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Obama could address Muslims from top mosque
Egypt's grand mufti invites president to speak at prominent sharia center

Posted: May 10, 2009
6:51 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Al Azhar mosque

TEL AVIV, Israel – The grand mufti of Egypt has invited President Obama to address Muslims around the globe from one of the most important mosques in the Islamic world.

The invitation to speak from Egypt's Al Azhar mosque follows an announcement over this past weekend that Obama will travel to Egypt next month to deliver his promised address to the Muslim world.

According to Al-Masri Al-Yawm, a state-run Egyptian newspaper, Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa and other scholars from Egypt's Al Azhar University invited Obama to use the mosque as venue for the president's upcoming visit, explaining it would promote a culture of dialogue between Islam and the West.

Al AZhar University is the most respected Sunni Islamic learning center in the world and is the second oldest degree-granting school in the world. Clerics at the university's attendant mosque decide Islamic sharia law matters for Sunni Muslims internationally.

The university opened studies in 975 AD. It was founded by the Fatimid dynasty of Egypt, which is descended from the daughter of the Islamic figure Muhammad.


'Electronic Police State' report cites U.S.
Ultimate Big Brother 'basics are in place'

Posted: May 10, 2009
9:05 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

In what may be the first assessment of its kind, a private company that offers a range of privacy products for computers

and other technology is ranking the United States No. 6 in the world for having the most aggressive procedures for monitoring residents electronically.

The report, called The Electronic Police State, assesses the status of governmental surveillance in 52 nations around the globe for 2008.

The document was released Cryptohippie, Inc., which was set up in 2007 through the acquisition of several little-known but highly regarded providers of privacy technologies.

Not surprisingly, China and North Korea ranked No. 1 and No. 2, with Belarus and Russia following up. But the United Kingdom ranked fifth followed by the United States.


Netanyahu-Mubarak Talks Aim to produce Arab-Israeli Front versus Iran

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis

May 11, 2009

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak open to ideas for resisting Iran

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak open to ideas for resisting Iran

If successful, Binyamin Netanyahu's first meeting as Israeli prime minister with Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak at Sharm el Sheikh Monday, May 11, may well mark an epic turning-point in Middle East history recalling the 1979 peace breakthrough with Egypt. Their common goals – and Mubarak speaks for the Saudi king Abdullah on this issue – are the formation of an Arab-Israeli front against Iran and putting a spoke in US president Barack Obama's planned détente with Tehran.

Most of all, the Netanyahu government utterly rejects the Palestinian-Iran tradeoff proposed by the Obama administration - and reaffirmed by US National adviser Gen. James Jones Sunday - that a two state-solution would diminish Iran's existential threat to Israel.

Israel points out that no guarantees are offered for the latter. Therefore, Netanyahu prefers to put the Iranian menace on a different, regional footing. Last Monday, May 4, in a message to the Israeli lobby in Washington, he said pointedly: "For the first time in my lifetime," Arabs and Jews see a common danger. There is a great challenge afoot. But that challenge also presents great opportunities."

This was no idle talk. DEBKAfile's military and intelligence sources report that the groundwork for the Mubarak-Netanyahu tête-à-tête was laid by Egypt's intelligence minister Gen. Omar Suleiman in the two days he spent in Jerusalem on April 22-23.

Officially, the Palestinians were the purpose of his talks - Suleiman has long acted as middleman between feuding Palestinian factions. In fact, Iran, Syria, Hizballah and Hamas were the subjects of his intense discussions with Israel's government heads and his opposite numbers in Mossad, military intelligence and the General Security Service (Shin Bet). They covered the Radical Four's next moves and their potential military responses to a possible Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear and strategic and infrastructure.

From Jerusalem, the Egyptian official headed for Riyadh to bring the Saudis into the planning picture.

He went straight into conference with King Abdullah and the Saudi chief of general intelligence, Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz, after which Muqrin secretly visited Cairo for a long session with Mubarak attended only by the Egyptian intelligence chief.

This diplomatic flurry, according to DEBKAfile's sources, aimed at establishing an informal Israel-Egyptian-Saudi framework for working together – this time on the Iranian issue, but not for the first time. The outcome of the culminating Mubarak-Netanyahu talks Monday will bear strongly on their meetings with President Obama later this month. When he arrives in Washington on May 18, the Israeli prime minister will no doubt have new ideas in his briefcase.

Before the outbreak of Israel's 2006 war with the Lebanese Hizballah, the then-Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert and his intelligence chiefs met with Saudi national security adviser, Prince Bandar bin Sultan in the Jordanian capital of Amman several times to coordinate Saudi-Egyptian-Israeli moves against the Iranian-Syrian-Hizballah front.

When Israeli launched its Gaza offensive against Hamas on Dec. 27, 2008, Jerusalem and Cairo were closely aligned on the various phases of warfare. For the duration of the 22-day conflict, Israel kept Egypt abreast of the action and Cairo updated Riyadh.

This was Israel's first operation against an Arab target to be backed by an Egyptian-Saudi consensus.

The difference between the two Israeli military ventures was that its collaboration with Egypt won the approval of the US president, then George W, Bush. For the Gaza operation, US approval was withdrawn by the new man in the White House.

But the setback in Washington only served to spur the three silent partners' motives for working together when their interests converge, this time against Iran's rise as a nuclear and regional power.

The Obama administration's outreach to Tehran and rehabilitation of Damascus served as a catalyst, accelerated by broad hints of US willingness to approve engagement with Hizballah and Hamas.

Israeli, Egyptian and Saudi rulers presume Washington has abdicated its commitment to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons and a lead-position in the Middle East. They take this retreat as a step toward America's reconciliation with the Islamic Republic. All three oppose this policy and resent being cast to the political and military sidelines of the region in the US president's consciousness.

His emissaries failed to allay these concerns when they circulated around Arab capitals in the last fortnight. It was pointed out to them that the new US administration had not lifted a finger to slow Iran's nuclear development in its first 100 days. If the issue was dropped to the bottom of Washington's agenda with Tehran, it would be too late.

Israel was ready to pay a steep price for Egypt's tacit and practical support by halting its Gaza operation last January short of the goals of crushing Hamas and overthrowing its government. Netanyahu has bought the proposition that he will have to pay Mubarak again in the coin of concessions to the Palestinians when they meet in Sharm el-Sheikh Monday. But the Israeli leader believes it is worth paying for the sake of a working partnership with Egypt and Saudi Arabia against Iran.

In strategic-historic terms, he believes that would be a more advantageous deal than succumbing to American arm-twisting. After all, Cairo and Riyadh are willing to stand up shoulder to shoulder with Israel against Iran – unlike the Obama administration.


Has Obama cut off information to Israel?
Lack of communication 'not normal practice'

Posted: May 10, 2009
6:10 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Barack Obama

JERUSALEM – Unlike the Bush administration, the staff of President Obama is not coordinating its policy on Iran or the greater Middle East with Israel and has not been informing the Jewish state of its plans or recent diplomatic developments in area, according to sources in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office.

The silence extends to U.S. talks with the Palestinians, the sources said.

"Our intention and our hope as we go to Washington is to establish close intimate cooperative relationships on these sensitive matters," a top Netanyahu official told WND yesterday.

The official was speaking about Netanyahu's May 18th visit to the White House.

According to other sources in the prime minister's office, Israel has been obtaining the vast majority of its information regarding U.S. plans and advances for the Middle East from third parties, mostly European diplomats.

This is in stark contrast to Bush's eight-year presidency, during which the White House and State Department routinely briefed Israeli counterparts on Middle East affairs to the extent that the majority of official U.S. and Israeli statements on various policy issues were heavily coordinated.








Man shoots himself at Sugar Land hospital's ER

Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle

May 6, 2009, 10:36PM

A man shot himself tonight at a Sugar Land hospital while his wife was being treated in the emergency room, authorities said.

The man, who has not been identified, and his wife were in the room together about 5 p.m. at Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital, 17500 West Grand Parkway South, when he turned a pistol on himself, Fort Bend County sheriff's officials said.

He was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition, officials said.

Sheriff's deputies have launched an investigation into the incident. A spokeswoman could not confirm the circumstances that led the man to shoot himself or why his wife was a patient there.



טז שֶׁשׁ-הֵנָּה, שָׂנֵא יְהוָה; וְשֶׁבַע, תועבות (תּוֹעֲבַת) נַפְשׁוֹ. 16 There are six things which the LORD hateth, yea, seven which are an abomination unto Him:
יז עֵינַיִם רָמוֹת, לְשׁוֹן שָׁקֶר; וְיָדַיִם, שֹׁפְכוֹת דָּם-נָקִי. 17 Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood;
יח לֵב--חֹרֵשׁ, מַחְשְׁבוֹת אָוֶן; רַגְלַיִם מְמַהֲרוֹת, לָרוּץ לָרָעָה. 18 A heart that deviseth wicked thoughts, feet that are swift in running to evil;
יט יָפִיחַ כְּזָבִים, עֵד שָׁקֶר; וּמְשַׁלֵּחַ מְדָנִים, בֵּין אַחִים. 19 A false witness that breatheth out lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. {P}
כ נְצֹר בְּנִי, מִצְוַת אָבִיךָ; וְאַל-תִּטֹּשׁ, תּוֹרַת אִמֶּךָ. 20 My son, keep the commandment of thy father, and forsake not the teaching of thy mother;
כא קָשְׁרֵם עַל-לִבְּךָ תָמִיד; עָנְדֵם, עַל-גַּרְגְּרֹתֶךָ. 21 Bind them continually upon thy heart, tie them about thy neck.
כב בְּהִתְהַלֶּכְךָ, תַּנְחֶה אֹתָךְ-- בְּשָׁכְבְּךָ, תִּשְׁמֹר עָלֶיךָ;
וַהֲקִיצוֹתָ, הִיא תְשִׂיחֶךָ.
22 When thou walkest, it shall lead thee, when thou liest down, it shall watch over thee; and when thou awakest, it shall talk with thee.

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The Next Token Justice?
By: John Perazzo Sonia Sotomayor places "empathy" and race solidarity above the law. ....more










Next step? No guns allowed for right-wing 'extremists' Bill empowers attorney general to forbid firearms for those 'suspected dangerous'

Posted: May 09, 2009
12:10 am Eastern

By Drew Zahn
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y.

A new gun law being considered in Congress, if aligned with Department of Homeland Security

memos labeling everyday Americans as potential "threats," could potentially deny firearms to pro-lifers, gun-rights advocates, tax protesters, animal rights activists, and a host of others – any already on the expansive DHS watch list for potential "extremism."

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., has sponsored H.R. 2159, the Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009, which permits the attorney general to deny transfer of a firearm to any "known or suspected dangerous terrorist." The bill requires only that the potential firearm transferee is "appropriately suspected" of preparing for a terrorist act and that the attorney general "has a reasonable belief" that the gun might be used in connection with terrorism.

Gun rights advocates, however, object to the bill's language, arguing that it enables the federal government to suspend a person's Second Amendment rights without any trial or legal proof and only upon suspicion of being "dangerous."

Are you ready for a second Declaration of Independence? Sign the petition promoting true freedom once again!

"[Rep. King] would deny citizens their civil liberties based on no due process," objected Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America. "A 'known terrorist?' Look, if the guy has committed an act of terrorism, we shouldn't have to worry about him being able to buy a gun; he should be in jail!"

Pratt further warned WND of the potential overlap of H.R. 2159 and a recent DHS memo that warned against potential violence from "right-wing extremists," such as those concerned about illegal immigration

, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty.

"By those standards, I'm one of [DHS Secretary] Janet Napolitano's terrorists," Pratt said. "This bill would enable the attorney general to put all of the people who voted against Obama

on no-gun lists, because according to the DHS, they're all potential terrorists. Actually, we could rename this bill the Janet Napolitano Frenzied Fantasy Implementation Act of 2009."

Eligibility attorney plans return to Supreme Court
Says, 'I will be filing until I get an answer'

Posted: May 09, 2009
12:30 am Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

California attorney Orly Taitz, who has taken cases challenging Barack Obama's eligibility to be president to a number of courts across the nation including the U.S. Supreme Court, says she'll be returning to the high court, this time seeking a petition for the extraordinary writ of mandamus.

"As Attorney General Eric Holder and U.S. Attorney Jeffery Taylor did not institute Quo Warranto and did not respond, I will go back to SCOTUS," Taitz announced today on her website.

"As you know, I am being crucified for every little error, so I have sent the draft to a couple of attorneys, paralegals, technical consultants and language consultants, to give me their input and I will file in a few days," she said.

"Bottom line, I will be filing until I get an answer," she wrote.

Taitz was the lead attorney earlier representing military officers from the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines when they cited Quo Warranto, a legal right established in British common law nearly 800 years ago and recognized by the U.S. Founding Fathers, to demand documentation that may prove – or disprove – Obama's eligibility.


May 8, 2009

@ 5:16 pm by Michael O'Brien

CBS Sports commentator David Feherty drew criticism Friday for suggesting any U.S. soldier would murder House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) if given the chance.

"From my own experience visiting the troops in the Middle East, I can tell you this, though: despite how the conflict has been portrayed by our glorious media, if you gave any U.S. soldier a gun with two bullets in it, and he found himself in an elevator with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Osama bin Laden, there's a good chance that Nancy Pelosi would get shot twice, and Harry Reid and bin Laden would be strangled to death," Feherty wrote in an a D Magazine piece welcoming former President George W. Bush back to Dallas.


Obama to address Muslim world again – from Egypt

May 9, 2009, 1:18 AM (GMT+02:00)

The exact location within Egypt from which US president Barack Obama will deliver another speech to the Muslim world on June 4 has yet to be determined, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Friday, May 8.

It is not clear if the US president was actually invited to visit Egypt. But Gibb stressed: "The scope of the speech, the desire for the president to speak, is bigger than where the speech was going to be given or who's the leadership of the country where the speech is going to be given."

From Egypt, Obama travels June 5 to the German city of Dresden and the former Nazi death camp at Buchenwald, in whose liberation Obama's great-uncle Charlie Payne took part in 1945 as a soldier in the US army. DEBKAfile's Washington sources commented that this visit is intended to highlight the Holocaust, which some Muslim leaders like Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad make a point of denying, as a factor in his commitment to Israel's security.

Those sources were unable to explain why the president felt impelled to address the Muslim people again, or why Egypt was chosen, when US relations with President Hosni Mubarak are strained over the latter's resentment of Washington's rapprochement with Tehran and its criticism of Egypt's human rights conduct.

The White House spokesman said: "I think in many ways, this is the heart of the Arab world." The address is intended for the entire Muslim world, not simply Arab Muslims. It is part of Mr. Obama's continuing effort to reach out to Muslims, as he did in a speech he gave in Turkey last month.

Two high-ranking US delegations which visited Cairo in the last ten days failed to convince Mubarak that the US president's plans to engage Iran in diplomacy was not at the expense of Arab interests.

After Germany, Obama will then join commemorations marking the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy as guest of President Nicolas Sarkozy.

'Hate crimes' fate now up to people
Congressman: 'If you don't raise enough stink, there's not a chance of stopping it'

Posted: May 09, 2009
12:25 am Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

U.S. Rep. Louis Gohmert, R-Texas

A Texas member of Congress is warning Americans that unless they act – and act now – the nation soon will have a "hate crimes" law that actually was written so that it protects pedophiles and others with alternative sexual orientations such as voyeurism and exhibitionism.

"If you guys don't raise enough stink there's not chance of stopping it," U.S. Rep. Louis Gohmert said today on a radio program with WND columnist Janet Porter. She's the chief of the Faith2Action Christian ministry and has coordinated a campaign to allow citizens to send overnight letters to members of the U.S. Senate expressing opposition to the plan.

Already well over 2,000 people have utilized the procedures and more than 200,000 letters have been dispatched to members of the Senate.

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In a heartbreaking decision, Patrick Swayze turned down a last-ditch effort to prolong his life by removing a lung which didn't respond to treatment, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.