Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Project Street Gun / 6-13-06

I am now going to discuss my thoughts on starting a small Project Street Gun Class with my good friend and partner Stephen Camp. This entire project is based on the Springfield Armory 1911 pistol but it must be the Mil-Spec version. We would only like to talk with non professions that just want to learn to do it all them selves. I can not write near as well as Mr. Camp and he can explain it much better than I can.

Mr. Camp now carries his Mil-Spec pistol on a daily basis and I think he has fired approx. 4000 rounds and it never missed a beat. We have supplied the very best parts and we use springs made of stainless steel and also chrome silicon for various reasons all to benifit you. I do not know how much longer I can do these classes as it all depends on my health.

I would like some interested people that are honest and sincere to please go to Mr. Camps website and read about his personal mil-spec pistol and then you can email Mr. Camp and ask him for his introduction letter about the basic course. I have no doubt that this letter will answer most of your questions.

I do not want to use the Stainless steel version of the SA mil-spec. I want to use the basic G.I. model, it does not matter if you get one with upgraded sights but I think the parkerized version is fine. I use a very good straight spur hammer and all triggers will break like glass at 4.5 lbs. I am able to cut all the engagements to perfection without seeing your frame with special tooling and the experience I have acquired through all these years of doing it.

My friend DON now uses and carries his SA mil-spec all the time and this pistol has without a doubt become his favorite every day companion. His SA mil-spec will feed every bullet out their without any hesitation. We change about 20 parts and springs and we use the very best parts I can find and be comfortable with.

There is no doubt in my mind that this SA mil-spec will turn out to be a better pistol than you can buy for 2000 dollars - plus, and you will not need a helper to rack the slide. It will not need a new tight fitting barrel or any refinishing work. My DVD and Mr. Camps superb books will explain it all. Steve has a new book that is made and printed for this SA mil-spec pistol class and it is simply excellent.

I have decided to try something different with this commentary. I will accept comments and if I see any nasty comments that are not in line I will delete them immediately.
Should you have any questions you can call me at 281 565 6977 which is my land line.

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