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Cities Collapsing throughout the USA

"With enough abandoned lots to fill the city of San Francisco, Motown is 138 square miles divided between expanses of decay and emptiness and tracts of still-functioning communities and commercial areas. Close to six barren acres of an estimated 17,000 have already been turned into 500 "mini- farms," demonstrating the lengths to which planners will go to make land productive.
The city, like the automakers, has to shrink to match what's left, said June Thomas, a professor of urban and regional planning at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
"The issue is how," she said. "There's no vision."
"People are moving out of the city, trying to find work," said David Martin of Wayne State University's Urban Safety Program. Those who stay "can't afford to move out."


Geithner, Paulson named in $200 billion lawsuit
AIG-related case claims they violated shareholders constitutional rights

Posted: April 10, 2009
10:45 pm Eastern

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Tim Geithner

A $200 billion lawsuit filed on behalf of shareholders of American International Group has been amended to include Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and former Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox as defendants.

The case, filed earlier by a public interest law firm, Freedom Watch USA, is on behalf of shareholders of AIG who have watched the value of the company plummet by some $214 billion.

The class action lawsuit filed in federal court in Los Angeles is a "wide reaching" claim that will do what Congress cannot, said Freedom Watch USA founder Larry Klayman.

"The American people, not the compromised ruling elite in Washington, D.C., have begun a second American Revolution to take the country back from the con men on Wall Street, and on Pennsylvania Avenue – who under successive administrations played a central role in the meltdown of the U.S. financial system and economy," Klayman said.



Kentucky elections officer wants eligibility investigated
Refers matter to state attorney general for review

Posted: April 10, 2009
10:50 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
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President Obama

An official in the office of Kentucky's elections chief has referred to state Attorney General Jack Conway for investigation the issue of Barack Obama's eligibility to be president.

In a letter to Conway, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Leslie A. Fugate noted the issue of "President Barack Obama's eligibility to be on the ballot in Kentucky."

"Because our office does not have investigative powers … we are referring the matter to your office," she wrote.

The letter followed a visit to elections officials by California attorney

Orly Taitz, who is working through her Defend Our Freedoms Foundation on several court cases challenging Obama's eligibility.

A committee of concerned citizens accompanied Taitz to Fugate's office to ask that the eligibility issue be investigated.


Pelosi: 'We Want Registration'; Holder: 2A Won't 'Stand in the Way'; SAF: 'Gloves Are Off'

  • Wednesday April 8, 2009, 2:01 pm EDT
  • BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on April 7 acknowledged that gun registration is on her agenda, days after Attorney General Eric Holder told reporters in Mexico that the Second Amendment would not “stand in the way” of administration plans to crack down on alleged gun trafficking to Mexico.

Jerusalem stammers, Washington deaf to Iran's race for nuke

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis

April 10, 2009, 4:49 PM (GMT+02:00)

Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu. What change?

Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu. What change?

For most of the past decade, Washington and successive Israeli governments have shunted over to "the international community" and "diplomatic engagement" Iran's hell-bent race for nuclear armament and the missiles for its delivery. New administrations have just taken over in the United States and Israel – but nothing has changed. Incoming secretary of state Hillary Clinton decided skepticism about Iranian claims of nuclear successes was the better part of valor, while Binyamin Netanyahu parroted the timorous evasions of his predecessors, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni, which left Tehran free to go its own way.

Thursday, April 9, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad exhibited his country's illicit achievements: a complete nuclear fuel cycle and two new high-capacity enrichment centrifuges. He had no fear of retribution. Astonishingly, Clinton replied that she did not view his claims as a rebuff to US overtures to engage Tehran, although his boasts came the day after the five Security Council permanent members and Germany offered Tehran benefits for talks in which the US would be for the first time fully engaged.

Her consignment of Iran to insuring that the UN International Atomic Energy Agency was "a source of credible information…" must have amused veteran Iranian hands even in Washington.

For nine years or more, the IAEA has missed every twist and turn on the roads to a bomb followed by Iran and North Korea, starting from the nuclear black market run by Pakistan's Dr. A.Q. Khan for the benefit of Iran, North Korea and Libya, then North Korea's nuclear arsenal and ballistic development, followed by Syria's plutonium reactor. Now comes Iran's nuclear advances in barefaced defiance of the "international community," a week after North Korea test fired a long-range missile which the US and its allies failed to deter or intercept.

As for Jerusalem, a "top source" said lamely that "Israel does not object to talks between the West and Iran as long as Iran does not take advantage of these talks" - which is exactly what Tehran has been doing for years and is not about to stop now.

"Israel expects the international community [again] to act firmly to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons," the source said. Oh yes? Isn't that where we came in three governments ago?

Iran will be a central issue in the talks Netanyahu is scheduled to hold with Barak Obama in Washington early next month, said the same "top source."

If the Obama administration proposes to rely on the IAEA's findings in its dealings with Iran, as Clinton proposes, the Israeli prime minister had better not get his hopes up about any real action to stop the Islamic Republic's race to a bomb.

As for a long-range missile for delivering a nuclear warhead, that too went unnoticed when it was paraded by Tehran in the guise of a satellite launch last month.

Jerusalem's response to Ahmadinejad's disclosures was in sharp contrast to Binyamin Netanyahu's statement before the swearing-in of his new government on March 31: "The primary imperative for the United States and President Barack Obama is to put an end to Iran's nuclear race," he said. "If the US failed to do so Israel might be forced to resort to a military strike on the Islamic Republic's nuclear installations," he said, adding: "You don't want a messianic apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs."

The new Israeli prime minister placed two items at the top of his own administration's agenda: the economic recession and the Iranian nuclear threat. His opening verbal shot against the second was more like a damp squid.


Virginia Fusion Center Releases “Homegrown Terrorism” Document


April 8, 2009

featured stories   Virginia Fusion Center Releases Homegrown Terrorism Document


Spanning 39,598 square miles, Virginia has a population of almost 7.5 million residents. Roughly half of these residents are concentrated in the northern Virginia, central Virginia, and Hampton Roads regions. All three of these regions feature ethnically diverse populations with cultural ties to the Middle East, the horn of Africa, Southeast Asia, and other areas heavily impacted by terrorist activities.

Virginia’s network of colleges and universities also represent a potential avenue of entry for terrorist operatives and a possible forum for recruitment of sympathizers.


Israel Hunts Nukes in Washington

Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s new prime minister, will soon visit the White House to deliver a tough message: President Obama must stop Iran from acquiring atomic weapons or Israel will soon act unilaterally to prevent Tehran from going nuclear.

IDF planning largest-ever drill to prepare Israel for war

Obama and Gates Gut the Military

The secretary's new budget will leave us weaker to pay for the president's domestic programs.




MICHAEL SAVAGE - 1959 vs. 2009





« A French/German border checkpoint burns after rioters set it on fire during NATO protests in Strasbourg, April 4.
(Getty Images)

European Protesters: Lead Indicator of Violent Social Unrest

April 9, 2009 | From

Loaded guns and burning buildings at the Strasbourg protests are the stepping stone from protests to upheavals.

Between 10,000 and 30,000 protesters rampaged through Strasbourg last Saturday, burning a hotel and two other buildings and attacking police. Several of the rioters were arrested while carrying loaded guns, according to security sources.

Police arrested a total of 300 protesters before and during the nato summit. The rioters barricaded roads, hurled rocks and scaffolding at police, and threw Molotov cocktails at a hotel, which caught on fire. They also burned a pharmacy, a tourist office and a disused customs post.

French firefighters fled across the border into Germany, and French police guarding the Bridge of Europe—the road bridge running over the Rhine connecting France and Germany—fell back before the rioters. This left German police, sandwiched between French protesters on one side and German protesters on the other, to hold the bridge against a barrage of stones and bottles hurled at them by rioters who had blockaded both ends of the bridge.

Although the worst in several years, the protests were not as bad as others at similar events in the past. In 2001, protests against a European Union summit attended by President George W. Bush got out of control and Swedish police shot four people. Another protester was shot by police at a G-8 summit later that year.

Violent protests died down somewhat after September 11, but they are now picking up again. The New York Times reports, “The economic downturn appears to have reinvigorated European protest movements.”

One antiwar activist stated, “Our message is jobs, not bombs, and welfare not warfare. The era of protest has returned.”

The global credit crisis is a perfect catalyst for social unrest. As people take to the streets to demand more money from their governments, those governments—especially in Eastern Europe—are running out of money and having to cut back even more on spending.

As discontent rises in Europe, watch for European leaders to increasingly throw their weight behind a strong centralized government, led by a strong man backed by a strong global institution.

For more, see our articles Europe and the Specter of 1968″ and “Is a World Dictator About to Appear?

Secret Nazi Memo: Is It Coming to Pass?

The Trumpet keeps a keen eye on Germany. For nearly two decades, we have waited, watched and written about the emergence of a globally dominant, German-led bloc of European states. We have warned specifically that a spectacular global financial crisis, centered in the United States, will likely bring this event to fruition.

We are not entirely alone in this expectation.

The following is a snippet from a secret memorandum written by high-ranking German officers and distributed among an elite group of leading Germans in Bonn and other parts of the world. It is an electrifying picture of current events: “Economic difficulties will one day plunge the United States down from its present dizzy heights. Such a catastrophe can be brought about through crafty manipulations and through artificially engendered crises. Such maneuvers are routine measures which have already been employed in international power struggle and will be used again and again as long as economic rivals fight for power positions and markets in the world.

“It is quite conceivable that America, weakened by a depression, will one day seek support from a resurrected Germany. Such a prospect would open tremendous possibilities for the future power position of a bloc introducing a new order in the world.”

That was written in 1950. It can be found in T.H. Tetens’s 1953 book, Germany Plots With the Kremlin.

Its prescience is chilling.

Survey the current global financial crisis and the changes it is precipitating. With its economic landscape strewn with surging unemployment lines, collapsing stocks, and rotting corpses of banks, financial institutions and businesses, it’s hard to deny “economic difficulties” are bringing America “down from its … dizzying heights.” Similarly, piles of evidence—think Bernie Madoff, Lehman Brothers and liberal bank lending standards—testify to “crafty manipulations” as a root cause of this crisis.

What about the notion that “artificially engendered crises” precipitated by foreign forces are also partly to blame for the collapse of the American financial system?

British author and historian Sara Moore has delved into this historically significant, eerily familiar trend. Armed with facts and historical precedent, Moore detailed in the May 2008 and January/February 2009 issues of European Journal how Germany, employing a formula similar to what it used in the 1930s, is craftily manipulating EU economic policy in order to undermine the U.S.

One fundamental cause of the credit crisis in America, Moore suggests, was Germany’s exploitation of the euro. This interesting argument deserves close scrutiny.

When the euro first came online in January 1999, the European Central Bank (ecb)—headquartered in Frankfurt, patterned after Germany’s Bundesbank and heavily influenced by Germans—ensured interest rates remained at or around 2 percent. This was done, in part, to help stabilize and promote the growth of the German economy. By maintaining low interest rates, Moore says, the German-led ecb caused global investors to flock to higher-yielding U.S. treasuries, distorting money markets and facilitating easy credit in America.

The ecb’s policy, Moore says, helped prime American credit markets for rupture.

This became inevitable after December 2005, when the ecb, having maintained low interest rates for years, raised interest rates seven times in a row. By late 2007, with Europe offering higher, increasingly attractive interest rates, cash was flowing briskly into Europe, and less briskly into America. Together with the housing crisis, the ecb’s calculated diversion of money away from America and into Europe was at least partly responsible for the American credit crisis. According to Moore, it was when the ecb raised its interest rates for the eighth consecutive time in July 2008, that “stock markets round the world collapsed.”

The idea that Germany precipitated the current global economic crisis is intriguing. It’s an argument that grows stronger if you factor in the documented proof showing German leaders planned 60 years ago that an “artificially [German-]engendered” crisis would one day bring the U.S. economy down, and send America scrambling to Germany for assistance.

Barely a day passes without a chorus of American voices—journalists, economists, business leaders and politicians—requesting Europe, particularly Germany, to do more to rescue the Continent and the rest of the world from the economic chaos. Prominent economist Paul Krugman lamented in the March 16 New York Times that Europe isn’t doing nearly enough to combat the global economic downturn. Recently, President Barack Obama asked that Europe, especially Germany, lighten the burden of the global economic crisis by enacting larger stimulus packages for flailing European economies. It is not uncommon to hear world leaders talking about the need for a new world order—one, many agree, that needs to be centered in Europe.

“It is quite conceivable that America, weakened by a depression, will one day seek support from a resurrected Germany,” that secret memo said. Indeed. And truly, as this predicament intensifies, it will continue to create “tremendous possibilities” for Germany.

Watch Germany intently. We don’t know if the men who wrote that memo in 1950 are still alive today. That is inconsequential. The more important question is: Is their strategy for a German new world order still being pursued?

It is becoming harder to deny that it is!

Some will look at the global economic meltdown and the fact that it is causing both Europe and America to rely more on Germany, admit that this aligns perfectly with documented Germanic designs, and consider it a coincidence. But doesn’t Germany’s age-old penchant for global dominion, its provocative role in the two largest wars in history, the documentation that, after World War ii, Nazis planned to do it again, the current explosive and uncertain world conditions, and the nightmare scenario of another holocaust, make this a subject worthy of deep investigation?

On top of that, the Holy Bible—and what the Apostle Peter termed the “more sure word of prophecy”—has much to say about Germany’s role in end-time world events that aligns perfectly with these facts. If you want proof, request your free copies of The United States and Britain in Prophecy and Germany and the Holy Roman Empire.


See where '' takes you on Internet
What does website using president's childhood moniker mean?

Posted: April 09, 2009
11:00 pm Eastern

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Punch in on your computer Internet browser and what do you see? Well, here's a hint: It's remarkably similar to

But no, it's not any admission by the president that he really is a citizen of Indonesia or that he's a foreign national or anything like that: It's just a web domain owner providing a redirect from his domain name,, to President Obama's official residency.

A screen capture of the image from the official White House address is here:

White House website

And the image resulting from the address is here:

Barry Soetoro website

According to an Internet "WhoIs" search, the web name is scheduled to expire on tax day, April 15, but currently is owned by, run by Tharwat Abdul-Malik, who has a St. Petersburg, Fla., address.

Contacted by WND, he said he bought that domain name and several others relating to Barack Obama (amabokcarab, or Barack Obama spelled backwards, for example) a year ago.

For awhile he redirected to Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign, figuring that people searching for the name Obama used as a child when his mother married an Indonesian and the family lived in Indonesia should end up reading about McCain's campaign.