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As I watch the news and or check the headlines everyday I continually see everything falling apart, but the average American keeps living in their BS fantasy world of nonsense.

While looking at the DRUDGE REPORT this morning as I do every morning I can see how exactly clear the Bible prophecies are. America has turned away from G-D and now we are going to pay the price.

Water shortages in Georgia, Fires in California. Tornadoes in Kentucky. And the list goes on and on. Yet this countries leaders are bound and determined to give away "JERUSALEM" which they do not own, it means city of peace and the owner of this city is G-D. You can not give one drop of sand away from this city to anyone. If you do you will pay the price by devine intervention as its pre ordained regardless of what religion you may believe.

The American dollar is no longer backed by gold, read what it says on the one dollar bill. "THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE". What does this mean, I do not know because if you ask to see the gold to back it up I doubt they will even answer you.

I see many things that are happening like GERMANY will become a super power because they will lead the "EU" and will have a massive army. There are about 85 million Germans and with about 26 countries behind them, this is a rising power that is almost un stoppable.

Our borders remain wide open and one recent estimate I read stated that about 38 million people living here in the U.S. are illegal. The borders remain open because some one has an agenda, and if you follow the money trail you will have "ALL" your answers. Its always about money and oil and power.

There are a great many survival websites that tell you how to prepare and there is nothing you can ever do to prevent what is coming. The only hope anyone has is to prepare for the day after. If you want to know what is happening all you have to do is read certain BIBLE SCRIPTURES. ITS ALL THERE. If you want to know more, please email me through my website -

In the meantime this is a physical world and you must have certain supplies in order to survive. The average NON GUN OWNER that I know comes home from work every day and watches the grass grow or runs to their computer or plays computer games or watches TV. I have no idea why they are living in this fantasy land.

I believe that there is a parrallel universe and I have studied limited sources of QUANTUM PHYSICS. Remember I am not educated like college people but I have a different kind of knowledge that few can see.

I see how many items that were readily available are not that easy to find. I continually ask the wholesalers why their supply is either so low or they are out of stock on most items. I GET THE SAME ANSWER ALL THE TIME - THEY DO NOT KNOW WHY.

Try finding the in expensive KEL-TEC pistol of your choice, it is almost non existent. Try finding quantities of 32 acp or 380 acp or what ever, and you will find they are mostly not available. WHY? what has this got to do with the war effort.

WHAT DO WE MAKE IN THIS COUNTRY AT THIS TIME ??. Back in the 50's we manufactured everything, that was AMERICA. TV's, Radios, Cars, etc, everything was made in the USA. Now you are a walking CHINA - almost everything you own or buy today is either from Mexico or Asia. They should change the walmart name to chinamart.

I suggest you check your balls to see if they are made in china or mexico. Things have gone too far we have lost our identity and without closed borders and a specific language and a defined culture no country can ever exist. Read why ROME collapsed. Our downfall is right before your very eyes.

Remember the Tower of Babel in the Bible where G-D changed everyones language so that they could not communicate ?? Well - hes done that to the leaders of the free world so that even if they all speak english, they do not communicate with one another.


CONSOLIDATE YOUR CALIBERS, You do not need every caliber, settle on the few that will protect you and buy some in expensive ammo that you will be able to barter with, for food and water and gasoline. DO IT NOW.

Never buy any gun unless parts and springs are available for. Listen to me as I am giving you advice worth its weight in gold. NOT BEING able to buy parts and accessories gives you nothing. When I was a kid more people were put on ice with a 38 special than any other caliber. There was always a brooklyn joke the kids used, when they answered the phone they used to say - city morgue, you stab em we slab em.

Getting serious again, I still try and help everyone that is decent. I help all police and military. The average police officer does not even carry a clean weapon because they just have no interest. They will when it goes click instead of bang, but then it will be too late.

buy the new 2 nd generation "COBRA" magazines made by Virgil Tripp.

I suggest you stock up on Militec lubrication for all your fire arms. go to
Buy the best. Never settle for second best of anything. Do it now.

Please email me through my website if you like this type of commentary. SEAL YOUR PRIMERS AND READ YOUR BIBLE.

Have a good day.

US Food Riots Much Closer Than You Think

From Robert Felix
Reprinted With Permission

Recently, I said "we'll be fighting in the streets for food long before we're buried in ice."
I say the same thing in my book Not by Fire but by Ice.

I just received an email from a reader that sums it up better than I did...

"I spent about thirty years working in commercial agribusiness. My main job was to purchase ingredients, mainly grain, for flour mills and animal feed mills. As a part of my job, I was forced to understand the US food supply system, its strengths and weaknesses. Over the years, I became aware of some things that nearly all Americans are completely unaware of. I am going to make a list of statements and then you will see where I'm going.

-- 1% of the US population grows all of the food for all Americans.

-- Nearly all Americans know essentially nothing about where the food they eat every day comes from. How it gets from the ground to them. And they don't want to know about it. It's cheap, as close as their local store, and of high quality. So no worries.

-- The bulk of the food we eat comes from grain. Although they raise a lot of fruits and vegetables in California, Arizona, Florida, Oregon and Washington, those things don't compose the main part of the average diet. Half of what a meat animal is raised on is grain so when you eat meat you are really eating grain. And, of course, we eat grain directly as bread, bagels, doughnuts, pasta, etc. Milk (and milk products like cheese) comes from cows that eat grain. A lot of grain. And the grain they eat is not produced where the cows are located.

-- The lion's share of grain produced in the US is done in a concentrated part of the US Midwest (Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri is the center of this area). The grain is moved to the coasts (where 70% of the population live) by only TWO (2) railroads.

-- Nothing is stored for very long in a supermarket. One day grain travels (by rail) from Kansas to Seattle to a flour mill. The next day the flour mill makes the flour and sends it to a bakery. The next day the bakery makes it into bread (and other baked things) and the next day it is at the store where it is purchased that day. Nobody stores anything. The grain is produced and stored in the Midwest and shipped daily in a single railroad pipeline to the rest of America where the people live.

-- Up until the 1980s there was a system that stored a lot of grain in elevators around the country. At one time, a whole year's harvest of grain was stored that way. But since taxpayers were paying to store it, certain urban politicians engineered the movement of that money from providing a safety net or backup for their own food supply in order to give the money to various other social welfare things. So now, nothing is stored. We produce what we consume each year and store practically none of it. There is no contingency plan.

Now for my take on what this means for us and what it has to do with the topic you are publicizing.

-- If a drought such as has lingered over other parts of the US where little grain is grown were to move over the grain-producing states in the Midwest where few people live, it
would seriously damage the food supply of the country and the apples of Washington, the lettuce of California, the grapefruit of Florida and the peanuts of Georgia won't make up the difference because grain is the staff of life and most of it is grown in the Midwest.

-- Americans are armed to the teeth. In LA people burned down their own neighborhoods to protest a court case.

-- In order for riots to break out the whole food supply doesn't have to be wiped out. It just has to be threatened sufficiently. When people realize their vulnerability and the fact that there is no short term solution to a severe enough drought in the Midwest they will have no clue as to what they should do. Other nations can't make up the difference because no other nation has a surplus of grain in good times let alone in times when they are having droughts and floods also. It takes two or three months to raise grain, yet people have to eat usually at least once a day, usually more than that.

--So, basically, we have in place a recipe for a disaster that will dwarf any other localized disasters imaginable. The important thing to note is that there is no solution for this event. There is no contingency plan for this. People living in certain parts of the US will fare better than others (which is another story) but those who live in big cities, where most of the US population live, are done for.

Anyway, I have no agenda of my own concerning this. I just thought I'd share it with someone who appears to have an idea of what might likely cause this scenario to occur. The only people who know about this are those who are involved in the production and distribution of the food supply and there are very, very few of them number-wise. And most of them haven't put two and two together yet, either.


DEBKAfile Exclusive: Olmert sounds alarm: Iran has crossed red line for developing a nuclear weapon. It’s too late for sanctions

October 22, 2007, 2:18 PM (GMT+02:00)

This is the message prime minister Ehud Olmert is carrying urgently to French President Nicolas Sarkozy Monday and British premier Gordon Brown Tuesday, according to DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources.

Last week, Olmert placed the Israeli intelligence warning of an Iranian nuclear breakthrough before Russian president Vladimir Putin, while Israel’s defense minister Ehud Barak presented the updated intelligence on the advances Iran has made towards its goal of a nuclear weapon to American officials in Washington, including President Bush.

Olmert will be telling Sarkozy and Brown that the moment for diplomacy or even tough sanctions has passed. Iran can only be stopped now from going all the way to its goal by direct, military action.

Information of the Iranian breakthrough prompted the latest spate of hard-hitting US statements. Sunday, Oct. 21, US vice president Cheney said: "Our country, and the entire international community, cannot stand by as a terror-supporting state fulfills its grandest ambitions.''

Friday, the incoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Michael Mullen said US forces are capable of operations against Iran’s nuclear facilities or other targets. At his first news conference, he said: “I don’t think we’re stretched in that regard.”

It is worth noting that whereas Olmert’s visits are officially tagged as part of Israel’s campaign for harsher sanctions against Iran, his trips are devoted to preaching to the converted, leaders who advocate tough measures including a military option; he has avoided government heads who need persuading, like German Chancellor Angela Merkel or Italian prime minister Romano Prodi.

The Israeli prime minister hurried over to Moscow last Thursday after he was briefed on the hard words exchanged between Putin and Iran’s supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran Tuesday, Oct. 16.

According to DEBKAfile’s sources, the Russian leader warned the ayatollah that the latest development in Iran’s nuclear program prevented him from protecting Tehran from international penalties any longer; the clerical regime’s options were now reduced, he said, to halting its clandestine nuclear activities or else facing tough sanctions, or even military action.

The Russian ruler’s private tone of speech was in flat contrast to his public denial of knowledge of Iranian work on a nuclear weapon. It convinced Olmert to include Moscow in his European itinerary.

Our sources in Iran and Moscow report that Putin’s dressing-down of Khamenei followed by his three-hour conversation with the Israeli prime minister acted as catalysts for Iranian hardliners’s abrupt action in sweeping aside senior nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani Saturday, Oct. 20 and the Revolutionary Guards General Mahmoud Chaharbaghi’s threat to fire 11,000 rockets and mortars at enemy targets the minute after Iran comes under attack.

Our military sources say Tehran could not manage to shoot off this number of projectiles on its own. Iran would have to co-opt allies and surrogates, Syria, Hizballah, Hamas and pro-Tehran militias in Iraq to the assault.

DEBKAfile’s US military sources disclosed previously that if, as widely reported, Syria is in the process of building a small reactor capable of producing plutonium on the North Korean model, Iran must certainly have acquired one of these reactors before Syria, and would then be in a more advanced stage of plutonium production at a secret underground location.