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ט הִנֵּה יוֹם-יְהוָה בָּא, אַכְזָרִי וְעֶבְרָה וַחֲרוֹן אָף--לָשׂוּם הָאָרֶץ לְשַׁמָּה, וְחַטָּאֶיהָ יַשְׁמִיד מִמֶּנָּה. 9 Behold, the day of the LORD cometh, cruel, and full of wrath and fierce anger; to make the earth a desolation, and to destroy the sinners thereof out of it,
י כִּי-כוֹכְבֵי הַשָּׁמַיִם וּכְסִילֵיהֶם, לֹא יָהֵלּוּ אוֹרָם; חָשַׁךְ הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ בְּצֵאתוֹ, וְיָרֵחַ לֹא-יַגִּיהַּ אוֹרוֹ. 10 For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light; the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine.
יא וּפָקַדְתִּי עַל-תֵּבֵל רָעָה, וְעַל-רְשָׁעִים עֲו‍ֹנָם; וְהִשְׁבַּתִּי גְּאוֹן זֵדִים, וְגַאֲוַת עָרִיצִים אַשְׁפִּיל. 11 And I will visit upon the world their evil, and upon the wicked their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the tyrants.

The Spectacular, Sudden Crash of the Global Economy

By Joshua Holland, AlterNet. Posted February 24, 2009.

In a short period of months, the entire system of global capitalism has screeched to a halt. No one knows what happens next.


Eligibility lawyer argues for president's deportation
Berg seeks proper treatment for 'illegal alien'

Posted: February 25, 2009
11:20 pm Eastern

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

A Democrat who served as deputy attorney general in Pennsylvania and now is leading a number of lawsuits over the eligibility of President Barack Obama to occupy the Oval Office has told radio talk show host Michael Savage that not only is Obama not eligible to be president, he's probably an illegal alien and should be deported.

"If it's true what I am alleging, that he's an illegal alien … [Obama] should be arrested and deported," Berg said this week during an interview on the "Savage Nation" program.

Berg has been a leader among attorneys across the nation bringing dozens of claims against Obama over the status of his citizenship. Berg is convinced Obama was born in Kenya to a minor mother, a U.S. citizen, and a Kenyan father who was subject to British rule at the time.

The U.S. Constitution, meanwhile, demands that occupants of the White House qualify as "natural born" citizens.










Kuwaiti prof: 330,000 dead from 4 pounds of anthrax
Outlines potential White House attack that would make 9/11 'small change'

Posted: February 25, 2009
8:43 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

A professor from Kuwait, the country liberated from Saddam Hussein's attack squads by the United States in the first Gulf War, has outlined on Arab television a potential terror attack that would involve smuggling anthrax from Mexico into the U.S. and killing 330,000 people in 60 minutes.

The plan was described by Abdallah Al-Nafisi in a speech that aired on Al-Jazeera television Feb. 2, according to MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, an independent nonprofit that provides translations and analysis of media reports.

Al-Nafisi, whose school affiliation was not identified, says: "Four pounds of anthrax – in a suitcase this big – carried by a fighter through tunnels from Mexico into the U.S., are guaranteed to kill 330,000 Americans within a single hour, if it is properly spread in population centers there."


$500-a-day fine for posting Constitution
Man fights back: 'This is for every businessman that's ever been railroaded'

Posted: February 25, 2009
7:25 pm Eastern

By Joe Kovacs
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Herb Quintero says a mural of marine life on his store is artwork, not a sign, and he's now suing Clearwater, Fla. (courtesy St. Petersburg Times)

CLEARWATER, Fla. – It's a fish story that's turning into a whale of a legal tale.

The owners of a Florida bait and tackle shop have filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Clearwater to defend their right to display artwork of marine life on the outside of their business along with a banner of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

The salty dispute started in December 2007 when Herb and Lori Quintero invested their life savings to purchase and renovate a dilapidated building they turned into the Complete Angler, selling fishing accessories such as rods, reels and live and frozen bait.

To help spruce up the building's image, they hired artist Matt Evanson and gave him free rein to paint a giant mural of marine life, thus far depicting images of six local game fish: snook, redfish, tarpon, dolphin, grouper and sailfish. But Evanson has not been able to complete the artwork – which contains no words except for his signature – because the city on Florida's Gulf Coast claims it violates the sign code.

Clearwater officials say they're merely enforcing the strict rule prohibiting murals on businesses

that depict a product the business sells. Ironically, the Complete Angler does not sell game fish.


Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

The Ban Expired in 2004 During the Bush Administration.

PHOTO Wednesday Attorney General Eric Holder said that the Obama administration will seek to reinstitute the assault weapons ban which expired in 2004 during the Bush administration.
Wednesday Attorney General Eric Holder said that the Obama administration will seek to reinstitute the assault weapons ban which expired in 2004 during the Bush administration.
(AP Photos/ABC News Graphic )


Las Vegas Running Out of Water Means Dimming Los Angeles Lights

By John Lippert and Jim Efstathiou Jr.

Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- On a cloudless December day in the Nevada desert, workers in white hard hats descend into a 30- foot-wide shaft next to Lake Mead.

As they’ve been doing since June, they’ll blast and dig straight down into the limestone surrounding the reservoir that supplies 90 percent of Las Vegas’s water. In September, when they hit 600 feet, they’ll turn and burrow for 3 miles, laying a new pipe as they go.


Boxed in by Washington, Assad May Resort to Border Violence

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

February 26, 2009

Lebanese politician Rafiq Hariri's assassination finally comes to court

Lebanese politician Rafiq Hariri's assassination finally comes to court

Washington and Jerusalem are bracing for a flareup on the Syrian and Lebanese borders with Israel as the international tribunal for prosecuting the Rafiq Hariri assassins prepares to start sittings next Sunday, March 1. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has engineered a delay in full court hearings by insisting on tight security measures being put in place. But Syrian president Bashar Assad will have to accept the failure of his best efforts to stymie the tribunal or persuade the Barack Obama administration to help remove this cloud hovering over his regime.

DEBKAfile's military sources report that Israel's armed forces, the four Syrian divisions arrayed along Lebanese and Israeli borders, the Lebanese army, the United Nations peace force and Hizballah are all in a high state of suspense for trouble.

On the surface, hectic US diplomatic activity presages a thaw in relations with Damascus. But when it comes down to brass tacks, Barack Obama is not letting the Syrian president off the hook on longstanding bones of contention.

Syria's ambassador to the US Imad Mustafa was invited Thursday Feb. 26, for talks with Jeffrey Feltman, acting assistant secretary of state for the Middle East and former ambassador to Damascus, which Mustafa represented as "an overture in Syrian-American relations."

But the US official was instructed to voice US concerns over the key differences between the two governments, such as "Syria's support for terrorist groups and organizations, Syria's acquisition of nuclear and nonconventional weaponry, its interference in Lebanon and worsening human rights situation," said the state department.

This month, three separate US Congressional delegations visited Syria, including a team headed by former US presidential candidate John Kerry, head of the Senate's powerful foreign relations committee.

Sen. Kerry announced Saturday, Feb. 21, that Washington would soon appoint an ambassador in Damascus to replace the envoy withdrawn after the Feb. 2005 assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri in a car bombing generally blamed on Syria.

But Kerry also informed Assad that Washington would not lift a finger to delay the Hague tribunal's hearings. He also warned that Obama is determined to guard Lebanese sovereignty.

This warning as interpreted in Damascus, according to our sources, as due notice that the US would not stand idly by if Syria retaliated for the tribunal's deliberations by direct or indirect action against Lebanon.

For four years, Assad labored hard to prevent the Hariri case coming to court because its list of witnesses is topped by high-ranking Syrian officers and officials implicated in the plotting and execution of the Lebanese politician's murder.

The former UN investigator of the crime, Detlev Mehlis told the al Hayat newspaper in an interview Wednesday, Feb. 25: "We found converging evidence that Lebanese and Syrian members of the security apparatus were involved in the assassination. We identified as suspects the four generals who were arrested on my suggestion by the Lebanese authorities. Together with the Lebanese we identified a few additional suspects allegedly involved in preparing the assassination."

The chief Syrian suspect he was referring to is Gen. Asaf Shawqat, head of Syrian military intelligence at the time of the murder, who is married to the Assad's sister and is still a power in the land. It is taken for granted that Shawqat would not have acted without Assad's complicity. The witnesses turned over to - or summoned by - the court are in a position to implicate them both. Therefore the Hague trial is the gravest peril that the Assad regime has ever faced.

The four Lebanese generals referred to by Mehlis are: former head of Lebanese General Security service Maj. Gen. Jamil al-Sayyad, former Lebanese police commander Maj. Gen. Ali Hajj, former director of Lebanese military intelligence Brig. Gen. Raymond Azar and ex-commander of the Lebanon's Republican Guard, Gen. Mustafa Hamadan.

This foursome represents a ticking time bomb under the Assad regime if they are allowed to present their evidence before the Hariri tribunal in The Hague – with more to come.

The Syrian president is not expected to surrender to his fate without a fight, especially since the messages he has received from Washington add up to an ultimatum to mend his ways and cut loose from his ties with Tehran. Syria's borders with Lebanon and Israel have heated up in anticipation of the worst.


2nd U.S. soldier in Iraq challenges eligibility
Says issue could decide if 'we are a Constitutional Republic'

Posted: February 24, 2009
8:30 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Another U.S. soldier on active duty in Iraq is joining a challenge to President Obama's eligibility to be commander-in-chief, citing WND's report on 1st Lt. Scott Easterling, who has agreed to be a plaintiff in a lawsuit over the issue, as his inspiration.

"I was inspired by 1LT Easterling's story and am writing you to inform you that I would like to be added as a plaintiff against Obama as well if you feel it would help your case," the soldier, identified for this report only as a reservist now on active duty in Iraq.

His letter was directed to California attorney Orly Taitz who, along with her Foundation, is working on a series of legal cases seeking to uncover Obama's birth records and other documents that would reveal whether he meets the requirements of the U.S. Constitution.

Easterling, who confirmed separately to WND that he is questioning Obama's authority, wrote to Taitz that, "As an active-duty officer in the United States Army, I have grave concerns about the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of president of the United States."






New Israel killer drone can take out Iran's S-300 anti-air missile

DEBKAfile Special Report

February 25, 2009, 10:20 AM (GMT+02:00)

Israeli drone can hit anti-air missile before its activation

Israeli drone can hit anti-air missile before its activation

The Israeli air industries first unveiled its new Harop "loiter drone" for taking out ground-to-air missiles at the annual Aero-India 2009 air show which closed recently at Bangalore.

The Iranian media were first to disclose that this sophisticated Israeli drone is capable of targeting the Russian radar-equipped S-300 anti-air missile before it enters attack mode .

DEBKAfile's military sources report that while Iran has contracted to buy from Russia five S-300 batteries worth $800 m to defend its nuclear sites against potential aerial attack, India and Turkey are interested in Israel's Harop killer-drone. Our sources report that the Tehran media made much of the new Israeli drone as a means of pushing Moscow to set the new batteries' delivery dates which the Russian suppliers have so far withheld.

The Harop is an upgraded version of the Harpy with more advanced features for taking out radar installations and anti-air missile installations. It can travel 1,000 km to patrol an assigned area and loiter there until a hostile target is exposed. Its 23-kilo warhead then strikes the target before it is activated in attack mode.

The Russian S-300 missile purchased by Tehran is one such target. It is classified in the West as a "game-changer" designed to rule out air attacks on its nuclear sites. This missile system is capable of engaging up to 100 targets at once, tracking targets with a mobile radar station which is immune to jamming.

The Harop is an expendable unmanned aerial vehicle which can sustain a mission of several hours over an assigned area. Operated by electro-optical sensors, Harop can detect weapons systems in inert mode, weapons on the move and radar installations switched off to avoid detection.

Our military experts maintain that once it penetrates Iranian airspace, this drone can silence surface-to-air batteries and open the skies to aerial and missile attack.


Home mortgage relief for millions of illegals Obama's program provides $275 billion to assist homeowners facing foreclosure

Posted: February 24, 2009
9:32 pm Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

SaveMyHomeUSA offers help to homeowners facing foreclosure
Illegal aliens can apply for mortgage relief under the Obama administration's $275 billion plan, according to immigration experts and a group the government will use to help homeowners modify loans.

Steven Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C., told WND approximately 1 million households headed by illegal immigrants acquired mortgages

through the beginning of 2007, before the housing bubble burst.

"There is no legal prohibition against illegal immigrants owning homes," he said, "and in most cases mortgage lenders will accept a taxpayer ID or a Matricula Consular card issued by a Mexican Consulate office as identification to illegal immigrants from Mexico."

Chad Buchanan, a manager at SaveMyHomeUSA – a group cooperating with the Obama administration that assists homeowners facing foreclosure – told WND illegal immigrants who own a home "could certainly apply under our program."

"We don't target or go after illegal immigrant customers," he said. "But if an illegal immigrant owns a home legally, we could try to help them under our program.

SaveMyHomeUSA is seeking job applications for loan modification processors to work in the Obama administration mortgage modification program.

"A lot of mortgage modifiers out there never ask about the legal immigration status of the homeowner, and we do not ask either," Buchanan said. "This is the first time I've had that question asked. All we are looking to do is to modify the current note, regardless what the legal immigration status of the client is."




Thousands of police to lose jobs as forces feel the pinch

Chief constables fear crimewave as recession bites

Police officers and a forensics officer at the scene of a murder on London Road in west Croydon

Large numbers of police forces are planning to cut thousands of officers despite the threat of a recession-driven surge in crime and disorder.


« Tow truck operators work to rescue a vehicle stranded in flood waters in Queensland.
(William West/AFP/Getty Images)

Australia: The Other Natural Disaster

February 25, 2009 | From

Deadly fires have scorched southern Australia and emblazoned headlines around the world. Meanwhile, the nation’s floods in the north have in some ways been even more costly.

Approximately two thirds of the tropical state of Queensland has been submerged. Floodwaters have inundated homes, washed out roads, damaged crops, halted mining operations and drowned cattle. Residents have been warned to beware of crocodiles and poisonous snakes brought in by the rising tide.

According to the state government, the damage bill in Queensland already stands at an estimated au$234 million (us$150 million)—not including personal losses—and the floods are not expected to subside for another month at least.