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Wal-Mart to film gun sales in bid to fight crime

Reuters US Online Report Top News

Apr 14, 2008 14:58 EST

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc, the world's largest retailer, unveiled plans on Monday to film its gun sales in the United States and create a computerized log of purchases in a bid to stop guns falling into the wrong hands.


Exclusive: Amid new Iranian threat, Israel connects to America’s Ballistic Missile Early Warning System

April 15, 2008, 12:36 PM (GMT+02:00)

The 12th Space Warning Squadron, Greenland

The 12th Space Warning Squadron, Greenland

Israel requested the hook-up to the BMEWS for early warning to defend itself against Iranian missile attack. Tuesday, April 15, Iran’s deputy C-in-C Mohammad Reza Ashtiani threatened to eliminate Israel from “the scene of the universe” if it launches a military attack on the Islamic state.

DEBKAfile’s military sources report the system operates from three global centers – the US Thule Air Base in Greenland, where the 12th Space Warning Squadron is located; the Clear Air Force Station in Alaska and the British RAF long-range radar station at Fylingdales, Yorkshire, in England.

This is the third time Israel has been connected to the BMEWS. The first was in 1991 before the first Gulf War and the second in 2003 before the US invasion of Iraq. Then, Israel feared Iraqi missile attack, which indeed materialized in 1991. Now, US military sources interpret the request as signifying Israel’s sense of the need to prepare for an Iranian missile attack in the not-too-distant future.

Such an attack could develop from a US or Israeli strike against Iran, or any war situation involving Israel, Syria or Hizballah. Tehran might also stage a pre-emptive strike if early intelligence was received of an impending US or Israeli attack on Iran, Syria or Hizballah.

These sources stressed that Iran could even decide to lash out against Israel after the event in reprisal for an American assault, not necessarily on its nuclear sites but on Revolutionary Guards bases involved in directing, arming and training militias for attacks on US troops in Iraq. In such a contingency, Tehran could decide to hit back at US bases and strategic sites in the Persian Gulf and Middle East at large, including Israel.

The hook-up to the US early warning system will give Israel a better chance to prepare its Arrow and Patriot missile defense systems – and the US to prepare its own Israel-based Patriot batteries - in good time to ward off an Iranian missile attack. The BMEWS would start beaming data on an incoming Iranian missile at the launching stage and before it is airborne.

American military sources have no doubt that if an Iranian missile barrage targets Tel Aviv, Israel will counter with a missile attack on Tehran or Damascus.



Handgun Review: Ruger P345 and Taurus PT1911


Aaron Brudenell

It’s not lost on me the timeliness of conducting this review shortly after the passing of Col. Jeff Cooper. For most of my time and interest spent on firearms, the .45 ACP was never a front burner priority for me. Only recently have I rediscovered the enjoyment of shooting the cartridge and some of the numerous firearms available in that caliber. Two of the newer ones are the subject of this review and they bear a number of similarities and notable differences that should make one of them an excellent choice for someone interested in trying out the .45 Auto for the first time. Die hard .45 ACP fans interested in a new gun may also find one or both of these suitable additions to their collection.

The article will focus on these two relatively new .45 ACP pistols. Note that the Ruger has the accessory rail.

To begin with, both guns are relatively new products from their respective manufacturers and in each case, I think their latest .45 is a solid step forward when compared to their other good offerings. Both pistols are short recoil operated and have an 8-round single stack magazine. Among the features included in both models are ambidextrous manual safety controls, thoroughly checkered grip surfaces, integral key lock safeties, and improved fixed sights when compared to other firearms offered from each manufacturer. One final similarity that will appeal to everyone is that each gun is more affordable than a number of similar products out on the market.

In this picture we can see the integral safety present on the Taurus 1911's hammer. The one on the Ruger can be seen when the thumb safety is engaged or in the downward position.

Like the Taurus, Ruger offers a secure grip on its 45-caliber P345 via checkering on the front and rear of the grip.

Speaking of buying on a budget, both guns were test fired with three different brands of 230-grain .45 ACP FMJ ammunition available at Wal-Mart. The better of two groups of each fired from approximately 18 yards (two hands unsupported) appears below. Both have acceptable accuracy with each although the Taurus is more consistent.

Ruger P345 Taurus PT1911

CCI Blazer (brass) 4.75" 3.75"

Remington UMC 5" 3"

Winchester USA 3.5" 4"

The Ruger P345 is a polymer framed double action pistol but is more than just an updated version of the P97 and improves on it in both cosmetics and ergonomics. Overall the pistol is slimmer and has fewer sharp edges than the P97 and fewer still than the P90. The slide mounted safety/decocker levers are well checkered and add minimal width to the slide. When the safety is engaged (down), a small hole in the right side reveals the integral key lock safety, and it’s very easy to ignore if you don’t care for such things. Two additional safety features not found on previous designs are the magazine safety and chamber loaded indicator.

The Ruger's sights should offer quick pickup and still be snag free.

The loaded chamber indicator is both a visual indicator and one that can be felt on the top of the slide to indicate when a cartridge is chambered. One caveat to be aware of is that with shooting, the visible red areas of the indicator can become dirty and not be as visible. The magazine disconnect consists of a second firing pin block that must be engaged by the inserted magazine to allow full movement of the firing pin. Unlike most magazine safeties, this one does not disengage the remaining parts of the fire control system and you can otherwise fully cycle the action, trigger, hammer, and slide controls just as you would with a magazine inserted. Despite the added safeties that further punctuate the regulatory and litigious nature of our times most have been done in a very tasteful way that de-emphasizes their presence. Even the customary product-warning label is small in size and in an area of the gun that’s less prominent.

The Ruger's loaded chamber indicator can be both seen and felt.

The 8 round magazine is very similar to the previous Ruger 7 round magazines for the P90/P97 and are mutually compatible. In fact, if one desires to upgrade their 7 round magazines, all they need to do is replace the spring and plastic follower with equivalent P345 parts and the old magazine will function with an 8 round capacity. The magazine bodies are also different but only slightly and I’ve found no difference in function between the two. The newer magazine has a small crimp on each of the feed lips but oddly, the same placement and number of holes in the side to visualize loaded cartridges as the 7 round magazine. A magazine loaded with 7 rounds looks no different than one loaded with 8.

The Taurus PT1911 is essentially a modern 1911 pistol with a number of features that you’re likely to find on custom guns. These include front and back slide serrations, a full length guide rod, lowered ejection port, polished feed ramp, ambidextrous extended safety controls, improved profile grip safety, ring style hammer, and an adjustable skeletonized trigger. Even the checkering on the grip and under the trigger guard is fine and the grip panels are nicely textured and relatively thin (which I prefer). The sights are of the Heinie "Straight Eight" type consisting of two white dots that are vertically aligned in the proper sight picture.

Checkering on the front and rear grip straps offer a firm hold. Note the checkering beneath the trigger guard.

Here we see the Taurus' high-visibility rear sight, ambidextrous thumb safety and beavertail grip safety.

Unlike a number of the latest crop of 1911 pistols, the Taurus retains the original styled internal extractor, however, I’ve rarely had problems with this design. The PT1911 does not have as many extra safety features as the Ruger but there are two that weren’t in the original John Browning design. There is a firing pin block plunger that is activated by the trigger pull, not unlike the Colt Series 80 design. There is also a key lock safety in the top of the hammer that will immobilize the hammer in either the up or down position when fully engaged. An incomplete turn of the safety key will not reliably immobilize the hammer so anyone using it should exercise the same level of caution as with any 1911 pistol. As far as I can tell, it’s as good as or better than any other 1911 available in the same price range and has custom features that might double the cost of a similar gun if done by a professional gunsmith.

The Taurus 1911-pattern pistol uses a "Series 80" type internal firing pin safety system.

Both pistols are very serviceable and their main differences are design features and not reliability or accuracy. The Ruger offers a double action trigger option, a shorter (4.25") barrel, and a lighter polymer frame. The Taurus is heavier but has the longer (5") barrel and sight radius. Of the two, the practical accuracy advantage goes to the 1911 but I think most of that is due to the lower bore axis that helps the gun point better. I’m sure both would shoot the same if locked in a vise. The only failures I noted with either were magazine related. The factory magazines for the Taurus frequently failed to engage the slide stop after the last shot. Other standard 1911 magazines did not cause the same problem and were otherwise just as reliable. On one occasion, the Ruger’s magazine safety failed to disengage and the magazine had to be removed and reseated. This was an original factory magazine for the P345 and in several hundred rounds since, no such failure occurred a second time. I’d easily recommend either gun, especially if one does not mind the additional safety features and wants to get a good value.

Note: I would like to thank Mr. Brudenell for his work in composing this article…Stephen A. Camp
















'Annie Oakley' changes her tune
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Hillary Rodham Clinton
Clinton, who bashed guns eight years ago, will have a very different message for same group on Tuesday.
Photo: AP

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), who has cast herself in the past few days as a champion of gun owners, had a very different message when she spoke eight years ago to the Newspaper Association of America.

CLINTON TAKES AIM AT GUNS,” said the all-caps headline on the group’s Web site after she told members in May 2000, during her Senate campaign, that “there isn’t a more important task” than passing gun-safety laws.

On Tuesday, she'll speak to a luncheon meeting of the same group — with a very different message.

Over the weekend, Clinton sought to capitalize on remarks Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) made about gun owners by casting herself as a Second American champion and reminiscing about how “my dad …. taught me how to shoot when I was a little girl.”

Shooting, she said Saturday, is “part of the culture … part of a way of life” in some rural areas of Pennsylvania, which hold its primary a week from Tuesday.

Clinton was so enthusiastic about her remarks that Obama mocked them on Sunday by saying: “She's running around talking about how this is an insult to sportsmen, how she VALUES the Second Amendment — she's talkin' like she's Annie Oakley,” the frontier markswoman.

But when she spoke to the newspaper association in 2000, she said that “one of the reasons I am running for the Senate” is that “we need a comprehensive plan to stop gun violence.”

Clinton was running for senator from New York at the time, and her message did not directly contradict what she’s saying now. In the speech, Clinton was talking about handguns, not hunting weapons like shotguns.

But the contrast in emphasis provides a jarring reminder of how times, messages and circumstances change during campaigns.

A Clinton aide asserted that the Obama campaign is trying to turn the debate over his controversial San Francisco remarks into one about gun policy, when she contends the issue is elitism.

“This is not a contest about who can be a more avid aficionado of guns and ammo,” the aide said. “This is about what Obama said about people living in small towns.

“Hillary is not a hunter – she doesn’t purport to be. She has gone hunting but frankly it’s somewhat beside the points. It’s about whether you respect people who live in these small towns and rural communities.”

The Clinton campaign was not ready to preview the content of Tuesday’s remarks. But one source said: “It’s not a gun-control speech.”


Joy Of Being 'Liberated'
If you can't handle the truth don't read this one.
Posted: Saturday, April 05, 2008
- written by jerry golden
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If you have been listening to the news you know that once again we see Syria building up their armed forces on our northern border. This is the largest military build up they have ever made. It is also known that Russia and Iran have supplied them with many advanced missiles capable for reaching all parts of Israel. At the same time Hezbollah has been very busy rebuilding their missile base under the watchful eye of the UN troops who at times have been known to even assist. Russia, Iran and North Korea have made sure that Hezbollah has longer range missiles in order to reach much deeper into Israel (Tel-Aviv) in this coming war.

Next week Israel will hold its largest ever nation wide simulated missile attack drill, it will continue from Sunday through Thursday. School children from Kindergarten through the 12th grade will be involved. Everyone in Israel should be advised as to where they need to run in the event of a surprise attack.

Once again we hear the IDF will be testing the Arrow anti-missile Missile to see it is capable of intercepting the Iranian Shihab 3 missile. A Black Sparrow missile will be fired off the coast over the Mediterranean Sea from an IAF fighter Jet and will have all the characteristics of a Shihab 3. This brings something to mind, some friends of ours living in Cyprus by chance witnessed the interception of a similar test last year while setting on their roof. At the time they had no idea what was happening.

Things certainly are not looking good around here and what I am about to write is simply my take on this build up of arms and what is about to happen not only here but possibly in the US as well. Please keep in mind this is my opinion from the way I see things developing. There are other possible scenarios but one thing is certain we are now being directed by the powers to be to watch smoke screens and other diversions. That is not to say that what is happening and about to happen in the Middle East (Namely Israel) isn’t real but the plans to take out the US is far more important to Russia and the Islamic world than that of Israel. Israel is on the top of the list of importance by the Devil who plans on setting up his seat on the Temple Mount.

For those who think that the Russian Bear has been declawed are terribly mistaken and Putin is still in power and has only one thing in mind and that is revenge and to become the worlds only Super Power. If we look around all the nuclear plants Russian is building are in the nations that hate and want to destroy Israel and the US. They arm the enemies of Israel and the US with high tech missile and bombs. They feel that once again they have Syria and Iran as well as Hezbollah with the needed advantage to take Israel out this time with the added assistance of Hamas that has been rearmed with heavy weaponry. But Russia thought they had given enough to Syria, Jordan, and Egypt in 67, 73 and again in 82 and failed as they will once again. This of course brings on the necessary battle of Armageddon that is in the not so distance future where Russia will lead the charge only to come face to face with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

It is no secret that Russia has several nuclear submarines off both coast of the US capable to taking out any US city at will. They are now flying there nuclear bombers over Alaska’s border and forever testing the US will to stop them. The US 5th and 6th fleets are getting regular low level fly over by Russian Bombers.

The global Islamic threat as serious as it is plays right into the hands of the Russian plan. You see unlike the US and Israel the Russians will not hesitate to solve that problem when they need to but for the time being it is the diversion they need to prepare for their attack.

Many believe the Russians will send nuclear missiles across the US, that will not happen, what will happen are a few large cities like New York, L.A. possibly a few others and then they will simply tell the White House to surrender or else face total destruction of the whole country. The US will at that time be faced with surrender or total global destruction by all out global nuclear war. Not a nice picture I know this picture is not complete I am sure. For the Illuminati and others realize that with 6+ BILLION world population and promising to increase by at least 50% in the coming years there is not enough food supplies not to mention energy to sustain such a global population. We read in the Word of God Zechariah 13:8 AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS, IN ALL THE LAND, SAITH THE LORD, TWO PARTS THEREIN SHALL BE CUT OFF AND DIE; BUT THE THIRD PART SHALL BE LEFT THEREIN. That is as straight to the point as God can possibly put it. Today we are seeing how all this has been arranged to happen.

In short what we are about to witness (those who overcome or somehow survive) is the stage being set for the appearance of the anti-Christ. This event will once again be directed right back here in Israel as he will set up his base of power on the Temple Mount, it is at that time we will start the 7 year countdown (3 ½ and 3 ½). It is at this time we will witness the return of the Messiah Zechariah 14:4. What I am putting forth here is a blanket overview not a complete picture of future events for many thousands of events will occur during this scenario and thousands of false Prophets will be heard across the land and they will deceive many but not the very Elect of God.

It is obvious to me that many will reject this report, and I understand why most people want to eat pie in the sky and escape all the horror that is soon to be upon us, but they best begin to prepare first by getting as close to Yeshua as possible in all areas of their life and bring there family as well. Those Pastors who will not preach the truth and still cling to the deception of total escape will have to answer to an angry God for they were hirelings and not Pastors.

We are asked what will happen to this Ministry in all of this, the answer is simple we will continue being obedient to God’s call and we will assist in bringing God’s chosen back to the Land He promise them and His Word will come to pass Isa. 11:11.

There are so many other things that could be added to this report, such as the decline of the dollar and the Bush Plan to bring in the North American currency. China’s possible calling in their debt in the US causing the US to go bankrupt. Or Russia, Venezuela, Iran and possible OPEC to begin selling oil for Euros instead of dollars making the dollar without any backing.

But there is one result that many will or are not too concerned with right now, and that is the blame for all of this will once again be placed on the backs of the Jews, and another holocaust will occur this time on a global bases. Jews will be running for their lives not only in Europe but throughout the world. God is speaking to many of us to be ready to save as many Jewish lives as we possible can, I pray if you are being touched by God that you will be obedient for much depends on your obedience.