Thursday, January 10, 2013

THURSDAY - JANUARY 10, 2013  (5773)

Joel Chapter 1 יוֹאֵל

טו  אֲהָהּ, לַיּוֹם:  כִּי קָרוֹב יוֹם יְהוָה, וּכְשֹׁד מִשַּׁדַּי יָבוֹא.  15 Alas for the day! for the day of the LORD is at hand, and as a destruction from the Almighty shall it come. 

  Browning Hi Power
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                                Number 1 - The story of my first Hi Power
                                The Browning Hi Power and the Magazine "Safety"
                                Hi Power Two-Piece Barrels
                                Corbon 9mm 100-grain "PowRball" +P and Browning Mk III Hi Power
                                Federal 115-grain JHP and the Hi Power
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                                The Hi Power vs. the Javelina!
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                                The Perfect Hi Power
                                "Low Penetration" Ammunition for the 9mm Hi Power
                                The "Best" Hi Power
                                Dark Nights and Lonely Places
                                The Hi Power and Hammer Bite
                                The Browning Hi Power and 9mm +P Ammunition
                                Field Report: Browning Mk III w/Winchester 127-gr. +P+
                                Polymer Frame for the Hi Power
                                Hi Power Longevity
                                The Hi Power and Standard Pressure Ammunition
                                The Browning Hi Power and 147-gr. Ammunition
                                The Browning Hi Power at Speed
                                The Therapeutic P-35
                                The Therapeutic P-35 Part II
                                A Critical Look at the FN Competition Model
                                Changes to a New Hi Power
                                Browning Hi Power or 1911 for Defense?
                                Browning Hi Power Dates of Manufacture
                                Corbon 9mm 115-gr. DPX +P
                                Hakan Browning Hi Power Stocks
                                Two Ross Holsters for the Browning Hi Power
                                Why the 9mm Hi Power Remains a Favorite of Mine
                                A Hi Power Holster by Eric
                                Browning Hi Power & Sprinco Recoil System
                                Garrity Gunleather BHP "Changeling IWB" Holster
                                IWB Hi Power Holster from HBE Specialty Leatherworks
                                The Triskel from Garrity's Gunleather
                                The Hi Power and the Glock 17
                                9mm Hi Power Ammo Selection, 2006
                                Browning/FN Hi Power and CZ-75: Are They Related?
                                My Personal Carry Hi Power       
                                9MM Hi Power Reliability
                                Navidrex Hi Power Grips
                               Portuguese Hi Power
                               Hogue Hi Power Stocks    
                               Can the Hi Power Still Make the Cut?  
                               Selected Hi Power Velocity Data   
                               Personalized Hi Powers: A Minimalist Approach    
                               Hi Power Recoil Spring Guide (Correct Installation)  
                               Classic Hi Power "Sport" Model  
                               Mec-Gar 9mm Hi Power Magazines: 13 vs. 15-Round
                               KRD 17-Shot 9mm Hi Power Magazines 
                               Ammunition Test: Fiocchi Extrema 9mm 124 and 147-gr. XTP
                               FN's DAO "Hi Power" Pistol
                               Lightly "Personalized" Mk II
                               Shooting the 40-caliber Hi Power
                               Shot One of My Old Favorite Hi Powers
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