Saturday, July 01, 2006

Street Gun Project Closed

We have met our quota and I want to thank all of you for your nice emails and your phone calls. It is not very easy to do something like this but we havelearned a great deal.

I have had to take in less work so I can manage to deal with a small class and our expertise shows by the finished product. It depends on my health whether I will have another project like this down the road.

Thanks to my good friend Mr. Stephen Camp we are able to manage the current project as I could never do this without his expertise. When ordering parts in your behalf, money is not a factor as we buy the best there is, as this SA Mil-Spec will always be there to protect life and property.

I have learned a very long time ago as a kid to play it straight with people and honesty and integrity is so very important to me. The books that Mr. Camp has written and printed are so very good that I have no doubt they are the best you will ever get to read and own.

I will keep you updated on everything. The reason that I try and write daily bloggers on TYPEPAD and WORDPRESS is because I am still having issues with this BLOGSPOT that is owned by GOOGLE.

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on Teddy Jacobson.