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As of Friday August 14, 2009, FDIC is Bankrupt

My inferior COMCAST Internet provider service keeps going in and out so that I may not be able to finish this blog at this time, they have been notified and they just do not care.



ד אִם-תַּגְבִּיהַּ כַּנֶּשֶׁר, וְאִם-בֵּין כּוֹכָבִים שִׂים קִנֶּךָ--מִשָּׁם אוֹרִידְךָ, נְאֻם-יְהוָה. 4 Though thou make thy nest as high as the eagle, and though thou set it among the stars, I will bring thee down from thence, saith the LORD.



My Blood is Red, my ancestry is Russian and my allegiance is to the Constitution of the United States of America. That basically sums up my life. I will continue as long as comcast allows me to have my usual access.

I only read the OLD TESTAMENT which is my Holy Bible and I have complete faith that everything written is true and that at least 1/3 or more of this book is absolute prophecy. Most people do not have a clue how their future is outlined in this book by the "HEBREW PROPHETS"

The world changed in 1948 and I will put up a link for you to historical events and facts. Most events occur in either increments of 7 or 12 years apart. For example "HITLER" was in power for about 12 years. The Viet Nam war lasted for about 12 years. The time frame from the first and second GULF WARS was about 12 years. I believe the Chinese calendar revolves around 12 years and of course there are 12 months in a year.

I could go on and on and shock you with more details, but do not ever take my word for anything, you must do your own research and check me out.

MAY 14, 1948 the UN took a vote to make ISRAEL a nation and it passed by one vote, and that vote was
"RUSSIA"... G-D turned away from the three allied powers after 1945 and that was the US and the UK and Russia. This was justified and G-D intentionally destroyed all three leaders of those countries, they all died.

America has never won a "MAJOR" war since 1945 and they never will again, we have become a Nation of computer Geeks. Without the advanced technology this country can not win another war. That is why I put up "OBADIAH'S' vision of what is to come.

The Foreign special forces have no rules of engagement, they never worry about going to prison and being tried by their own military, for example - The Russian Spetznaz, The South Korean Tigers, The Israeli Commandos etc. G-D has now changed the rules and the playing field.

If I felt better I could go right down the list and show you page by page of what G-D expects and how you let him down. If you want to dance you must pay the FIDDLER, if you do not pay him now, you will pay him later, I assure you. That day is coming. YOU WILL PAY THE FIDDLER...

A war is to be fought when justified with no rules of engagement but not this country and not the UK. CHURCHILL allowed the GERMAN BOMBERS to bomb the Jewish areas of LONDON and that sealed his fate with G-D the FATHER and his payback was disgrace and death by the HEBREW ANGEL OF DEATH as directed by G-D.

"FDR" and "CHURCHILL" refused to bomb the railroad tracks going to the "JEWISH" death camps, the price they paid was death by the HEBREW ANGEL OF DEATH. They told the Rabbi's that it was not a priority target.

"STALIN" killed 20 million of his own people and his reward by this same Angel was death. Arik (Arial) Sharon sold his soul for money and his just reward from this same Angel was death. The same applies to RABIN of Israel. The only PM of Israel that has ever been given a second chance by G-D has been "NETANYAHU" - if he fails G-D he knows what his fate will be.

This is no game, we have good men in our military but they are wearing shackles and they are worried about being sold out by the politicians that order wars and more police actions but do not ever back them up. Right now your only hope is to pray to what ever G-D you may believe in, I do not want one person to pray to my G-D as this has been a life long relationship I have had with my HEBREW G-D since the day I was born.

When I was 12 years old my beloved RUSSIAN GRANDMOTHER got very sick and she died on my 13th birthday, my life suddenly changed and I knew then what was in store for me.
Everything seems to be in 12 years.

Why is the very protection of JEWS in GENESIS 12. As I continue my commentaries I will explain more about the PSALMS so you can check them all out for your selves. Everything is in the HEBREW OLD TESTAMENT.


Continued: Tuesday - AUG. 18, 2009 - MY OPINION ONLY

I want to first go into more detail and explain what Mr. Churchill of the UNITED KINGDOM did in WW II to make G-D very angry at him. The NAZI'S dropped in spies into the UK and they were captured and at the threat of death they became double agents working for Mr. Churchill. They operated out of England under guard and used their radios to send messages to there home country which was NAZI GERMANY. The Germans did not know that these spies were compromised.

Mr. Churchill thought the lives of the JEWS living in LONDON were expendable so he gave those coordinates to the double agents that were sending information of flying coordinates to NAZI GERMANY for their bombing runs to the JEWISH AREAS OF LONDON where the German fighters and bombers and "V2" rockets went night after night, killing all the JEWS. Now you know the rest of the story and why G-D destroyed him without mercy.

This very same scenario is going to happen again and again but this time its going to be much worse. We are on a limited time frame and its very hard to understand time when you are in both worlds meaning the physical world and G-D's world. I will try.

What is the Sensation of Time?

Q: The end of the world did not come in the year 2000, and you deny any reference to “human time.” What, then, is the sensation of time and where does it come from?

A: There is a spiritual time, which is a sequence of situations (you can read about it in the first part of The Study of the Ten Sefirot – Inner Reflection). The sensation of time in our world is a bit like this: we feel that “time stands still,” or that the hours rush by and “time flies.” But that, too, is still relative, as we now know.

Indeed, time and space do not exist. There is, however, a sensation of “time”: it is how we feel the Light in our desires to delight ourselves. That is the picture that the Light creates as it passes by the inner layers of our desire for pleasure.

When we change the “method” of sensing our environment from reception to bestowal, we learn to evaluate time and space entirely differently, and begin to realize that they are only a result of the effect of our evil inclination, of the “shells,” or forces opposite to spirituality. We begin to see that the sensation of time and space is only a consequence of our handicaps.

When we begin to see the structure of the Upper Forces and their composition, we develop a completely different relationship with the outer world, and live in completely different dimensions of time and space. Then, our hard times or happy times are expressions of our spiritual situations, a consequence of the spiritual degree we are in, and not of a piece of paper in a calendar.

In the spiritual world, the degrees are called “years,” but they are not connected with our calendar. That is why, apart from the changing of the dates in our calendars, nothing happened on that date.


This entire world scenario as we now see it is not by accident because it is not man made, only a supreme "DIETY" could have created this world fiasco so quickly and with so much accuracy to destroy all the financial foundations around the world. I would now estimate roughly that the U.S. has approx. 1.5 million in our military. The Chinese alone have a standing army of 200 million. They in my opinion can raise that figure up to at least 350 million within one week. We are the Policemen of the world and it is an impossible situation to sustain. These politicians can no longer agree on anything and its going to get much worse. G-D has taken all reason and logic away from them.

Lets just go back to little Viet Nam with a population of 20 million in 1965 and we could not win because G-D set the rules against us to teach us a lesson, but did we learn ? "NO"

Lets go to Korea, we settled for the 38th parrallel as a peace, but there was no peace. Did our politicians learn ? "NO" We were not allowed to fight these wars to win because it was called a police action.

It is worse now because you can not win, you must read LEVITICUS CHAPTER 26, VERSE 19, 20

No one is listening to G-D = this is the "DIETY" that created everything in this world and beyond. I will eventually go through many scriptures and then you can decide for yourself, do not take my word for anything. I am not knocking on your door asking you to change your religion, frankly its none of my business what you believe but you best make things very right with your maker very soon as we are in the eleventh hour.

I have always been convinced that the PSALMS predict the future by year. I know it is not easy to understand but it is there. I do not see our country leaving the middle east but I do see our enemies frantically working to wipe out our satellites as in the VISION OF "OBADIAH" the HEBREW PROPHET, written thousands of years ago. Read it, it is in your Bible.

G-D has set the stage already for this coming war in the middle east if you would take the time to read EZEKIEL chapter 36 thru 39...then read ZECHARIAH chapter 12, 13, 14 and that says it all. The US is being sucked into a vacuum that they do not understand from a very angry G-D that never loses because he always wins at the end.

G-D wrote the book, he wrote all the chapters including the very last chapter and he knows how it will end and the fools that run this physical world do not have a clue. It is the blind leading the blind.

These countries and politicians are no match for the G-D that created them, are they insane. G-D can read your mind and theirs before the thoughts even occurs. Right now we are being sucked into another vacuum called AFGHANISTAN and this is pre ordained to make us even weaker, but most do not see anything like this.

All you must read to understand what G-D will do to you and what he is doing now is read DEUTERONOMY CHAPTER 28 - read the entire chapter again and again and again like I have.




G-D is rearranging everything for the final battle in the valley of MEGIDDO which is about 55 miles north of Jerusalem...

Ailing Mubarak seeks Washington's backing for his son as successor

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

August 17, 2009, 5:39 PM (GMT+02:00)

Hosni Mubarak: On farewell trip?

Hosni Mubarak: On farewell trip?

According to DEBKAfile's Washington and intelligence sources, Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak's trip to Washington this week, his first in four years, is primarily a farewell visit and a bid to assure his son Gemal Mubarak's smooth accession to the presidency, rather than in-depth discussions on the Middle East.

With him are foreign minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit and intelligence minister Gen. Omar Suleiman, his point man in policies on Israel, the Palestinians and ties with Washington on peacemaking.

From Monday, Aug. 17, they have been sitting down with an impressive array of US administration leaders, starting with Vice President Joe Biden, secretary of state Hillary Clinton and National Security Adviser James Jones. Tuesday Mubarak meets President Barack Obama. Before he leaves the US capital, Mubarak, 81, will also see the heads of eight Jewish-American organizations.

His arrival was greeted by news comments such as: When Egypt's leader meets…with President Obama, US officials may find themselves caught up in the Egypt's No. 1 guessing game: How much longer can Hosni Mubarak go on? And… who would succeed him as head of the Arab world's most populous nation.

At the G8 summit in the first week of July he was described as looking "weakened and pale, He was photographed being helped up the stairs."

On July 26, DEBKAfile disclosed that the real purpose of his trip to Paris two weeks later, in the third week of July, ostensibly for talks with French president Nicolas Sarkozy, was surgery for an unknown ailment in a French military hospital. For this story, click HERE.

Later, our sources reported that the French doctors discharged him the next day after diagnosing his condition as untreatable. He returned to Cairo to devote himself to expediting the handover of rule to his son, Gemal (Jimmy), 45, a former investment banker and deputy head of the ruling National Democratic Party.

The state of the Egyptian president's health has never been officially revealed and has therefore given rise to wild rumors.

A western source in Cairo expects the transition from Mubarak senior to his son to be a slow and arduous process that could take months. The next presidential election would normally take place in 2011 but Hosni's state of health could force the vote to be brought forward to next year with Gemal running as the NDP's candidate.

In his 28 years at the helm, Mubarak has never appointed a vice president or shared his duties with a deputy. Prime minister Ahmed Nazir deals solely with the economy; all diplomatic, military and domestic security policies were and remain the sole province of the president. Since his health began to deteriorate, much important state business has fallen into neglect.

In the last two weeks, our sources report that that the ruling party's secretary Safwat El-Sherif has summoned party branch secretaries for rallies on Gemal's behalf in Egypt's main cities and getting them organized for a snap election.

Obama mama: 6 lost months
No documented record of whereabouts, activity leading up to baby's birth in '61

Posted: August 16, 2009
7:20 pm Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Jr.
John F. Kennedy was sworn into office.

Roger Maris was hitting 61 home runs.

The Berlin wall was erected.

Much was happening in the first six months of 1961. But an extensive WND investigation into events leading up to the birth of Barack Obama, who would become America's first black president 47 years later, leaves many unanswered questions about the whereabouts and activities of the woman he claims as his mother.

The timeline for Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, reveals an approximately six-and-a-half month interval in which there is no documentation for her whereabouts, from Jan. 31, 1961, when she concluded the fall term at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, until Aug. 19, 1961, when the University of Washington at Seattle documents she was enrolled for extension courses.

Where was Dunham when she was pregnant with Obama, and what did she do?

Her pregnancy apparently was the one time in her life she withdrew from academic pursuits.

Assuming Barack Obama Jr. was born Aug. 4, 1961, and the baby was full-term, Dunham quit the University of Hawaii when she was two months pregnant while her husband-to-be continued his studies at the same school without interruption.

One explanation is that Dunham simply left to focus her energy and time on the coming baby, even though that seems inconsistent with the rapidity with which she returned to university studies, in a distant city, after the birth.


War erupts over Glenn Beck TV show: Fans fight back
Launch campaign against boycott group founded by Obama's 'environmental czar'

Posted: August 16, 2009
7:26 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Van Jones

Glenn Beck fans are fighting back against a campaign led by a black activist organization prompting major advertisers to withdraw from Beck's top-rated Fox News Channel program.

Last week, NewsBusters reported President Obama's "green jobs czar," Van Jones, is co-founder of, an activist organization that has led a furious campaign against Beck culminating in major companies such as Geico and pulling their spots from the Fox News star's daily show.

In recent weeks, Beck has done several critical segments about Van Jones, who was appointed as the special adviser for green jobs, enterprise and innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

Beck's segments were based in part on WND's reporting that Jones was as an admitted radical communist and black nationalist leader.

Get Glenn Beck's "Common Sense" ... The case against an out-of-control government: Inspired by Thomas Paine

Now a husband and wife team of Beck fans has launched a website – – that lists the contact information

for advertisers for Beck's and other Fox News programs and provides users with information and suggestions to contact those companies to urge their continued sponsorship. The site also asks users to contact Beck's current patrons to thank them for their loyalty to the Fox News star's program.

"Our goal is to hit advertisers hard with response from Beck fans with real purchasing power, unlike the instigators of this phony Astroturf boycott," the founder of DefendGlenn told WND.

"At some point they will realize they've been punked by a bunch of paid activists, college students and slacker bloggers in their parents' basements who don't purchase their products anyway," said the founder, who asked that his name be withheld.

ColorofChange, meanwhile,says it has garnered about 75,000 signatories for an online petition against Beck to be sent to advertisers.


The newest "Where's The Birth Certificate" billboard – in Las Vegas