Sunday, June 25, 2006

Finalizing Project Street Gun

Its time to finalize our project street gun as we want seven (7) good and decent people that will make a superb 1911 street carry pistol with our parts and instructional material.

We do not want anyone that will attempt to go off on a tangent and decide to have target sights installed and then have a new barrel installed and then have it refinished.

Our project will give you the finest street carry 1911 pistol that you could not buy for double the money. This is for serious people that want a superior handgun and total reliability.

The most difficult part will be for you to locate the Springfield Armory mil-spec Pistol of your choice as long as you do not buy the stainless steel model. There are many other versions of the mil-spec available in a variety of sight installations.

Springfield Armory sells them as fast as they ship them. I have already spoke with many of you and now all you must do is send Mr. Camp or me an email confirming that you are in. I am not setting a cut off date but I want to give you this week to make your decision.

I will leave this commentary up for this week. You can email me at

The performance of this street gun has been outstanding. Mr. Camp has put about 4000 rounds through his 1911 mil-spec and it never missed a beat. There is an article on his website about this very pistol. go to

I look forward to hearing from you or you can call me at 281 565 6977 most any day after 10 am central time. My suggestion is for those that really want the best 1911 street gun for the money and superb internal quality, you best take advantage of this opportunity while I am still able to do a small group.

The internal parts supplied are the best that are available. We use the finest springs money can buy and no short cuts will ever be made. My VHS tape is now on a DVD thanks to my friend Don Lewis.

The books (2) you will receive could not be better as Mr. Camp is one of the countries best writers of our time. Even well known gun writers have told me they read all his excellent articles.

I want to thank you for coming here to read my bloggers. I am still having issues with this blogger but I am trying to resolve them. To find all my bloggers go to
and do a search on Teddy Jacobson.

Do not miss this opportunity to make a superior weapon and get an education while I can still do it with the help of Stephen Camp. There is no way I could ever do this alone. Without my friend Mr. Camp this project would never exist.