Monday, September 25, 2006



UPDATED October 3rd, 2006


I will be closing the FIFTH PROJECT STREET GUN CLASS ON FRIDAY - OCTOBER 6th, 2006, 7 PM CENTRAL TIME... It is now time to wrap it up and proceed to our necessary procedures in order to implement this next project.

If you want the best street gun that money can buy without spending a small fortune this is the time to get in touch with me or Stephen Camp. We have learned by experience what works and what area to stay away from.

We are going to make a rock solid street gun using a Springfield Armory Mil-Spec 1911 pistol with the very best parts and springs money can buy. You will have to meet our guidelines which are quite simple. We want honest and sincere people that will listen to us, we do not use after market barrels and we do not use full length guide rods. We want NO TARGET PEOPLE. THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE A TARGET PISTOL. NO STAINLESS STEEL MIL-SPECS WILL BE ALLOWED BECAUSE OF DIMENSIONAL PROBLEMS.

I make these kits personally and you will get approx. 20 parts and springs. All engagements are cut by me personally using special jigs I have made, I do not have to see your frame. All engagements are checked on a microscope. We only use a MODIFIED straight spur hammer and we buy the best of everything. YOU WILL FINALLY LEARN HOW TO AVOID THE IDIOT SCRATCH THAT OCCURS ON THE FRAME FROM INSERTING THE SLIDE STOP. My logo will be on the hammer.

Most people are sucked into buying very high dollar production 1911 pistols and they are just that. You will never know who has worked on the assembly of your $2500.00 pistol with a well known name. I agree that these high dollar 1911 pistols usually look beautiful on the out side, but if I showed you the internals and what to look for inside you would be sick.

We have taken a different approach as I do the internals and you will learn to install these superior parts in your very own SA Mil-Spec 1911 pistol. Once you learn to do one , you will have the knowledge to take apart other 1911 pistols in the series 70 line. This is a learning curve for those that are tired of getting ripped off by all the BS out there.

Please feel free to email Mr. Camp or me about any questions you may have. Time is getting short and we want to get this fifth project started. We still have room for a few more people. No gunsmiths will be accepted, this is more of a do it your self Armorers project and with my DVD and Mr. Camps 2 superb manuals and complete phone access to me there will be all the help you will ever need.

I will list my website and Mr. Camps website at the bottom of this commentary. If you want to call me that is ok also. You can reach me most any day after 10 am central time at 281 565 6977.

Many of you will want a primary 1911 pistol you can depend on and this may be it for you. I will be looking forward to helping you with your project street gun.

Thanks for reading this commentary.


Not readily visible from the outside, this Mil-Spec's internal parts have been replaced with upgraded ones done by trigger specialist, Teddy Jacobson. This "hidden" work has resulted in a very good 1911 pattern pistol and one that I would absolutely trust in a serious situation.

This Mil-Spec .45 auto has proven itself utterly reliable with a wide selection of bullet types and is one I trust for "serious matters."