recommend conventional recoil springs. I do not like variable recoil springs.

You must keep your carry gun clean and lightly lubricated, I use Militec (
I clean all my guns with LPS Micro X cleaner ( this cleaner is safe on polymer, I have had no problems. Do not put lubrication on your extractor or breech face or in your magazines. You should have at least 5 magazines. You must have extra parts such as an extractor, firing pin, magazine followers (
etc. Prepare now so you do not have to worry later.

You will need a good carry holster.
All things mechanical can break at the worst time. Get extra supplies now while they are available, DO NOT WAIT, during hard times they may not be available.

Teddy Jacobson