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Al-Sadr Threatens
"Open War Until Liberation"



Talk of upcoming bans, making preparations, and about those preparing for your preparations.

Today someone posted about buying a number of AR15-style lower receivers in preparation for a new "Assault Weapons" ban. It is true that the upcoming US elections are creating fear in many firearms owners and hobbyists. This fear is reasonable- I'm sure everybody here remembers the days of $80.00 used Glock magazines and AK clones with their stocks welded open.

Should people prepare? Absolutely! Does this mean we should succumb to hysteria? Absolutely not!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of opportunist sellers out there who want you to succumb to hysteria. These folks are praying that you'll pay horrifically inflated prices based upon fear and speculation. While we have reason to be concerned, there's no reason to enter into panic buying mode today. (For the record, this isn't public bashing of the poster who bought those lowers. Frankly, he's being SMART about this. Read on...)

I've a Class III dealer for four years, have worked with/for Class II manufacturers and standard FFL dealers for 11 years, and have restored and resold firearms accessories for nearly 15 years. I know how things work during ban scares. It's always been in my best interests to get people to buy stuff from me. That said, I know what it's like to be on both sides of the counter and I know what it's like to get ripped off.

Here are some of the common tactics used by dealers to induce panic buying. I'll also explain how to find the best deals. Finally, I'll speak to what I think is 'next to go' should the wrong people get elected.

Yeah, some of this might seem cynical. I've been in this game long enough to know that it's REALITY.

How to Induce Panic Buying

1. It's all about psychology.

We all remember $80 used Glock mags and folding stocks welded into position for AWB compliance. Those were ugly days when the Clinton regime was in power. Firearms owners, especially "assault weapon" owners, remember the trouble they had determining if something was "preban" or "postban," searching high and low for "high capacity" magazines, and remember paying out the nose for everything. Handgun owners remember the S&W sellout. Ruger owners remember Bill Ruger's sellout on the magazine ban. Owners of three weird looking shotguns remember their guns becoming contraband overnight. Then there were so many executive orders banning further import of this or that- shades of the Steyr USR. It was an ugly and dark time, no doubt about it.

So tell me, how are you feeling right now? Do you remember all of that? Here's simple psychology- dredge up bad memories and people get fearful. They don't want to revert to those dark days. Now picture yourself as a dealer with a large stock of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and a bunch of "assault rifles" that aren't moving so well. Boy, those things sold well during the ban... If only you could go back to those days..... How do you reintroduce that fear?

2. Help get a psychological reaction through props.

That fear needs to return for those things to fly off the shelves, much less sell. Being reintroducing that fear with unflattering pictures of the Clintons, Obama, the Brady Bunch, John Kerry, and other traitors to the Constitution. Put them next to photos of Mao, Stalin, and Hitler. Clear shots of concentration camps, executions, and 09/11 are pretty handy too. Print out the text of anti-gun bills, even if they're outdated and/or have zero chance of passage. Highlight scary parts; don't be afraid to skip over multiple lines to make new sentences. (The mind concentrates upon what stands out. Bonus for matching up "assault weapon," ".22 tube-fed," and "felony" to make a totally new sentence!)

3. You must fight logic.

WOW, people are stopping and a few of them are obviously thinking! WAAAAAIT a minute- stopping is good but some of that thinking is not. People who think don't fall for crappy hand-stenciled cardboard signs that say "GIT 'EM B4 THEIR BANNED!!!" Worse yet, someone who understands the difference between their, there, and they're could wander by and make fun of you! Pigeons... You must end critical thinking and replace it with even more fear. But how..? That's simple- take a hint from anti-gunners and fight logic through stretching the truth and heaping doses of emotional rhetoric. Read on for a good example.....

4. Create an illusion of scarcity.

Tell those thinkers that other people are also pondering buying the same firearm that they're considering, so they better move fast! (FYI, infomercials wouldn't say "Act fast- supplies are limited!" if it didn't work.) Who cares that you've got a few hundred of those _insert whatever crappy "assault weapon" clone brand here_, tell 'em that YOU'RE RUNNING LOW AND THAT THEY HAVE TO ACT FAST! They don't need to know that you've got boxes of them stacked like cord wood- you must make them think that THESE ARE YOUR LAST ONES.



Do you see what happened? The dishonest seller started by putting out a lot of things that were once expensive and/or illegal within recent memory. They brought back bad memories. Then they showed the faces of those who seek to return to those bad days. The dealer, knowing a logical mind would argue that such a ban isn't happening tomorrow, worked to override logic through a false illusion of scarcity and an illusion that the products are being sold at an accelerated rate.

How does one avoid this sleight of hand?

1. Knowledge

It's all but impossible to take advantage of anybody who knows what they're doing.

End of story.

Sellers who engage in funny business LIVE for people with imperfect knowledge. Here's a conversation I personally overheard at an Arizona Gun Show.

"Oh, you heard that big company making lever actions is going out of business? Yeah, it's true. Marlin stopped selling lever actions and is going out of business. Yup, I've got a few left. Had to raise the prices, though."

That seller took some poor sap for a bit over 120% OVER NEW MSRP on a used (and commonly available) Marlin 30-30. Yeah, that's MORE THAN DOUBLE NEW MSRP on a USED gun that's available everywhere.

...and yes, it was actually WINCHESTER that went out of business.

Dishonest? A sin? Bad karma? Look, I'm here to tell you that it's ALL fair game to a number of sellers out there. Wish whatever ill you desire upon them; they'll take it under consideration while they're making out THEIR deposit slip with YOUR money.

Most swindles aren't as blatant at this Marlin/Winchester switch, but they're just as bad. The bottom line is that YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO KNOW.

What do you NEED to know?

A. Which manufacturers make what you want.

You need to know who makes what it is that you want, as well as any clones of that item.

B. The quality reputation of each manufacturer's variant of what you want.

You need to know who makes crap and who makes good stuff. It's EASY to polish a turd. It's hard to make a turd work. Bad sellers don't care if it works; they'll polish it up because there's some sucker with cash who won't know the difference.

C. MSRP of what you want.

Know what it sells for as per the manufacturer.

D. Internet pricing of what you want.

Know what a realistic asking price is for that item.

E. SOLD auction data of what you want.

Dig through auctions that are already complete. This allows you to see what your item truly sells for on the open market vs asking price vs MSRP.

F. General availability of what you want.

It's to your benefit to know if what you seek is truly rare, if it's piled up in multiple warehouses, and/or if it's burned for heat because coal isn't getting any cheaper.

G. Proposed laws regarding what you want AND the chances of passage.

Is your item truly on some politician's hit list? If so, do they have a chance of passing their ban? Do they have a chance within the recent future, or will it take the election of a Hillary or an Obama? Or a new anti-gun governor or mayor? Or is their ban so stupid that it'll never pass?

The dishonest seller has you at a HUGE disadvantage if you aren't educated!

2. Time

You will generally pay more to get something quickly.

Do you need a new car TODAY? That means you won't have time to do too much shopping and will take the best deal TODAY. Same scoop with a firearm and with firearms accessories. Demanding something NOW means that you won't have time to search the market for the best deal. Maybe you'll find the best deal that's out there RIGHT NOW, but is the best deal RIGHT NOW the same as the best deal after a week, two weeks, a month, etc., of searching?

Probably not.

Strike a happy medium; your knowledge (see point #1) will tell you when you've found a good deal. Adjust time spent for the rarity of the item; you can afford to spend time searching for and walking away from AR15 clones until you've found the right gun. You'll have to move quickly if you find that Dermo Wasp that you've been seeking. Just remember to fall back upon your knowledge- time spent researching those issues will always help you to know when the time is right.

3. Have cash in hand.

"Money talks and bullshit walks."

So you've got a Bob-a-Matic 2000. Only five were ever made. It's got the original box and a 69-round magazine filled with its proprietary 6.37x4,526 caliber ammo. The book says it's worth $2,200.00; definitely more than the seller's IMI Uzi Model A for $1,200. But you want that Uzi and you got into that Bob-a-Matic 2000 for next to nothing...

The seller gives you the look he reserves for the beanie baby people and says "So what?"

Yeah, that book says the seller is up $1,000.00 if they do that trade. Whatever! It doesn't pay their bills unless it sells. Their thought is that you obviously can't sell it for $2,200. Otherwise you would have already done so, given them the remaining $1,200 for their Uzi, and pocketed the remaining grand.

It's one thing to have trade bait. It's another thing to rely upon trades. Maybe you've got a Steyr AUG. Maybe the seller just dropped a few grand, took one in, and doesn't need your AUG. Or maybe your Performance Center S&W isn't what the seller can move. Perhaps they just undervalue your stuff.

NO ONE undervalues greenbacks. Even the most disinterested old geezer discussing .123 Nitro Watters Improved Ackley looks up when someone waves green in their direction. Have CASH.

4. Learn to bargain and learn when to bargain.

In many cases, buying firearms and accessories is like buying a car. The price tag is often what sellers hope to get if you're a millionaire, a lunatic, or are intoxicated. So how do you take the price down? It's called bargaining. Dickering. Haggling.

Whatever you want to call it, bargaining is an art form. It's more than I have room to discuss here. Gruffly opening that you'll pay half of the advertised price 'and nothing more for this rust heap' insults the seller and guarantees that you'll be paying the full price. Be nice and have some empathy for the seller. Maybe the old guy's wife is sickly and this is going for medicine. Perhaps that 20-something just got a huge speeding ticket and has to cover their fine. Or maybe they just found something they want more than what they're trying to sell.

You have already been, could be there, or will be there some day.

Let that soak in for a minute. You need to understand where the seller is coming from.

That said, now think about you. Think about your needs, your budget, and your desires.

Mix that understanding of the seller's needs and wants with your needs and wants. You'll be surprised to see how much better of a discount you receive by understanding BOTH sides of the transaction.

Is it always appropriate to bargain? Nearly always. The only exception is for truly rare stuff, impossible-to-find stuff, or for items that are already at fire sale prices. If you just bought a papered machinegun without a bolt and parts are rare, don't screw around when you find a bolt because you don't know when you'll find another. So you found a REAL gas trap Garand and the seller wants $400? Don't waste time trying to talk him to $300; someone like me WILL come up behind you, toss $400 onto the table, and assure the gentleman that I'll take it sight unseen as-is with all faults.

Oh, and I'll smile at you as I walk away with what could have been YOUR $400 gas trap Garand. I love to see the looks on peoples' faces when I kick their butt for being dumb.

Your knowledge - see #1 - will help you to know when to bargain and when to cough it up without complaint. Don't screw yourself out of a STEAL!

Staring into the Crystal Ball - a Dealer Gives His Honest Opinions as to What's Next on the Chopping Block

So what could be an issue in the future? Here are my thoughts - and no, I'm not trying to sell you anything. These are the items I'm seeking out for me the person, not me the dealer. (Let your own thoughts and priorities should be your guide.)

1. Ammunition feeding devices (mags, belts, links, clips, etc.): I'm buying these up for whatever firearms I own, ones I want to purchase, and for ones I might possibly end up with in the future. This is because "killer clips" are definitely in the crosshairs, were subject to the old federal AWB, and are still the subject of many state and municipal bans. Remember, the world's greatest firearm is a heavy single-shot without a way to feed it ammunition!

2. Ammunition and reloading components: We're already suffering from price increases in ammunition, brass, and lead. I don't put it past somebody to attempt to ban ammunition that doesn't meet some wonky standard, isn't specially made for ease of microstamping, etc. That's why I'm stocking up now and kicking myself for not stocking up back when things were far less expensive. Oh, and a firearm without ammo is an overpriced unergonomic club.

3. Spare parts: I consider it foolish not to have spare parts for firearms I currently own, ones I want to own, and ones I could have in the future. A broken gun is just as good as a working one without ammo (see #2). FYI, witness the instability of parts kits due to the non-sporting barrel importation ban!

4. NFA that could be subject to bans: While NFA is usually off the radar, that the AWB did effect SBRs, SBSs, and named DDs (the terrible trio of non-sporting shotguns). I am building and/or purchasing whatever NFA stuff I want sooner than later due to the time element involved. If nothing else, I want proof that my build and/or purchase was made far before any ban took effect. (Incidentally, those of you with registered MG conversion parts should consider multiple spare parts for host guns, especially high wear parts. Having a second host gun ready isn't such a bad idea, either.)

4 1/2. Threading and integral suppressors: The old federal AWB and many local and state-level bans made threaded barrels illegal. Further, ATF judged sound suppressors to be flash hiders. Remember that a sound suppressor is an expensive paperweight if you can't attach it to your firearm. Get those barrels threaded now!

5. Title I (i.e. non-NFA) stuff I want: The highest on the hit list will be "assault" rifles/pistols/shotguns and .50 BMG rifles. "Normal" handguns that don't microstamp (i.e. all of them) may follow soon after, as could handguns that don't meet CA/MD-style 'safe handgun' standards. This is why I'm chasing down a nice Barrett M82A1 .50, four "preban" Tec-9 pistols [for an eventual Tec-9 registered F/A conversion bolt, see #4], a Saiga-12, a HK Mark-23, a M1A, etc.

Again, remember that your own thoughts and priorities should be your guide. Not into NFA or in a non-NFA state? #4 and #4 1/2 should be tossed. Think my ammo concerns aren't valid? Toss #2. Go with what you think is important and what will make YOU happy.



The American people have every right to want to know about a persons personal life and with whom they were either associates or friends or whatever in detail.

For Example: If you were applying for a job as a Police Officer whether it be City or State or Federal you would be asked these very detailed questions about your associates in your present and past. I went through all this and I know this for a fact. YOU WOULD ALSO BE REQUIRED TO TAKE A POLYGRAPH TEST WHETHER YOU WANTED TO OR NOT.

If you were joining an elite organization regardless of who they are, in my case it was MASONIC, they had the right to interrogate me for hours.

I see nothing wrong with the intense line of personal questions to evaluate a persons character. From what I have seen I doubt that any legitimate Police organization would hire any of the three people running for President of the United States.

Would you hire any of them based on their past associations to work for your company if you had one. ASK DONALD TRUMP.


Black Sable, Polished Micarta Handle, Plain

  • Overall Length (inches): 9.88
  • Blade Length (inches): 4.00
  • Blade Material: San Mai III
  • Blade Detail: Plain
  • Handle Material: Micarta
  • Lock Style: Lock Back
  • Carry System: Pocket Clip
New Democrat AMMO Scam in Progress!


Not to be outdone by the over 87 new anti gun initiatives since the Dems took over, Pelosi, Kennedy, McCarthy and the rest of the Liberal "disarm America" band have come up with the MOST INSIDIOUS PLAN EVER: "If we can't get the guns, let's go after the ammo" in the words of Nancy Pelosi!

There are now 18 (as of the end of 07) new initiatives in committee that would make it difficult or impossible to BUY OR STORE AMMO for many of the guns the Libs want to get rid of. Their logic: so what if we can't stop the guns, if you can't buy ammo, it's the same end result!

EVEN MORE INSIDIOUS: This pack of deceivers are trying to use REGULATORY rather than Legislative channels to get rid of your ammo! Typically Congress could only manage legislation, but with the Dem focus on the Presidency, they are already actively pulling strings at OSHA, FEMA, TREASURY, ATF, GAO and over 10 other Regulatory Agencies to BAN many types and quantities of ammo including .223, 7.62, calibers over 25, etc.

One rule makes it illegal to "store primers, gunpowder and casings" in the same place-- even in completed rounds! This is worded as a "residential and workplace safety" rule ala California Propositions, but is a back door way to make it illegal to STORE ammo, even in your own home, garage, shed, basement, etc.

Another initiative makes it illegal to buy more than one box at a time or to store more than 5 boxes unless you are an FFL (click HERE to find out how to get your own Home FFL while you still can). This would not only destroy the ammo industry, but make "tracking" impossible. You've seen the jokes about how we can track cows but not illegals: yet they believe they can now track ammo down to individual buyers? NOT.

Why aren't a lot of people just buying tons of ammo to store and "grandfather" just in case? Well, a lot are. However, the Dems are initiating this at a time when 7.62 has gone from $80/1,000 to over 300, and berdan/non corrosive with brass is impossible to find at ANY price. Some LE departments are having to buy $400/1,000 BOXED hunting rounds of 55 grain .223 because good quality big lots are just not available due to China, steel, and the wars. As an FFL dealer, you still have access to pallet load grandfathered orders: FOR NOW!


The Dem proposal for "separate storage" was withdrawn by Pelosi (with advice from Hillary) to be re-introduced after the election. This was a deft move to keep sweeping anti-ammo legislation from becoming a campaign issue. BUT: VPC and the other left wing wackos have not been deterred. They are now going State by State with OVER 36 initiatives to BAN ANY AMMO CONTAINING LEAD.

These idiotic new regs are called "The infant lead protection act" and "The endangered species poison act" and other such acts, laws and propositions! THEY ARE REALLY THINLY DISGUISED LAWS TO BAN ALL LEAD IN ALL AMMO, MEANING BANNING ALL AMMO AND MAKING THE GUNS THAT USE IT USELESS. WATCH your State referenda for these upcoming NEW BANS-- they are even coming up in Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Florida and other pro gun States! The banners are disguising them with emotional key words like lead in toys, infant poison, save the Condor, and many others. Your contributions here help us FLAG these key words on Google and Yahoo to expose what they really are! When was the last time a Condor swooped down and grabbed a .357 in flight? The banners are trying to sneakily extend the wetlands protection anti-lead laws to ALL lead, in all calibers, for all guns! Will the public buy this sham? YES, unless WE all get the word out!





PRINTS & THE PAUPER: Mike Fleming, who lives on the streets, yesterday holds up the confidential, floor-by-floor schematics of the Freedom Tower that he stumbled upon in this trash basket.
PRINTS & THE PAUPER: Mike Fleming, who lives on the streets, yesterday holds up the confidential, floor-by-floor schematics of the Freedom Tower that he stumbled upon in this trash basket.

WTC Blueprints Found in Garbage

April 18, 2008 --

It's a good thing Osama wasn't walking through SoHo yesterday morning.

Two sets of confidential blueprints for the planned Freedom Tower, which is set to rise at Ground Zero, were carelessly dumped in a city garbage can on the corner of West Houston and Sullivan streets, The Post has learned.

PHOTOS: WTC Blueprints Found In Trash

Port Authority's News Blackout Is Sinister

Experts said the detailed, floor-by-floor schematics contain enough detail for terrorists to plot a devastating attack.

"Secure Document - Confidential," warns the title page on each of the two copies of the 150-page schematic that a homeless, recovering drug addict discovered in the public trash can.

"Any time a sensitive document is unintentionally left behind, it's a treasure trove for a potential adversary," aid Robert Strang, CEO of Investigative Management Group, a global security firm. "It enables them to look for vulnerabilities in design that they can target - an age-old military tactic."

Informed of what the homeless man, Mike Fleming, had found, shocked Port Authority officials called it an egregious security lapse.

"Violating these protocols is cause for serious disciplinary action - up to termination for employees and breach of contract and legal action for contractors," said Candace McAdams, PA director of media relations.

One of the identical sets was missing the first 14 pages, which is particularly alarming.

Besides the PA, there are 11 entities listed on each page of the blueprints, including the builder, Tishman Construction, and architects Skidmore Owings and Merrill.

Although the documents, dated Oct. 5, 2007, are not a complete set of blueprints, they do contain details such as plans for each floor, the thickness of the concrete-core wall and the location of air ducts, elevators, electrical systems and support columns.

"Certainly, if you know the thickness of concrete, someone with an explosive background can develop and plot an attack," Strang said.

That was exactly the thought that ran through Fleming's mind when he found the documents and alerted The Post.

Fleming, 28, originally from Ohio, said he was rummaging through the garbage in search of cardboard, "because the concrete is so cold to sleep on," when he noticed the documents and the warning to "properly destroy if discarded."