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Welcome! This is where I buy my holsters. This is a top rated company.

Lightning Arms Sports was established in 1995 in Beaverton, Oregon to cater to the gun sports and people’s rights for self defense. We specialize in the highest quality leather holsters and accessories available in the marketplace today.

We are proud and honored to represent Milt Sparks, Lou Alessi, Matt Del Fatti, Pocket Concealment Systems, and Craig Spegel. We also stock a full line of Galco products, as well as The Wilderness Instructor Belts. Our holster inventory includes both left- and right-hand applications. For the convenience of our local customers we now also stock *Fox Labs aerosol defense sprays (*only available locally at our Portland, Oregon physical address).

Similar to the custom holster and accessory companies we represent, we are a very small operation of two. We specialize in customer service and do our best to satisfy our customers.

Thank you for your interest in our company and this opportunity to earn your business.

Craig & Audrey Chadwick

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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Question of the Month!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

PLEASE NOTE: A Federal Firearms License is REQUIRED for the purchase of any Complete Weapon or Lower Receiver. Orders will not be processed without it.

The New 45 Bushmaster Rifle

New Bushmaster A3 6.8mm SPC Carbine New Bushmaster A2 6.8mm SPC Carbine

Bushmaster Predator Bushmaster Superlight with TeleStock

Bushmaster Superlight with Stubby Stock Bushmaster AK Carbine

Bushmaster M4 Type 16in Carbine with Izzy Flash Suppressor Bushmaster 16in Carbine with Bird Cage Flash Suppressor

Bushmaster M4 Type 16in Carbine with Bird Cage Flash Suppressor Bushmaster 20in Rifle with Bird Cage Flash Suppressor

Bushmaster 16in Modular Carbine

Bushmaster SuperLight Carbine with Stubby Stock

Bushmaster SuperLight Carbine with Fixed Tele-Stock Bushmaster "Varmint Special" Rifle

Bushmaster Stainless Steel Rifle Bushmaster Varminter Rifle

Bushmaster M4 Type 16in Carbine Bushmaster A2 16in Carbine

Bushmaster A3 16in Carbine Bushmaster AK A2 Rifle

Bushmaster AK A3 16in Carbine Bushmaster Dissipator A2 16in Carbine

Bushmaster Dissipator A3 16inCarbine Bushmaster A2 20in Rifle

Bushmaster A3 20in Rifle Bushmaster V Match Carbine

XM15 E2S V Match 20in Rifle

BUSHMASTER - The Best. By A Long Shot!
Here's Why:

Barrels: We machine our Barrels from either the best grade Chrome-Moly Vanadium Steel, or 416 Match Grade Stainless Steel. Our heavy profile Barrels (standard on most models) step down from 1" diam. at barrel nut to .750" at the sight base to improve heat dissipation and decrease barrel whip. The majority of our barrels are button rifled - right hand twist - 1 turn in 9", as we've found that the 1 in 9" twist gives optimum accuracy results with a broad range of ammunition, and will stabilize bullets up to 75 grains. DCM Competition Rifles are 1 in 8" twist for the very heavy bullets used in high power competition.

Chrome Lined Bore & Chamber:
A chromed bore and chamber - as in most of our Chrome Moly Steel Barrels - can double the barrel's life if proper care and regular maintenance procedures are observed. The chrome protects against corrosion, and as it is harder than the barrel steel, it reduces friction, increases velocity, and aids in chambering and ejection. Chrome lined barrels also clean up easier because lead, copper and powder fouling simply does not adhere as easily to the chrome lining - so you'll spend less time cleaning after a day at the range. Note: With any chrome lined barrel, you should avoid leaving ammonia based solvents, bore cleaners, or pastes in long term contact with the chrome lining (i.e. over-night soakings) as the ammonia can react with the chrome to cause oxidation. Regular session cleaning will ensure proper barrel care and long life. We apply a Manganese Phosphate finish to our barrels, and other critical steel parts, to protect against corrosion and rust and to produce a matte black, non-reflective surface color. We do not paint any of our parts. Finally, Bushmaster rifles and carbines are laser boresighted at the factory to assure that the accuracy inherent in our barrels works in coordination with the sights that we put on them.

Manganese Phosphate Finish: We utilize the mil. spec. recommended protective finish for steel in our manufacturing. This finish protects against corrosion and rust, and produces the correct matte grey/black military surface color. We do not paint any of our parts.

Forged Front Sights: The front sight base is not a casting. Bushmaster uses only steel forgings which are far superior in tensile strength. Your weapon won't be disabled if you bang it against something!

Receiver Features: We machine our receivers to fit together with two standard mil. spec. push pins. This offers simple “tool-less” take down in the field - no need for two screwdrivers as with some other brands. We incorporate a brass deflector into the aluminum upper receiver forgings for ejected shell control and a raised “fence” area around the magazine catch button prevents accidental release of the magazine - all per latest military design specifications.

Rear Sights: We use the standard mil. spec. A2 Dual Aperture Rear Sight which incorporates adjusting knobs for both windage and elevation. Our A2 sights feature 1/2" incremental windage adjustment at 100 yards instead of the older version which offered only 1" increments - additionally, the adjustment knobs on the A2 rear sight eliminate the need for a sight tool. The beauty of the dual aperture flip-up is that the same sight can offer both quick target acquisition (with the field aperture) and fine distance sight picture (with the target aperture).

Stock and Grip: We install the latest A2 standard trapdoor buttstock - which is 5/8" longer than the original A1 - for a mil. spec. trigger pull length of 13.5 inches. The black thermoplastic pistol grip has finger groove and serrated back for solid grasp.

Bushmaster Value!...All complete Bushmaster Rifles and Carbines are now being shipped in this hard plastic, lockable, clamshell style case - a $18.95 value!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Spies Among Us

B-2 Stealth Bomber Compromised?

Classified B-2 Stealth bomber technology was leaked to China, say U.S. officials. A Hawaii-based spy allegedly obtained critical technology that will allow Beijing to copy and counter one of America’s most advanced weapons systems. Investigation reveals that U.S. Stealth technology may have been leaking since 1999.

In the November 15 grand jury indictment, Indian-born engineer Noshir Gowadia is charged with 18 counts of spying. Besides providing China with classified technology relating to the B-2’s engine exhaust system, he is also charged with several other counts of selling top-secret information.

Justice Department officials claim that Gowadia was paid approximately $2 million for the B-2 secrets. If true, China got a true bargain—paying pennies on the dollar for technology that took many years and probably cost hundreds of millions or more to develop.

U.S. experts familiar with the case say “the compromise of the B-2 technology is extremely damaging because it will give China key secrets on the bomber” (Washington Times, November 23).

B-2 bombers are part of what the Pentagon is calling its “hedge” strategy: to have forces in position and with the ability to swiftly defeat China in any future conflict. China’s procurement of this technology severely compromises that strategy.

Gowadia is also accused of providing China with extensive technical assistance to help it develop and test a radar-evading Stealth cruise missile, and also showing China how to modify the cruise missile to lock on to U.S. air-to-air missiles.

If what prosecutors say is true, the Stealth genie may be out of the bottle. Gowadia is also charged with divulging “secret” and “top secret” U.S. Stealth technology-related data pertaining to the th-98 Eurocopter and other foreign commercial aircraft to Germany, Switzerland and Israel between 2002 and 2004. All told, he is accused of offering classified defense information to as many as eight foreign nations.

Earlier this year, another espionage case involving China occurred, where two brothers (Chi and Tai Mak) were accused of being unregistered agents for the Chinese. Authorities accused the Mak family of trying to pass on restricted naval warship technology concerning the advanced ddx destroyer.

As one defense official pointed out, commenting on the Gowadia case, these recent incidents illustrate “China’s intelligence efforts to counter key weapons systems that give the United States strategic advantages over Chinese forces.”

For more on the strategic implications of these developments, read here.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


A Force for the Future

Post-World War II guilt is history. The “white paper” on defense that Germany unveiled last month will unshackle its military.

Germany finally threw away all semblance of post-World War ii remorse with the release of its latest “white paper” on defense in October. The new policy document removes restrictions on the German military’s foreign and domestic deployment.

“We have gone from a defense army to the army of unity to an army in action,” said Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung when he presented the document on October 25.

The policy paper outlines the future of the Bundeswehr and defines the foundation of German security policy domestically and internationally.

It is the first of its kind since the federal government released a similar document in 1994. That paper allowed for the German military to be used in foreign theaters. The German government wasted no time implementing it: Within a few years, the world saw the Bundeswehr deploy in the Balkans, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa and the Congo.

The new white paper takes the recent history of the Bundeswehr into account and delineates a new robust international role for the German military. It calls for an expansion of the “constitutional framework for the deployment of the armed forces.”

“The national level of ambition is to deploy up to 14,000 service men and women at any one time, distributed over as many as five areas of operations,” the paper states.

This restructuring will facilitate the international peacekeeping role Germany has assumed. Clearly the government expects to keep receiving requests to help resolve international crises—especially as anti-American nations grow more cautious of perceived U.S. imperialism and as the overstretched United States encourages Europe to grow its military.

The white paper opens the opportunity for German troops to deploy virtually anywhere in the world by defining vital German “interests.” These interests include free, unhindered access to world markets and raw materials, and control of any regional crises that could negatively affect Germany’s national security. The paper allows Germany to defend these interests not only through diplomatic and economic means, but also “policing measures as well as military means and, where called for, also armed operations.”

As one of the world’s largest exporters in an economically intertwined world, it wouldn’t be hard for Germany to feel threatened in any of its many markets that span the globe. And as it proved in Africa during World War ii, it is quite willing to use armed deployments to safeguard its markets.

Just as it expands the German military’s role internationally, the paper also calls for removing the last shackle of post-war guilt: amending the constitution to allow for Germany’s military to deploy domestically. This constitutional safeguard was created to prevent a politician from using the military to force the government into submission, as Hitler managed to do.

However, faced with the growing terrorist threat, Germany’s “foreign and domestic security can no longer be separated,” said Mr. Jung. In the words of the white paper, “[T]he need for protection of the population and of the infrastructure has increased in importance ….”

If the grand coalition that encompasses all sides of Germany’s political spectrum can adopt a changed constitution, a German government of any composition could amend the constitution in the future, especially with the threat of terrorism bearing down.

The terrorism threat provides a perfect pretext for amending the constitution: The revision would not only satisfy government and military desires, but also salve public fears of Islamist extremism, which have continued to be stoked by the Catholic Church.

It is inevitable that Germany will amend its constitution. The adoption of the white paper shows Germany is quickly moving in that direction.

German leadership is known for taking advantage of crises to further its goals. The timing of this new military policy is an example.

Germany will chair both the European Union and the Group of Eight in 2007, giving the government tremendous international prestige. Mr. Jung said the white paper’s emphasis on sending troops around the world had added significance as Germany prepares to enter its new roles.

The world can expect a similar result with this white paper as occurred with the 1994 paper: a dramatic increase in Germany’s military deployment around the world.




Hi Teddy,
Just thought I would mention that my springfield mil-spec 1911 used in
the street gun project has now seen 1,100 flawless rounds of standard
Winchester 230 grain round nose ammo. Four-hundred of those rounds were fired in a
row with no cleaning over a period of one hour! I have used three types of
mags: Cobra 8rd (my carry mags), springfield 7rd, and cheap government contract
7rd mags. All mags have worked perfect. I carry with cinfidence. Please send
my thanks to Mr. Camp as well because I don't have his e-mail address. Thank
you, and happy holidays.

Mike from Detroit



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