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Israeli state prosecutor: PM received cash envelopes even when he was not running for election

May 19, 2008, 5:02 PM (GMT+02:00)

PM Ehud Olmert with Long Island donor Morris Talansky

PM Ehud Olmert with Long Island donor Morris Talansky

As this damaging revelation emerged at the High Court Monday, May 19, prime minister Ehud Olmert’s office announced he would undergo a routine test that night to monitor his prostrate cancer, which was disclosed last October as not life-threatening. The prime minister, 62, decided to postpone surgery at that time.

Police have been waiting three days for Olmert to find an hour to be questioned again.

The High Court’s three-judge panel heard a petition submitted by his lawyers against the Jerusalem District Court’s decision to hear pre-trial testimony from the Long Island financier Morris Talansky regarding the money he gave Olmert in previous years. The prime minister’s attorneys argued that this testimony would prejudice his right to a fair trial.

The State Prosecutor Moshe Lador countered that Talansky must be deposed quickly because he refuses to stay in Israel after May 26 and may not return.

The prime minister has claimed that donations he received were campaign funds. Lador told the court that he had also received moneys when he was trade and industry minister in the Sharon government and not running for election.

The suspicions against him of accepting illicit moneys through his confidential aide Shula Zaken refer to the periods when he served as trade and industry in the Sharon government and earlier, during his two terms as mayor of Jerusalem and before that as health minister.

DEBKAfile adds: Hanging over the Knesset summer session which began Monday are several no-confidence motions and demands for the prime minister to be declared incapacitated for the duration of the investigation. Several lawmakers on both sides of the house want him suspended in view of the gravity of the suspicions against him and because his defense will keep him too busy for the competent conduct affairs of state affairs, especially urgent matters of national security.


Whitney posted opposite Lebanon

May 17, 2008, 6:16 PM (GMT+02:00)

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that Saturday, May 17, the USS Mount Whitney , considered the US Navy’s most advanced command, control, communications, computer and intelligence vessel, took up position opposite Lebanese shores for an “unscheduled mission.”

The Sixth Fleet spokesman Lt. Patrick Foughty said the ship would be there “to support additional communication requirements for our ships already underway.”

DEBKAfile’s sources add that the USS Cole missile destroyer arrived in that sector last week, while the USS Harry Truman carrier strike group began cruising in the Mediterranean around Greece, whence the aircraft on its decks can reach Syrian and Lebanese skies. The fleet spokesman added there are no long-term plans to keep the Mount Whitney away from its home base.

Although the US lieutenant did not name those plans, military observers gained the impression that the American navy-air build-up off Lebanon was designed for a short stay or a specific operation, after which it will disperse.

Our sources disclose that, during the fierce Hizballah onslaught on Beirut last week and its closure of the international airport, the Americans ran a helicopter lift from Cyprus to the US embassy landing pad with provisions of food, water, medicine and personnel.

The Mount Whitney enables a joint task commander to effectively control all the units of his force. The ship can receive and transmit large amounts of secure data from any point on earth and provide timely intelligence and operational support as needed.


Israel’s Missed Boat in Lebanon

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

May 18, 2008

Sunday night, May 11, the Israeli army was poised to strike Hizballah. The Shiite militia was winding up its takeover of West Beirut and battling pro-government forces in the North. When he opened the regular cabinet meeting Sunday, May 11, prime minister Ehud Olmert had already received the go-ahead from Washington for a military strike to halt the Hizballah advance. The message said that President George W. Bush would not call off his visit to Israel to attend its 60th anniversary celebrations and would arrive as planned Wednesday, May 14 - even if the Israeli army was still fighting in Lebanon and Hizballah struck back against Tel Aviv and Ben-Gurion airport.

American intelligence estimated that Hizballah was capable of retaliating against northern Israel at the rate of 600 missiles a day.

Olmert, defense minister Ehud Barak and foreign minister Tzipi Lvini, the only ministers in the picture, decided not to intervene in Lebanon’s civil conflict. Iran’s surrogate army consequently waltzed unchecked to its second victory in two years over the United States and Israel.

DEBKAfile’s US and military sources disclose the arguments Washington marshaled to persuade Israel to go ahead: Hizballah, after its electronic trackers had learned from the Israel army’s communication and telephone networks that not a single troop or tank was on the move, took the calculated risk of transferring more than 5,000 armed men from the South to secure the capture of West Beirut.

This presented a rare moment to take Hizballah by surprise, Washington maintained. The plan outlined in Washington was for the Israeli Air force to bombard Hizballah’s positions in the South, the West and southern Beirut. This would give the pro-government Christian, Sunni and Druze forces the opening for a counter-attack. Israeli tanks would simultaneously drive into the South and head towards Beirut in two columns.

1. The western column would take the Tyre-Sidon-Damour-Beirut coastal highway.

2. The eastern column would press north through Nabatiya, Jezzine, Ain Zchalta and Alei.

Sunday night, Olmert called Lebanese prime minister Fouad Siniora and his allies, the Sunni majority leader Saad Hariri, head of the mainline Druze party Walid Jumblatt and Christian Phalanges chief Samir Geagea and informed them there would be no Israeli strike against Hizballah. Jerusalem would not come to their aid.

According to American sources, the pro-Western front in Beirut collapsed then and there, leaving Hizballah a free path to victory. The recriminations from Washington sharpened day by day and peaked with President Bush’s arrival in Israel.

Our sources report that, behind the protestations of undying American friendship and camaraderie shown in public by the US president, prime minister and Shimon Peres, Bush and his senior aides bitterly reprimanded Israel for its passivity in taking up the military challenge and crushing an avowed enemy in Lebanon.

While the president was busy with ceremonies and speeches, secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and national security adviser Stephen Hadley took Israeli officials to task. Hadley in particular bluntly blamed Israel for the downfall of the pro-Western government bloc in Beirut and its surrender to the pro-Iranian, Pro-Syrian Hizballah. If Israeli forces had struck Hizballah gunmen wile on the move, he said, Hassan Nasrallah would not have seized Beirut and brought the pro-government militias to their knees.

One US official said straight out to Olmert and Barak: For two years, you didn’t raise a finger when Hizballah took delivery of quantities of weapons, including missiles, from Iran and Syria. You did not interfere with Hizballah’s military buildup in southern Lebanon then or its capture of Beirut now.

IDF generals who were present at these conversations reported they have never seen American officials so angry or outspoken. Israel’s original blunder, they said, was its intelligence misreading of Hizballah’s first belligerent moves on May 4. At that point, Israel’s government military heads decided not to interfere, after judging those moves to be unthreatening.

The Americans similarly criticizes Israel for letting Hamas get away with its daily rocket and missile attacks on Israel civilians year after year. A blow to Hizballah would have deterred Hamas from exercising blackmail tactics for a ceasefire. In Sharm el-Sheikh Sunday, May 18, President Bush called on Middle East countries to confront Hamas and isolate terror-sponsors Iran and Syria.






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Lies, lies and more lies.
Posted: Saturday, May 17, 2008
- written by jerry golden
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For the past week or so I’ve struggled with writing a report, the reason is simple all we hear and read is negative. It would seem that the Lord God of Israel has taken His hands off and has given us over to our own doings. That of course isn’t true, for God is very much involved and if it is by His taking His hands off that too is by His design knowing that God’s plan for this human race is right on track, and His prophecies are always 100%.

What is very troubling is the actions opposed to the words of George W. Bush. We just heard his wonderful words of support for the only democracy in the Middle East not to mention the only real friend the US has here. We here in Israel applauded his words wanting to believe that he was speaking the truth; in short his words as usual were great. But then he leaves Israel and goes to his dear friend King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia not for an official visit but to the Kings Horse Ranch. The first thing we hear is he promises the King of Saudi Arabia all his support in a new nuclear program including the necessary nuclear fuel. Who is it among us that believe that the Saudis need a nuclear program for peaceful purposes when they have the world’s largest oil reserves and the price of oil has just gone over $125 per barrel? Is there anyone who thinks for a minute that the Saudis don’t support terrorism around the world or that they haven’t infiltrated the US with their Wahhabi Islam? Or maybe we have forgotten that the Bush family is in the oil business and are long time family friends with the Saudis and also are making untold amounts of money with the price of oil at $125 a barrel. If this was the only thing we had to look at possibly we could somehow get over it, but then look around and you will see that Bush has also supplied the Saudis with the latest in High Tech in military weaponry including F-16’s and F-15’s. But you will find the same thing when you look at the United Arab Emirate and other Islamic States sworn to destroy Israel including Egypt.

This same world leader who spoke such wonderful words on our 60th anniversary is the one and the same who says we have to divide this land giving half of it to our enemies who has sworn to destroy us. Not only does he say we have to give the enemies of God and of Israel the land but that it has to be all in one piece which means to connect Judea and

Samaria (West Bank) with Gaza Israel has to be divided into two pieces.

This same man who says he will fight terrorism in Iraq and elsewhere has built a terrorist state in Gaza and now wants to build one in Samaria and Judea (West Bank). We here in Israel could not understand how Bush could have had so much power over Ariel Sharon to cause him to become a traitor to his own beliefs. Sharon was considered an Israeli hero by most of us. How he was pressured to bring Olmert from the bottom of the Likud list (#33) to be his vice Prime Minister setting him up to become the next Prime Minister. Or how he would do all he could to destroy the Likud right wing party that he loved and work so hard to make successful. But we see very clearly now that the plan was and is the total destruction of Israel.

Since the first time Bush started his campaign to destroy Israel while speaking his nice words horrible things have happened to the US. And in the past few weeks there have been some of the worst storms the US has ever witnessed. I just read an article that every American should read very carefully for terrible things are about to happen there, and the government is getting ready for it and the majority of Americans are living in total denial to what is happening or about to happen.

While Bush was speaking his wonderful words here in Israel Hamas sent a long range Grad missile into a major Israeli City landing in a crowded mall. Once again we see his crony Olmert does nothing. Is there any other country in this world that would allow themselves to be bombed and the citizens killed on a daily basis and do next to nothing to stop them. This failed Israeli Government has been doing just that for over 7 years, all to appease George W. Bush.

It was no secret what would happen to Gaza if we pulled out, all the IDF Generals advised Sharon not to do that. But Bush had more influence on him than did his Generals. Today we are seeing the very same thing, all the IDF Generals worth anything are saying we have no choice but to go after Hamas in a big way regardless of the cost. We simply cannot allow this to continue to make the International community happy. You see we Jews have no place to run or hide, this is our home and God gave it to us. But it seems that somehow corruption has crept into our leaders to the point we have lost the will to fight. God give us the courage and the will to fight for that which He have given and promised.

As for this Ministry we have no choice but to continue on the path the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) has set before us. We will be obedient and I pray that those who God has touched to be with us in saving Jewish lives will not be deceived by the Devil with his lies and deceit. The second boat is now a reality, and there is much that must be done in order to make it safe and sea worthy. We need your help and we need it today, by my estimate it will take $50,000 to make it what it needs to be in order to be ready. One of the biggest expenses will be a water maker in order not to be caught in a situation at sea where we cannot supply fresh water to those onboard. The batteries for a boat like this are very large and there are many of them, they are expensive. Radar must be installed along with GPS Chart-plotter. For the right communications we need a SSB radio in order to speak with those who will be waiting to hear from us. A new generator capable of putting out at least 15kw of power. There is always a list of repairs for a boat like this and the expense of not only getting it ready but maintaining it never stops.

There is the necessary traveling and contacts that still has to be made. Much still needs to be done in Europe to get the word in the right places to the right people. Routes and safe houses still have to be arranged, and alternative emergency arrangements need to be in place. I have been doing all the above for the past 5 years and there is much in place but still much that needs to be accomplished and we have no idea how much more time God is going to give us. We simply need to be about the Father’s business and not be distracted by the flesh or any other occurrence.

I want to encourage you to make sure your family is prepared to the best of your ability. You should have a month or two of food supplies and more important is water, there is a lot of good information out there if you look for it and you can find much of what you need on my site. I want to also encourage you to use your money wisely while it is still worth something. Investing in your family is always a good investment, investing in God’s Kingdom is even a wiser investment.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, pray for this Ministry and you r part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

Israel's size compared to USIsrael would fit INSIDE nearly every U.S. state! In fact, tiny Israel would fit into the United States (Alaska & Hawaii included) 768 times! Israel could fit into Florida SEVEN times! The United States is a country surrounded by two vast oceans and two friendly countries, Canada and Mexico. Israel is not so lucky. she is surrounded by 22 Arab countries and some very nasty Arab Islamic terrorist


Map of Israel showing Green Line and mileage distances

a. 3 miles wide here
b. Golan Heights

c. Sea of Galilee
d. Jordan River
... Sea of Galilee
to Dead Sea

e. 1967 "Green Line"
... the 1949
armistice lines separating
Israel from its heartland of
Judea-Samaria when Jordanian
forces illegally annexed it. After the
1967 Arab-Israeli war, Israel
regained that land... at which time
the world began referring to Judea and
Samaria as the "West Bank" in order to
try to erase any Jewish connection
to this historically Jewish land!

f. 9 miles wide here
g. Tel Aviv
h. Jerusalem
i. Dead Sea
j. Gaza Strip: 5 miles x 25 miles

The surrounding 22 Arab countries are 640 times larger than tiny Israel yet they expect Israel to turn over all the West Bank, Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and half of Jerusalem... territory they lost after they started the 1967 war!


In a Nutshell... Animation Showing Israel in Relation to the Arab/Muslim Countries.


Note: The Jordan River runs from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea. It is the physical border
separating Israel and the West Bank (Judea & Samaria) from the Kingdom of Jordan.


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Mouseguns for Self-Defense - Selection and Tactics

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I am not handing out legal advice. I make no claim to be an expert on the use of firearms. The following are just my personal opinions and observations. If you carry a concealed weapon, you and you alone are responsible for your own actions. Also, I am writing this article from the standpoint of a "civilian," not a law enforcement officer (LEO). Different rules and tactics apply for LEOS.

Choosing a Mousegun

I define a "mousegun" as a handgun that weighs less than 16 ounces empty, and/or will fit easily in a front pants pocket. This is my own personal definition, so take it or leave it. If you want to define a mousegun some other way, that's fine with me.

There are many choices in the mousegun world. There are derringers, semi-auto pistols, and revolvers. There are all kinds of calibers available, from .22 long rifle on up to shotgun shells. With single or double shot derringers in particular, you can get any caliber you like, and still stay under 16 ounces, and have a pocketable firearm. On the other hand, one or two shots isn't much. What if you have two assailants? How will you defend yourself? A few extra rounds would come in handy!

My personal recommendation for a pocket gun mousegun is some sort of semi-auto pistol in either 9mm or .380acp. Why choose a small .32acp pistol, when you can shoot a more powerful .380acp pistol that is about the same size and weight? And if you can pocket a 9mm pistol, why settle for the smaller .380acp? Of course, price and availability come into the equation, as well as "shootability." The 9mm round in a very small pistol may be too much for some people to handle well and comfortably. And a $1000 9mm Rohrbaugh pistol may be an ideal choice for you, but beyond your budget. The small .22 revolvers by North American Arms are too small in my opinion. And they are single-action only, which means they are difficult to shoot quickly or accurately in stressful situations. It is also my personal opinion (with which many will disagree) that the small j-frame S&W pistols are still a bit too large for comfortable pocket carry. You may feel differently, and if the j-frame works for you, that's great!

Choosing a pistol is also a very personal decision. You need a pistol that you like. It doesn't matter what anyone else says about it. If you don't like it, then it's not for you. It also needs to be reliable, and you can't take anyone's word about which pistols are reliable. Get yourself a pistol you like, and work with it. Shoot it enough so that you are confident that it will go bang if you have to pull the trigger in a time of great need. Carry it it your pocket long enough that you are confident in your ability to conceal your firearm, and carry it all day long without feeling burdened by it. I love the GLOCK 26 9mm pistol. It's a great gun. However, as far as I am concerned, it is just a bit too heavy, and just a bit too chunky, and I can't begin to pocket carry it. If I could, I would, but I can't. If you can pull it off, that's the pistol I would recommend. However, it's going to be too large and heavy for just about everyone, I think.

My choice for a pocket mousegun is really two choices, one for weekdays and one for Sunday. I go to church every Sunday, and I wear a suit. On week days I wear khaki slacks. On weekdays I find that I can comfortably conceal a Kel-Tec PF9 in my front pocket, with no trouble at all. But I can't do it in my suit pants on Sunday. The material is too thin, and the pants are a little tighter, and the PF9 just won't conceal well and feel comfortable. So when I wear a suit, I carry a Kel-Tec P3AT in my front pocket, and that works very well. The Kahr PM9 and the Ruger LCP (.380acp), or a Seecamp .380 also seem to me to be fine pocketable mouseguns. Some people like the .380 pistols from North American Arms. The brand doesn't matter. Find one that conceals easily, is comfortable to carry all day long, and is reliable in your personal experience.

Someone is probably objecting: if you are wearing a sport coat, or a suit coat, then you don't need to carry a mousegun at all! Just carry a larger gun with an IWB (in the waist band) holster, and your coat will conceal it. That's true. However, I find that I am often removing my coat for one reason or another, and the larger guns won't work for me, for absolute concealment. I like a mousegun, in my front pants pocket. If you want to carry a larger gun some other way, and if that works with your lifestyle, then go for it! I would if I could, but I can't. If you wear bluejeans every day, with an oversized untucked box-cut shirt, well don't worry about a mousegun! I think if that was my daily dress I would carry a GLOCK 19 or a 1911 style .45 all the time. Don't worry about caliber. Any caliber will do, if the bullets are placed in vital zones.

For more suggestions about choosing a mousegun, click here for my web page about "Defining a True Pocket Pistol."

Avoid Bullets That Over-Penetrate

There is one caveat about bullets. They can pass all the way through a BG, and hit another person standing behind the BG. This is "over-penetration." Too much penetration is a bad thing, and may lead to injuring innocent bystanders. You don't want to end up shooting a good person, and bringing about the grief you are trying to prevent! For the smaller .380 pistols, FMJ bullets are OK. They will probably not go all the way through the body of a BG. If your pistol shoots .22 bullets, then use hollow points. For 9mm or .45acp, hollow points are preferable, as they won't over-penetrate.

Mousegun Tactics

The most important factor with regard to tactics is a firm realization of the limitations of a mousegun. A mousegun is not suitable for engaging bad guys at long distance. Mouseguns are weapons of last resort, meant to be used really close up and personal. The purpose of a mousegun is simply to give you an edge - a chance to get out with your life. Sights are rudimentary, and mouseguns are not tack drivers. They are not range guns. They are designed to be "shot little and carried often," not the other way around. If you are under pressure, and are armed with a mousegun, you will do amazingly well to hit a man-sized target at three yards. Fast, excited shooting at over three yards is very iffy.

Also, whatever pistol you carry, be aware that if you shoot at a bad guy who is more than just a few yards away, you are opening yourself up for a homicide charge. You may ONLY use your firearm if you are truly in life-threatening danger. If the bad guy is more than seven yards away, your life is probably not at risk, and legally it is your duty to run, not to fire your weapon, UNLESS YOU ARE A POLICEMAN.

Mouseguns are not suitable for firefights. If you are armed with only a mousegun, you do NOT run towards the gunfire. Mouseguns are strictly for personal defense. For example, if you happen to be in a shopping mall, and you hear and see a BG (bad guy) 40 yards down the hallway with an AK47, you had better realize right away that you are simply not equipped to go into battle. Grab your loved ones if they are near, and turn and run away as fast as you can. Discretion is the better part of valor. On the other hand, if you are near the BG when he pulls his AK47 out from under his coat, by all means do your best to draw and take him out. You are too close to run away, and close enough to hit your target.

If you are in an armed robbery situation in a restaurant, and the robbery is going on a room's length away, and you are not personally threatened, then keep your seat, and do no more than get ready. If you can see your way to a rear exit, and think you can get out before the BG notices and shoots at you, then get up and leave. Get your mousegun ready for use, draw it invisibly (under the table would be good), but don't use it unless you must. Maybe the BG won't come to your area of the restaurant. You are not there to be a hero. Your mousegun doesn't give you enough firepower to enable you to be a hero. You are not a policeman, either, so don't try to act like one. Remember this: THE BEST USE OF A MOUSEGUN IS NOT TO HAVE TO USE IT AT ALL. When I say to use it only as a last resort, I mean it! Use it ONLY when you have NO OTHER OPTION AT ALL.

If you are eating in a restaurant, and an armed BG comes in, and starts lining up the patrons, or herding them to a back room, and you have no escape route, you need to be ready for a more aggressive approach. If the BG is a room's length away from you, your mousegun may not be accurate enough to hit the BG, and if you try you may hit innocent patrons. But a deeply concealed mousegun may give you the edge you need to survive and even rescue others. How to use your mousegun in such a situation: 1) If possible, put your hands in your pockets, and get a good grip on your mousegun; 2) Wait for the BG to get within three yards of you - two is better than three; 3) Stand or sit with your "weak side" towards the BG, and draw your mousegun in such a way that the BG can't see what you are doing; 4) When the BG is not looking directly at you, and his firearm is not pointed at you in particular, immediately turn and immediately fire at the BG.

As Tuco said in the film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, "When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk." DON'T TALK TO THE BG. Don't say "stop or I'll shoot." Don't say, "Freeze." Don't say anything at all, just shoot immediately and without any warning. Shot placement is more important than bullet caliber, so shoot into the center of mass, into the neck, or the head of the BG. If you are really up close (within three feet), go for the head shot first. Don't stop shooting until the BG is "stopped." "Stopped" means that he is no longer a threat. Perhaps he has dropped his weapon. Perhaps he is unconcious. You will have to judge the situation, but be certain he has been STOPPED. If he is still moving and still firmly gripping his weapon, he has not yet been stopped. He should be considered dangerous and a threat to your life and the lives of those around you as long as his weapon is in his hand.

If there is more than one BG, and you have no clear exit, you should use your mousegun to take out the one nearest you. If you are successful, the second BG may flee, or he may shoot YOU. If he is not close to you, it will be difficult for you to engage him with a mousegun. If stopping the BG near you gives you an opportunity to flee out the door, do so. You are not a policeman. You probably can't do a one-man rescue of everyone there. If you can flee, then flee. On the other hand, if the first BG has a rifle, or a larger handgun, you may be able to take it, and use it against a second BG. If there are more than two Bad Guys doing the crime, your goose is probably cooked. It's an uncertain situation, and as always, you are in God's hands. We may be brave and clever, or we may be stupid, but it is certainly God who decides the ultimate outcome. Silent prayer is not a bad idea, but don't close your eyes!

Summarizing Mousegun Tactics

  • 1 Keep your firearm concealed as long as you can, until you are within three yards of the BG.
  • 2 Try to get a grip on your mousegun while it is still concealed in your pocket. This will give you a faster draw.
  • 3 Don't forget that you only have a mousegun. It is not a "go to battle" weapon. It is an "escape" weapon - a weapon of last resort. Your objective is not to defeat the Bad Guys. Your objective is to save your own life. If you can exit the scene before drawing your firearm, then EXIT.
  • 4 Draw from your invisible side, when the BG is not looking directly at you.
  • 5 If it is time to shoot, then shoot. Don't talk, shoot.
  • 6 Place your shots in vital areas, and shoot until the BG is stopped.
  • 7 Pray silently for God to guide and bless - I'm not kidding.

Finally, when the shooting is over, and the BG is not a threat any longer, put your mousegun back in your pocket, and call 911, and inform the person on the line that "there was a self-defense shooting at" your location. Don't say that you are the shooter. Don't say anything else. Don't tell anyone where your mousegun is. Just put your mousegun in your pocket, and join the rest of the crowd, and wait for the police. Don't leave the scene. Don't talk to the other people about the shooting. Keep cool and keep quiet. Keep your mousegun in your pocket. "Out of sight is out of mind."

Half of the people there won't remember exactly what you did or did not do. They will not remember accurately what you say. It's better to keep quiet. They will all be witnesses at your trial, if there is one, and you may very well be arrested and charged with a homicide. So keep your mouth shut. When the police show up, just obey orders like everyone else. When they ask "Who shot the BG," raise your hand slowly and say "I was afraid for my life." Don't pull your mousegun out of your pocket until they order you to do so. Don't say anything except, "I was afraid for my life. That's all I can think about right now." Don't boast about what you did. If you are taken into custody, don't talk with the police about the shooting. You should have already called your lawyer, right after the 911 call. If you have a permit to carry a concealed gun, you should also have already found a lawyer who handles firearm self-defense cases. His card should be in your wallet. Don't talk with anyone else about what happened.

Some lawyers advise you to NEVER talk with the police. Not just in the few minutes after an incident but NEVER. An innocent person (YOU) can be hung by his/her own words. For example, suppose a murder happens and you tell the police truthfully that you were 20 miles away, but there is no EVIDENCE of that. Then suppose a witness makes an honest mistake and genuinely but incorrectly says he saw you two blocks from the murder. Your talking (and telling the truth) has you caught in a perceived "lie" that will look bad and help convict you. If you had not talked there would only be a witness putting you in the area. There are many other risks that talking opens up. For example, the police make a genuine mistake and misquote what you said. A policeman once commented: "Going into a interview with an experienced LEO thinking you can win is like going up against a pro boxer and expecting to win. It is naive pride.

Xavier's Five Rules for Concealed Carry (From his Blog: Nurse with a Gun)

We all should know the Four Rules of Firearms Safety. They should be ingrained in our bones. Recently I read of the Five Rules of Concealed Carry. It was a good start, but did not quite make the grade. I have borrowed heavily from them though, and present my own Rules of Concealed Carry here.

1. Your concealed handgun is for protection of life only.
Draw your concealed firearm solely in preparation to protect yourself or an innocent third party from the wrongful and life threatening criminal actions of another. A CCW license does not give you any greater rights or responsibilities than any other citizen. It merely provides you with the means of legally carrying a firearm to protect your own life or the lives of others.

2. Know exactly when you can use your gun.
A criminal adversary must have, or reasonably appear to have:
a. the ability to inflict serious bodily injury (he is armed, reasonably appears to be armed with a deadly weapon, or a considerable disparity of force exists),
b. the opportunity to inflict serious bodily harm (he is physically positioned to harm you), and
c. his intent (hostile actions or words) indicates that he means to place you in jeopardy -- to do you serious or fatal physical harm.
When all three of these "attack potential" elements are in place simultaneously, then you are facing a reasonably perceived deadly threat that can justify an emergency deadly force response.

3. If you can run away -- RUN!
Just because you are armed does not necessarily mean you must confront a bad guy at gunpoint. Develop your "situation awareness" skills so you can be alert to detect and avoid trouble altogether. Keep in mind that if you successfully evade a potential confrontation, the single negative consequence involved might be your bruised ego, which should heal with mature rationalization. By contrast, if you force a confrontation you risk the possibility of you or a family member being killed or suffering lifelong crippling/disfiguring physical injury, criminal liability and/or financial ruin from a civil lawsuit. Flee if you can, fight only as a last resort.

4. Display your CCW, be prepared to go to jail.
You should expect to be arrested by police at gunpoint, and be charged with a crime anytime your concealed handgun is seen by another citizen in public, regardless of how unintentional, innocent or justified the situation might seem. Choose a method of carry that keeps your gun reliably hidden from public view at all times.

You have no control over how a stranger will react to seeing (or learning about) your concealed handgun. He or she might become alarmed and report you to police as a "man or woman with a gun." Depending on his or her feelings about firearms, this person might be willing to maliciously embellish his or her story in an attempt to have your gun seized by police or to get you arrested. An alarmed citizen who reports a "man with a gun" is going to be more credible to police than you when you are stopped because you match the suspect's description, and you are found to have a concealed handgun in your possession. Under these circumstances, you have been accused, apprehended, and are in a defensive position. If you must draw your gun, make certain you are the first to notify police.
Before you deliberately expose your gun in public, ask yourself: "Is this worth going to jail for?" The only time this question should warrant a "yes" response is when an adversary has at least, both ability and intent, and is actively seeking the opportunity to do you great harm.

5. Don't let your emotions get the best of you.
Develop and practice self control. If, despite your best efforts to the contrary, you do get into some kind of heated dispute with another person while you are armed, never mention, imply or exhibit your gun for the purpose of intimidation or one-upmanship. You will simply make a bad situation worse -- for yourself. You can carry a gun, or you can have a temper. You may even do both for a while, but it will not last very long.

With the growing population of gun toters, it is imperative that we establish a few simple guidelines to help introduce others into the world of concealed carry. These five are the best I've found.

Xavier has also written "The Concealed Carry Creed," which is worth reading and reciting from time to time:

  • My weapon is for the protection of my life and the lives of others. That is its sole purpose. It does not confer rights, responsibilities or authority greater than that of other citizens. It merely allows me to protect life.
  • I will seek never to have to use my weapon. If I can avoid conflict, I will. If I can resolve conflict, I will. If I can escape danger, I will. If I am forced to bring my weapon to bear and use it, I will.
  • I will acquire superior training with my weapon. It is not the weapon that saves lives, but my effective use of the weapon. I will ensure my training is sound, my knowledge is current, and my mind is prepared.
  • I will know, understand, and obey all laws and ordinances concerning my weapon no matter where I happen to be. Failure to do so harms all who seek to legally carry an effective means of self protection.
  • I will know and follow the Four Rules of safe gun handling. I am a member of a growing community that must foster and teach safe and responsible gun handling if the community is to survive.




As the number of states authorizing the licensed carry of pistols for personal protection by law-abiding citizens continues to grow, Ruger has responded to consumer demand and broken into this personal defense market with the new LCP™. This ultra-light, compact carry pistol packs legendary reliability into the smallest pistol frame ever created by Ruger.

The Ruger LCP is a 6+1 capacity .380 Auto pistol with superior ergonomic design and handsome styling. It incorporates state-of-the-art polymers, aircraft quality aluminum alloys, and high-grade precision steel components engineered for strength and maximum weight savings.

The 9.4 ounce LCP pistol features a 2.75 inch barrel and an overall length of 5.16 inches. With a height of only 3.6 inches and a width of just .82 inches, the small, lightweight LCP pistol is a dependable back-up or carry pistol. The high-performance, glass-filled nylon frame is topped by a through-hardened steel slide with a blued finish. The Ruger LCP pistol is a natural choice for personal defense carry, in a purse, briefcase, or inside hiking gear.




The P-3AT is a semi-automatic, locked breech pistol, chambered for the .380 Auto cartridge. It has been developed from our highly successful P-32 pistol with negligible increase in weight and size. The slidestop has been eliminated and the magazine capacity reduced to 6 rounds due to the larger cartridge.

The firing mechanism is double action only. The magazine has a 6 round capacity. The KEL-TEC P-3AT is the lightest .380 Auto pistol ever made. Thanks to its locking dynamics and superior ergonometry, perceived recoil and practical accuracy are comparable to much larger guns.

The P-3AT is mainly intended for plainclothes police officers as a secondary weapon, or for concealed carry by licensed citizens. The small grip size and light trigger pull make the P-3AT ideal for female shooters.

From the very beginning of the design and development, computers have been used exclusively. All machined components are also made on modern high speed computerized equipment. Equally advanced quality control equipment and test procedures ensure a firearm with uncompromising quality in materials and workmanship.

Calibers : .380 AUTO
Weight unloaded lbs. : 8.3 oz.
Loaded magazine : 2.8 oz.
Length : 5.2"
Height : 3.5"
Width : .77"
Sight radius : 3.8"
Muzzle Energy Max : 250 ft lbs
Capacity : 6 + 1 rounds
Trigger Pull : 5lbs


The P-3AT has five main component groups: barrel, slide, firing mechanism, grip, and magazine. The barrel is made of SAE 4140 ordnance steel, heat treated to 48 HRC. The slide is also 4140 steel, and contains the firing pin and the extractor.

The rectangular frame is machined from solid 7075-T6 aluminum and houses the firing mechanism.

The trigger connects via a transfer bar to the hammer. The hammer is driven by a novel free floating extension spring. The light weight firing pin transmits the energy of the hammer to ignite the primer. After firing, the hammer block holds the hammer away from the firing pin, providing a mechanical safety.

The functioning of the mechanism greatly surpasses all applicable SAAMI safety standards.

The grip is made of the ultra high impact polymer Dupont ST-8018. The grip also forms the magazine well and the trigger guard.The P-3AT is normally supplied with a 6 round single column steel magazine.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008





According to The Sun newspaper of Great Britain [and here is the link]

the headline reads:

Burma death toll worse than Tsunami

- THE death toll in cyclone-ravaged Burma could hit 500,000 – more than TWICE the total killed by the Boxing Day Tsunami. [of December 26, 2004].

What got my attention was this line in that article:-
A spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Aid said: “The entire lower delta region is under water".
I immediately recalled an article I read from a Chabad magazine publication called Beis Moshiach, long ago. The article was a reprint from a prior article of 1944 from another Chabad magazine. It is believed that the pen name:- G. Zarchi (who authored this article) is in fact one used by the Lubavitcher Rebbe at the time. THE ARTICLE SPECIFICALLY REFERENCES THE GREATER PART OF A COUNTRY GOING UNDER WATER AS A SIGN OF THE IMMINENCE OF THE ARRIVAL OF JUDAISM'S KING MESSIAH! That article is pasted below. I strongly suggest that you read it...a few times in fact.

What this article below is all about has to do with understanding Psalm 93 [it addresses Messianic times and foretells of the flooding that will occur]. The return of Prophecy to the Jewish people [a development that was known in Chabad to pertain to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson] and this Burma catastrophy are what I believe are now very strong indicators that we are but moments away from the arrival of Judaism's King Messiah.

Events foretold in Sacred Jewish Sources which relate to the imminent arrival of King Messiah include:-

A war beween Edom [understood to be the Christian West] and Iran. This citation is from Talmud Yoma 10A. As I type, American warships aplenty are floating off the coast of Iran and there is now a retabled option of a military strike.

Reference to "crazies" who live in caves and are called Talibaneem [Hebrew plural form for Taliban].

As best I am able to grasp the magnitude of all of this we appear to be dealing with a "falling" pattern that affects many and various entities and which ultimately includes the collapse of the 70 nations of the world. [that means all the world's nations].

Let's look at what has so far fallen:-

1) The World Trade Center
2) The former Soviet Union
3) Iraq
4) Bear Sterns and the global banking system nosediving into crushing debt requiring unprecedented "life support" from several governments.
4) Housing values around the globe.
5) The collapse of bee colonies. [this could collapse the food chain]
6) The US dollar.
7) Several American major retail chains.

All of these events serve one purpose: to direct mankind's attention to the existence of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob which includes the obligation
to pray to Him alone...and to abandon all forms of idolatry.

It is axiomatic to Judaism that God speaks through events which He alone authors. That all events in nature are but part of His arsenal of options. Thre is no such thing as a "natural disaster" caused of its own accord. All events come from Him.

I take no pleasure in the misery now being suffered by so many people in Burma. I want no one to die. However in no uncertain terms Rabbi Schneerson identified [and demonstrated] himself as a true Jewish Prophet and as Judaism's King Messiah. Hundreds of Chabad Rabbis authored a joint Jewish Legal declaration in 1991 that Rabbi Schneerson is "presumed with assurance" to be Judaism's King Messiah, the Final Redeemer of world Jewry.

Furthermore Rabbi Schneerson stated as a clear and certain Prophecy that the Final Redemption is imminent.

All the signs now seem to be dramatically increasing and converging and affirming that statement from Judaism's Spiritual leader, Rabbi Schneerson.

We were instructed to gear up internally via learning about Judaism's King Messiah (Moshiach in Hebrew) from all possible Sacred Jewish Sources. We were instructed to get the world ready. Some in his organization have done so. Others have not, tragically.

I started specifically to assist the world in understanding what is going on now.

Since 1998 I have been trying to inform people via the internet that we have a situation on our hands here. One that will dwarf all prior human history.
Such talk appears as lunacy to many. At some point in time this message will finally get through...I hope. Perhaps you will assist me by spreading this email to those you know.

Rabbi Moshe Yess

by G. Zarchi

In the Chabad magazine, "HaKri'a V'hakedusha," of Tammuz 5704 (1944), which was edited under the supervision of the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, an article is written under the name G. Zarchi about chapter 93 in Psalms, based on Midrash and other teachings of our sages. The article is so relevant to recent events that there's no need for adaptations and comparisons. We'll just quote selected paragraphs verbatim (free translation)

" It's only when an unnatural occurrence takes place such as a flood...that we remember that there's a ruler of the world...."

This chapter of Psalms was composed by the G-dly poet [King David] regarding the Days of Mashiach. He hints briefly at the events which will take place before the redemption. The central theme of the chapter is that the Jews living at that time will understand by means of these events, that the exile is over and redemption has begun.

"G-d will be king by wearing greatness"! (Psalms 93:1)

We generally think the world is run by nature and we forget entirely that there is a G-d who rules over nature. It's only when an unnatural occurrence takes place such as a flood, earthquake, and other terrible upheavals - that we remember that there's a ruler of the world who rules over nature. Then all will say that G-d is king!" (Ibid.) He put nature aside and showed his absolute sovereignty over nature.

" Gevura refers to Torah...."

The poet goes on to speak about the time when G-d will be revealed in clothes of gevura and the world will recognize and acknowledge that He is king. He explains that this will happen during the Days of Mashiach before the Redemption, because "G-d wore the gevura" which he girded Himself with in the past. Gevura refers to Torah, and G-d girded Himself with its strength at the time of the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people at Sinai. At that time there were such strong thunder and lightning that the nations of the world thought the world was coming to an end. Bilaam explained to them that G-d was giving his strong Torah to His people, and it has the power to build worlds or destroy them.

Regarding this, the poet says that in the Days of Mashiach, when G-d will be king by wearing gevura, he won't do this by wearing a new garment of gevura which is designated for a new purpose. It will be the old garment of the time of the giving of the Torah, of "G-d will give strength to His nation". G-d will rise to fortify the Torah in the world, and just as when it was given the first time it was accompanied with proof that He is the ruler over nature, so too the second time. The process of receiving the Torah will include displays of might whose purpose is that the entire world accepts the Torah. But, continues the poet, "He has girded Himself with strength": many will err and think that G-d is destroying the world. That's why the poet writes that the world will remain fortified and "it will not falter". It will only be the Jewish people and the Torah which will be elevated once again: "G-d will give strength to His nation"!

....Already before [the creation of] the world You prepared Your throne of Your kingdom. (Ibid. 93:2)

" The rivers will raise their voice...."

The purpose of the Creation is in order to strengthen Torah and the Jewish people; the Torah - as our sages say "for the sake of Torah which is called "first", the world was created. Already back then it was established that G-d would come enclothed in gevura in order to fortify a place for Torah. This time it won't be in order to destroy the world, but in order to fortify the Torah, and to bring about the realization of the promise - "and G-d will be king over all the world" - through this - that the world will gain knowledge of Torah (and accept it) through the Jewish people.

The rivers will lift up G-d; the rivers will raise their voice, the rivers will make a lot of noise! (Ibid. 93:3)

" G-d will be uplifted by His making the oceans roar before the Redemption...."

This means that the roaring and raging of the rivers will elevate G-d. The only meaning in this is that G-d will be uplifted by His making the oceans roar before the Redemption. Through this noise everybody will understand that G-d is elevated.

The practical conclusion is that the roaring rivers will bring great changes to the world; for example: they will drown an entire nation or at least a great portion, and this natural disaster will cause a revolution in man's perspective. They will see this as a G-dly punishment. It's also possible that this natural disaster will change the world political map by a chain of events which will begin with that nation that drowns.

In other words: before the Redemption, there will be a great roaring of water which will shake the world with its intensity, to the point that the world will return to elevate G-d. That's how we can understand the verse - that the water will elevate G-d by means of their noise and rage.

The sound of the many waters will cause the powerful ones to break, and then G-d will be the powerful One. (Ibid. 93:4)

This means that as a result of the crashing waters, the mighty ones of the earth will be wiped out. World empires will collapse in the face of the water's strength and then people will acknowledge and agree that G-d is the only mighty One in heaven.

The ones who relate your testimony are very loyal; holiness suits Your house; G-d - will be forever! (Ibid. 93:5)

The G-dly poet concludes the chapter with a description of the world after all of humanity will acknowledge G-d's kingdom. The world will say that the prophecies about G-d and the redemption of the Jewish people were absolutely true. This means that at the time of the complete redemption it will be obvious: Jews will return to the Land of Israel, and the Holy Temple will be rebuilt, and all the nations of the world will be drawn there in order to learn G-d's ways from up close.

" All will have to concede that this is not a natural disaster but an act of G-d...."

The nations will also say, "Holiness suits the Holy Temple"; i.e. holiness will return and rest in the Holy Temple as in the past, and the nations will acknowledge this. You have to say that this is the intention of the poet because these promises were not fulfilled yet. Nobody can say, "The ones who relate your testimony are very loyal," that all the prophecies have come true, and nobody can say, "Holiness suits Your house," without it being actually so.

The nations will ask G-d to continue to have His Presence rest in the Holy Temple forever. This indicates the perfection of the redemption of the Jewish people - that the nations won't bother them at all, to the point that the nations themselves will ask G-d to continue to have His Presence rest in the Holy Temple.

In summary: the poet, as is his way, is brief but that leaves us with little in quantity but a lot in quality. This poem contains everything about redemption, including the eve of redemption and the "End of Days". The central motif of the chapter are the roaring waters which will demonstrate G-d's might and transform humanity entirely in a spiritual way. These roaring waters will be the sign of the beginning of the complete redemption. Following it, the glory of G-d, the Torah and the Jewish people will be elevated in the world until true peace will reign and all the prophecies will be realized in their entirety.

We can only wait for those great stormy waters which will force the nations to admit that G-d is king - all will have to concede that this is not a natural disaster but an act of G-d.

G. Zarchi is a pseudonym.


It is a crime to scream "Fire!" in a crowded movie theater when there is none. On the other hand should a fire actually exist and should the tools needed to extinguish it not be around…then it is the utmost moral obligation to do so. I am now screaming "FIRE!". The theater is our world. We are facing the unthinkable. Brace yourself.

What sent shivers up my spine (and still does till this very day) was a particular Teaching from Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, The Lubavitcher Rebbe. What he spoke of back in 1991 now appears poised to explode upon us. I smell doom approaching…on a global scale. God help us.

The best comparison reference I can come up with to explain what I am seeing is the Titanic. Her passengers failed to know that their ship’s hull had been ripped, failed to appreciate how serious that matter was and who kept on partying until they finally got wind (or should I say water?) of the fatal dangers they were facing.

For our new members who may not know of him, Rabbi Schneerson was designated in the most formal and official way possible as Judaism’s King Messiah back in 1991 by those Chabad Rabbis who know this Jewish topic’s Legal, Mystical and Traditional details at its most expert level. As a Proven Jewish Prophet his 1991 Teaching deserves the maximum attention you can possibly give it now. I am herein going on the record to state that this foretold doom is coming at us now whether we know it, mock it, like it, agree or disagree with it…or not. Allow me to share.

Rabbi Schneerson stated that the imminent Redemption of world Jewry was associated with two matters:

1.. The elevation of the Sparks of Holiness that fell into Creation at the start of Creation when God created the universe, specifically this world. Here’s how that works. Each time in history when a Jew made a Blessing such as over food (before and after it was eaten) that Blessing elevated whatever Sparks of Holiness had existed in that food…and returned them to their Divine Source from Whence they came. The reason why Jews were exiled to all over the planet after the destruction of the Second Holy Temple in the year 69-70 of the Common Era was specifically to complete this Spiritual job assigned by God to Jews to elevate those Holy Sparks strewn throughout Creation, globally. In 1991 Rabbi Schneerson informed us that this Sacred task had finally been completed. He further stated that ours is the last generation of exile and the first generation of Redemption. As a Proven Prophet his historic announcement was not a petition for such to occur. He was stating a fact already accomplished over millennia of Jews serving God. While one may be tempted to celebrate this milestone with a big "Hooray!"’s the second point he associated that immediately brings us to a stone sober, jaw dropping and terrifying realization of what is now approaching us.

2.. The second point, as Rabbi Schneerson taught, associated with the Redemption of world Jewry is "the nullification and destruction of that which cannot be elevated to Holiness."
I have been in a state of quiet desperation and daily fears about this matter ever since hearing this second point in 1991. If we take an objective look at our world today and attempt to find "that which cannot be elevated to Holiness" we end up with a huge global quantity of candidates and entities that seemingly fall under that description by what they have freely chosen to attach themselves to…namely, unholiness and/or outright evil. People who boast of the beheadings they have done. Who boast of the innocents they have killed while others stand silently by and remain indifferent to such atrocities. That is paramount evil. And such evil is growing exponentially.

I have been waiting since 1991 to see the indicators of this Teaching’s second point pop up in world news. It appears to now be poised to happen in an unprecedented way. Let’s do a short tally of what has transpired and why I feel this away about these events.

Surely you are by now aware of the global financial crisis unfolding daily. When the Savings and Loan crisis happened a decade or two ago it did not generate an emergency meeting of the G7 nations to deal with that non-global economic crisis as this current global crisis has. This latest sub-prime housing bubble has generated such a G7 meeting. The magnitude and subsequent fallout of this economic crisis has been grossly underreported.


Moreover the housing value crisis has now become a global phenomenon affecting over a dozen countries that certainly are not in any position to withstand such strains as America thinks it can. Even America is now just starting to pay the price for this disaster. Major chains are declaring bankruptcy and closing stores. Zales Jewelers, Linnen & Things etc. The list is lengthy. It’s going to get longer. It will spread throughout the globe.

Here’s the New York Times on this bankruptcy/closure of major US chains point: -

The economists are calmly talking about weathering a recession. Rabbi Schneerson’s Teaching, specifically the second point, refers to something infinitely more dire, namely, "re-boot"…of everything.

The Fed is now artificially propping up major American banks with dollars that are tanking in their worth around the world. Let me rephrase that point. The American "superpower" banking system is now on life support by this government with dollars that are now a lot less "worth a buck" than just over a year ago. A personal friend informed me that even Swiss banks are in deep trouble. Europe too has artificially supported its major banks with similar gifts to them as America has done.

Repeatedly I have heard the term "global economic crisis" referenced in news articles about the world’s economic outlook. But that is just the tip of this Titanic’s iceberg. Poverty can be survived. Famine cannot.


Next on the agenda is food shortages. Try this initial news snippet on for size if you doubt the seriousness of what we are now seeing: -

"In recent months, rising food costs have sparked violent protests in Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mauritania, the Philippines and other countries.

In Pakistan and Thailand, troops have been deployed to avoid the seizure of food from fields and warehouses, while price increases fuelled a general strike in Burkina Faso.…

Meanhwile Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, head of Nestle, the world's biggest food and beverage company, last month argued that "to grant enormous subsidies for biofuel production is morally unacceptable and irresponsible".

"There will be nothing left to eat," he added".

and this

This food crisis is the one that does the world in, I do believe. Every decade 1 billion more people are now being born on Earth. No food on the table means war, anarchy, and "back to the caves" troubles for human civilization that even the Bible prefers not to reference…except briefly


The US medical system will not be able to handle the tsunami of patients my age (63) that are now feeling old age in their bodies. Social Security and Medicare are awaiting the same asteroid.


Neither McCain, Hillary nor Obama…nor any "brain trust of geniuses" nor coalitions of allies nor corporate partnerships can solve this "perfect storm" circumstance. Their talk and dream-weaving is hollow rhetoric. There are no political solutions. This world is headed into an abyss that governments cannot save mankind from. We turned from God and trusted in our wealth, technologies and artificial social devices that are now going to come at us like a scorpion.

It is a matter of days, weeks or months until Israel and perhaps America go after Iran’s nuclear program. A nuclear Iran cannot be tolerated. But doing so also as a price. RED FLAG! At stake is America’s oil supply vested in the Arab world that certainly will retaliate for the termination of one of their own. The "moderate" Arab ruling authorities are also hanging on to power by a thread. They sit atop societies that will nosedive into further Jihad-mode when serious troubles arise. Such as food shortages.

No oil, no gas, no trucking, empty supermarket shelves, riots, marshal law, local American militias knocking at our doors. Yes…such can happen.

As Rabbi Schneerson foretold would occur, via Prophecy in 1991, America is now at war with Basra, Iraq. He connected this now unfolding event there to a terrifying Isaiah Messianic Era chapter that speaks about Basra specifically and King Messiah’s arrival in terms of God venting his Wrath upon mankind. See Isaiah 63.


My gut is telling me that all these seemingly "unrelated" and "individual" problems we are seeing in the news now are, in fact, joined. They are the first phase of our foretold End of Days, Armageddon or whatever other handle you want to give it. All now appears poised to explode (perhaps implode is a better term) into "the nullification and destruction of that which cannot be elevated to Holiness".

Have you any idea of what will happen to humanity, the world’s stock markets and your neighborhood if even a small dirty nuke goes off in Paris, London or New York, God forbid. Islamo-Fascists are making the preparations for just that to occur as I type. Iran got 6,000 new centrifuges as the world says "naughty, naughty" and imposes sanctions that change nothing that Iran is doing.

We lost the last traces of patriotism and morality back in the 1960’s. Now…around the globe….teenagers are cell phone-sending nude images of themselves as part of the "normal" courting process. We have lost all shame and sense of decency. Thank you HOLLYWOOD! And thanks to those who pay Hollywood to continue to put out the darkest corners of the human heart and pose it as "art".

Corporations are destroying the very countries they reside in and its citizens. Mankind has polluted the planet’s air and soils… polluted the waters we drink. The 7 seas now have dead zones. Mankind polluted its morality and polluted itself spiritually with no regard for God or consequences. The greed and "self-only" focus seems to have come to the point now of irreversible, fatal, and global self-destruct. Yet the partying continues as Titanic’s passengers (high on meth, cocaine, angel dust and whatever else pleases them) await their "glorious arrival" in New York without a clue as to what is happening and what will yet come upon them…and us, their neighbors. As King Solomon said "Woe to the wicked. Woe to their neighbors."

Well guess what? Apparently it’s now pay up time.

At the very end of Tractate Sota the Sages of the Talmud foretell the negative things that will occur just before Messiah arrives. They also tell us that everything we normally rely upon will fail to provide us any sanctuary in those troubled times. We are advised by them to rely solely upon our Father in Heaven. And while those same Sages wanted Messiah to come… they shuddered about being alive in those times (our days) and living through them to see what will occur.

…Ashes, ashes…we all fall down.

There is one flaw that repeatedly afflicted the Jewish people in their history. It was the flaw of ignoring, refuting or mocking the Divine Messages their Prophets gave over to them. That flaw appears to have now happened again even within Rabbi Schneerson’s own organization.

God help us. And as practical advice I say do whatever you can to attach yourself to Holiness. Make a conscious and serious effort to increase in your acts of goodness and kindness. Be it through prayer or Bible study or helping the needy. The citizens of Nineveh were spared only through genuine repentance after hearing Jonah’s Prophecies of their pending doom. As I understand matters it is now repentance alone that has any chance of tempering what appears to myself to be heading our way…like a Mack truck with pedal to the metal.

Rabbi Moshe Yess

WED. 5-14-08

China says troops rush to plus dangerous cracks in dam

DUJIANGYAN, China - Chinese state media says troops are rushing to plug "extremely dangerous" cracks in a dam upriver from an earthquake-hit city.

Xinhua News Agency said Wednesday that 2,000 troops had been sent to work on the Zipingku Dam, upriver from Dujiangyan in Sichuan province.

Dujiangyan saw buildings collapse and services cut off in Monday's magnitude 7.9 quake earthquake.



China Quake Toll Nears 12,000, Over 18,000 Missing...Florida State Of Emergency...Corruption Hampers Burma Recovery...UN Says Up to 102,000 Dead...Tornadoes Smash Central US...How You Can Help

Overlooked in the global food crisis: A problem with dirt

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May 8, 6:06 PM (ET)

(AP) Farm laborers plant rice seedlings at the experimental plots of the International Rice Research...
Full Image

WASHINGTON (AP) - Science has provided the souped-up seeds to feed the world, through biotechnology and old-fashioned crossbreeding. Now the problem is the dirt they're planted in.

As seeds get better, much of the world's soil is getting worse and people are going hungry. Scientists say if they can get the world out of the economically triggered global food crisis, better dirt will be at the root of the solution.

Soils around the world are deteriorating with about one-fifth of the world's cropland considered degraded in some manner. The poor quality has cut production by about one-sixth, according to a World Resources Institute study. Some scientists consider it a slow-motion disaster.

In sub-Saharan Africa, nearly 1 million square miles of cropland have shown a "consistent significant decline," according to a March 2008 report by a worldwide consortium of agricultural institutions.

(AP) A farm laborer carries rice seedlings for planting at the experimental plots of the International...
Full Image
The cause of the current global food crisis is mostly based on market forces, speculation and hoarding, experts say. But beyond the economics lie droughts and floods, plant diseases and pests, and all too often, poor soil.

A generation ago, through better types of plants, Earth's food production exploded in what was then called the "green revolution." Some people thought the problem of feeding the world was solved and moved on. However, developing these new "magic seeds" was the easy part. The crucial element, fertile soil, was missing.

"The first thing to do is to have good soil," said Hans Herren, winner of the World Food Prize. "Even the best seeds can't do anything in sand and gravel."

Herren is co-chairman of the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development, a collection of scientists sponsored by the United Nations and World Bank. It produced a 2,500-page report last month which, among other recommendations, emphasized a need to improve the world's soil.

Genetic improvements in corn make it possible to grow up to 9,000 pounds of corn per acre in Africa. But millions of poor African farmers only get about 500 pounds an acre "because over the years, their soils have become very infertile and they can't afford to purchase fertilizers," said Roger Leakey, a co-author of the international report and professor at James Cooke University in Australia.

(AP) A farm laborer plants rice seedlings at the experimental plots of the International Rice Research...
Full Image
Soil and water issues "have been taken for granted," said Ohio State University soil scientist Rattan Lal. "It is a problem that is not going to be solved. It's going to get worse before it gets better."

In Africa, farmers are forced to use practices that rob nutrients from the soil, not put it back, said Herren, who heads an Arlington, Va., nonprofit. Fertilizer is a quick, short-term fix, but even that isn't being done, he said.

The current crisis could have been avoided "if we, the world, had promoted fertilizer in Africa and we have known for ages it works," said Pedro Sanchez, Columbia University tropical agricultural director.

In that way, the problem with soil is a prime example of a larger failing of agriculture science, said Sanchez, who has won both the World Food Prize and a MacArthur genius grant. Scientists have the knowledge to feed the world right now, but that is not happening, Sanchez said. "It's very frustrating, especially when you see children dying."

The fruits of biotechnology and the staples of modern agricultural scientific techniques include irrigation, crop rotation, reduced tilling, use of fertilizer and improved seeds. It's a way of farming differently instead of just using better seeds that requires extra money up-front that many African farmers don't have, scientists said.

(AP) Farm laborers plant rice seedlings at the experimental plots of the International Rice Research...
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Fixing soil just isn't "sexy" enough to interest governments or charities, said Robert Zeigler, director general of the International Rice Research Institute in Manila, Philippines.

Zeigler's center last week planted its 133rd crop of rice in the same land since 1963, trying to pinpoint the right combination of nitrogen and fertilizer. Better seeds worked wonders. But finding money for soil health is difficult and because of that, less work is accomplished, he said.

But there are success stories, Sanchez said, pointing to the small African country of Malawi. Three years ago, the country's new president invested 8 percent of Malawi's national budget in a subsidy program to get fertilizer and better seeds to small farmers. Each farmer got two bags of fertilizer and 4 1/2 pounds of seeds at less than half the cost.

Before the program started, one-third of Malawi was on food aid and the country wasn't growing enough food for itself, Sanchez said. It was producing 1.2 million tons of maize in 2005. In 2006, Malawi had more than doubled its production. By 2007 and 2008, the crop was up to 3.4 and 3.3 million tons. Now Malawi is exporting corn.

"In two years, the country has changed from a food aid recipient to a food aid donor and is self-sufficient," Sanchez said. "if Malawi can do it, richer countries like Nigeria, Kenya can do it."