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McCain Criticized for Slur

He says he'll keep using term for ex-captors in Vietnam

(02-18) 04:00 PST Greenville, S.C. -- Arizona Sen. John McCain refused to apologize yesterday for his use of a racial slur to condemn the North Vietnamese prison guards who tortured and held him captive during the war.

I hate the gooks,'' McCain said yesterday in response to a question from reporters aboard his campaign bus. I will hate them as long as I live.''


Soldier Suicides at Record Level
Increase Linked to Long Wars, Lack of Army Resources

By Dana Priest
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, January 31, 2008; A01

Lt. Elizabeth Whiteside, a psychiatric outpatient at Walter Reed Army Medical Center who was waiting for the Army to decide whether to court-martial her for endangering another soldier and turning a gun on herself last year in Iraq, attempted to kill herself Monday evening. In so doing, the 25-year-old Army reservist joined a record number of soldiers who have committed or tried to commit suicide after serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

"I'm very disappointed with the Army," Whiteside wrote in a note before swallowing dozens of antidepressants and other pills. "Hopefully this will help other soldiers." She was taken to the emergency room early Tuesday. Whiteside, who is now in stable physical condition, learned yesterday that the charges against her had been dismissed.

Whiteside's personal tragedy is part of an alarming phenomenon in the Army's ranks: Suicides among active-duty soldiers in 2007 reached their highest level since the Army began keeping such records in 1980, according to a draft internal study obtained by The Washington Post. Last year, 121 soldiers took their own lives, nearly 20 percent more than in 2006.


Half of gold in central banks gone?
Watchdog: 'We want to expose and stop the manipulation'

Posted: January 29, 2008
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2008

U.S. central banks may have less than half the gold they claim to possess in their vaults, charges a watchdog group in an ad scheduled for publication in the Wall Street Journal this week.

As WND reported, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, or GATA, claims the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury are surreptitiously manipulating the country's gold reserves by participating in undisclosed leases, according to an advance copy WND obtained of the ad running in Thursday's edition of the Journal.

GATA believes much of the borrowed gold out on lease will never be returned to the central banks.

"With the demand for gold so strong worldwide, it has become impossible to return much of the leased gold without driving the price to the moon," said GATA's chairman, William J. Murphy III.

"Most observers calculate central bank reserves are supposed to have about 30,000 tons of gold worldwide in their vaults, but we believe the amount of gold actually there may be more like 15,000 tons," Murphy said. "The rest of the gold is gone."




Hispanic American demographics in 2014 (The states in very dark blue are overwhelmingly Hispanic; the states in dark blue are nearly majority Hispanic)


Note: Mouseguns' goal here is to list semi-auto pistols that weight less than 16 ounces.
Sometimes, we let one in that weighs just a little more.


Arranged By Caliber/Maker in Ascending Order


Menz Liliput 1926


Book: The Tiniest Guns (with enlargeable photos)

2mm Berloque pinfires

"Float Like A Hummingbird, Sting Like A Baby's Punch"

Club "Littlegun" (many photos)

Magazine Reviews of All NAA Firearms


My Beretta 21A Bobcat (22 caliber)
Beretta Model 21 Bobcat (.22 and .25)
Beretta's Official Bobcat Page
Bobcat Discussion at Rimfire Central
Another Beretta Bobcat Review
"One From the Vault" Beretta 21a
Nice Beretta Bobcat Discussion
Beretta 950

Firestorm (Bersa)

Firestorm 22 Auto Pistol (review by
Firestorm 22 Reviewed by J.B. Wood
Firestorm 22 Parts and Schematic
Firestorm 22 Range Report
Another Firestorm FS22 Range Report
Firestorm FS22 Discussion


Jennings J-22 Description and Photo
Making A Jennings J-22 Reliable (2nd Article)
Jennings Equals Junk Discussion
Jennings Might Be OK Discussion


Smith and Wesson Escort
Astra Cub
Grendel P-30 (22 magnum)
Sterling Arms 22LR
Intratec Protec
22 MiniMag vs 25 Bauer
Discussion: Using a 22 for Self-Defense
22LR Discussion, Various Weapons
22 Effective for Concealed Carry
Various 22 Pocket Pistol Recommendations
Pac-Lite Ruger 22/45 with Short Barrel
Pac-Lite Photos and Info from Guns Magazine

Phoenix Arms

Taurus PT-22, Phoenix Arms HP22 and Walther P22 Compared
Phoenix Arms HP22 "Best Buy"
Phoenix Arms HP22 Exhaustive Review
Pictorial Directions Takedown Phoenix Arms HP22
Phoenix Arms .22 Schematic Drawing
Numrich Schematics and Parts List for Phoenix Arms HP22
Size Comparisons Phoenix Arms HP22 to various Kel-Tec, etc pistols
Phoenix HP22 Owners Discussion Thread
Another Phoenix HP22 Owners Discussion
Phoenix Arms HP22 Accessories
Australian Review of the Phoenix Arms HP22 "Rangemaster"


Taurus PT-22, Phoenix Arms HP22 and Walther P22 Compared
Taurus PT22 LR
Taurus 22B
Taurus PT22/25 Manual (PDF)
High Road Discussion of PT22/25


Taurus PT-22, Phoenix Arms HP22 and Walther P22 Compared
Walther P22
Walther P22 Review by Kim du Toit
Walther P22 Review on Pistolsmith.Com
Walther P22 Personal Experiences Discussion
ArmedCitizen Walther P22 page of info and links
Walther's Official P22 page
Walther P22 Discussion and very nice photo
Walther P22 Owners Discussion Thread
Walther TPH
Walther TPH photo
Walther TPH and other models
Interarms Walther TPH
Walther TPH Discussion
Walther TPH Dimensions
Walther P22 Online Manual
Big Walther P22 Photos
Osinski Review of the Walther P22
Walther P22 Threads on GlockTalk Board


Note: The .25NAA cartridge is actually a .32 necked down to accept a .25 bullet.

Baby Browning

Baby Brownings and Copies Thereof
Baby Browning
Baby Browning Dis-assembly Instructions


22 MiniMag vs 25 Bauer
Another Bauer Discussion
Some Bauer .25 Information
Order Parts for your Bauer .25


Beretta 950
Beretta Model 21 Bobcat (.22 and .25)
Another Beretta Bobcat Review
Beretta Kittens


CZ 92
CZ92 Manual (PDF)
CZ Model Z


Intratec Protec .25 Astra Cub
Die Smeisserpistole
Reck P8 (La Fury; Chicago Cub)
Walther TPH
Arminius Model 3 Revolver
Star (Spanish) Unique Mikros (French)
American Derringer LM5 in .25 or .32 magnum
Colt VestPocket Pistol
Another Phoenix Raven Discussion
Small Photos of Many Little Guns
What's Your Favorite .25 Pistol?

North American Arms

.25NAA Press Release from 2004
D. K. Pridgen Review of .25NAA
North American Arms: Guardian 25NAA (Shooting Industry Review)
Gunweek Review of the .25NAA Guardian
NAA Guardian .25 NAA
NAA25 Guardian Review from Gunweek
Defense Review of .25NAA and .32NAA Guardians
Krull's Article on the Guardian .25NAA gun and cartridge


Raven Arms MP25
Raven 25 Discussion


Cyburban Seecamp History
Some Seecamp LWS-25 History (Serial Numbers, etc)
Seecamp .25 High Road Discussion


Taurus PT25
Taurus 25B


Note: The 32NAA cartridge is actually a .380 cartridge necked down to accomodate a .32 bullet. It is much more powerful than a standard .32.

Deep Conceal .32 Chart, Various Pistols


Beretta Tomcat Official Website
Another Tomcat Review
Wikipedia Article: Beretta Tomcat
Beretta Tomcat Highroad Discussion


Owners of Both Compare the KT p32 with the NAA Guardian 32
Video-Disassemble Kel-Tec P-32 (works for P-3at also)
P32 Penetrates Steel Doors and Then Some
Kel-Tec vs NAA Guardian Debate
Kel-Tec P32
Kel-Tec P32 Gunblast Review
Kel-Tec P32 vs P3AT Discussion
Kel-Tec P-32 Size Comparison Photos
Kel-Tec P32 Review
Kel-Tec P32 Review and Holsters
Kel-Tec P32 Review
Kel-Tyke Review by Syd
Kel-Tec P32 Review
More about the Kel-Tec P32
Another Kel-Tec P32 Review
Stryder's Kel-Tec P32 Review
Kel-Tec P-32 Longterm Reliability
Kel-Tec P32 Parallel Universes
Holsters for the Kel-Tec P32
Another P32 Review
Changing the grip on a P32
Kel-Tec P32 "Web Wall"
Still More About the P32 (Discussion)
2nd Generation Kel-Tec P32 On the Way
Kel-Tec vs Beretta Discussion
Kel-Tec Recommendations


American Derringer LM5 in .25 or .32 magnum
32 Caliber Shootout - Four Different Guns
Zastava Model 70

North American Arms

Dan Erin Reviews the Guardian 32 NAA
Owners of Both Compare the KT p32 with the NAA Guardian 32
32 Guardian vs 32 Seecamp
Guardian 32 vs Kel-Tec 32 vs Guardian 25NAA
Dave Spaulding's Review of the .32NAA
Mad Ogre Reviews the .32NAA
The GunMan and the .32NAA
Firing Line Discussion of .32NAA Guardian
Lilliputian-style elegance: NAA's pocket rocket Guardians
32NAA Guardian Out of the Box
32 ACP Guardian
NAA Guardian 32 Manual
32NAA Guardian (32 out of 380)
32 Guardian Article in Guns Magazine
32NAA Range Report
Mousegun That Roared (NAA 32)
Defense Review of .25NAA and .32NAA Guardians
Firing Line Owners Discuss Their Guardians
Custom 32 Guardian
Lilliputian-style elegance: NAA's pocket rocket guardians


Seecamp LS32 Disassembly with Photos
Photographic Size Comparison: Seecamp 380 vs Rohrbaugh 9mm
Seecamp and NAA Guardian Comparison
Seecamp 32 Discussion
Seecamp 32 Reviewed
Four 32's Compared
Seecamp 32 and 380 Information
Seecamp Owners Manual (PDF)



Manual in PDF Format
Handgunreview Reviews by Owners
Nice Photo and some discussion
Video of AMT 380 in action
Comments at
Wikipedia Article (very short)
Images from Google Image Search
Ian's AMT Info Site
Oldgranpa's Firing Line Info/Discussion
Alankwak's AMT 380 Disassembly with Photos
One man's Florida experience with an AMT 380 Discussion (with photos) of the AMT380


Bersa vs KelTec Shootout
New Bersa Thunder CC (Concealed Carry) Model Review
Disassembly of the BERSA Thunder 380
Improving the Stiff Safety/Decocker on the Bersa 380
Bersa 380 Gunblast Review
Bersa Thunder 380
Bersa 380 Range Report
Satisfied Bersa 380 users
Chuck Hawks on the Bersa 380
Another Bersa 380 Page
Bersa Thunder 380 Forum
Bersa 380 Manual
Comparing the Bersa 380 with the Kel-Tec P3AT
Bersa 380 vs Makarov


Colt Pocketlite - GunTests Review
Colt Pony Pocketlite Review

FEG Pistols


Shining Star Investments/Source for Jimenez Firearms
The Jimenez JA-380
Jimenez JA-380 Discussion on KTOG


P3AT vs NAA Guardian in 380 Comparisons
Bersa vs KelTec Shootout
P3AT frame removal/ re-installation Video
Hi-Res Photos of a First Generation p3at
Hi-Resolution Photos of a 2nd Generation P3at by ZeSpectre
2nd Gen P3AT Slide Hole Problem with Photos
P3AT Finger Extensions and Grips (Add-ons)
How to Gussy Up Your P3AT
NAA Guardian 380 vs Kel-Tec P-3AT
P3AT vs. Revolver
The Ideal Pocket Gun
My Kel-Tec P-3AT
New Generation Kel-Tec P3AT Photo Gallery
High Road P3AT Discussion
P3AT "How Do You Like It?" Discussion
American Rifleman Reviews P-3AT
1st Generation P3AT Manual (HTML Format)
2nd Generation P3AT Manual (PDF)
Kel-Tec P-3AT (380)
StoppingPower Range Report on P3AT
Guns and Ammo Review of the Kel-Tec P-3AT
MadOgre Review Kel-Tec P-3AT
American Rifleman Reviews the P-3AT
Preparing a new P-3at for first use
Wiley Clapp Reviews the P-3AT
Policemen Discuss Kel-Tec Guns
Doing the "Fluff and Buff" on new Kel-Tecs
Bersa Thunder 380 vs Kel-Tec P-3AT
Kel-Tec 380 Discussion on NAA Board
Wiley Clapp Reviews the P-3AT
People at the AssaultWeb Board Like Their P3AT's


Jimenez JA-380
Grendel P-10 Review by "Mr. Completely"
Comparative Table of 380 Pistols
Czech "Kevin" 380
Grendel Pistols
Colt Mustang
Colt Pony
Colt 380
Lorcin is Junk
SigArms P232 Pistol
Another Sig P232 Page
Les Jones Review of the Sig P232
Large Sig P232 Photo
Phil Johnston Reviews the Sig P232
S & W Sigma 380
Another Sigma 380 Page
The Makarov Pistol
Chuck Hawk's Makarov Review
Beretta Cheetah Model 86 (also a bit too heavy)
Beretta Series 81
Firestorm 380 (a bit over 16 ounces)
Taurus PT58 and Cousins
Taurus PT138 Millennium
CZ83, Reviewed by Stephen A. Camp
Davis 380
Sterling 380, and other Sterlings

North American Arms

P3AT vs NAA Guardian in 380 Comparisons
George Hill Reviews the NAA Guardian .380
NAA Guardian 380 Sandblasted finish
NAA Guardian 380 (Official web page)
NAA Guardian 380 Owner Comments
Official NAA Guardian Forum
NAA Guardian 380 Description and Big Photo
NAA 380 Good Write-up from The Gunman
MadOgre Prefers NAA Guardians Over Kel-Tec for CCW
On Guard with Guardian 380 (A Review)
NAA Guardian Grows Up (A Review)
Officer.Com reviews the NAA 380
Find an NAA Guardian Dealer Near You
Ahern Reviews the NAA Guardian 380


How to Disassemble the Seecamp LS380 (Many Photos)
Photographic Size Comparison: Seecamp 380 vs Rohrbaugh 9mm
OldGranp's Seecamp 380 "bone" test
Rohrbaugh R9S / Seecamp LWS380 Shoot-out
New Seecamp 380 Owner Posts Pictures
LWS380 Range Report
Service Life of the LWS380
Seecamp 32 and 380 Information
Seecamp 380 (American Handgunner)
Another Seecamp 380 Article
Seecamp Photo Gallery
Seecamp LWS 380 Opinions on GlockTalk
Seecamp 380 Range Report
Seecamp 380 Photos
Seecamp Owners Manual (PDF)
American Handgunner Reviews the Seecamp 380
Seecamp Upgrades the Punch


Six 9mm Mouseguns Compared in a Table
Joshua Steinlauf's "Best CCW Gun" Chart

A Word Doc Table Comparing the Kel-Tec P11/P40 with other guns

Glock 26

Official Glock 26 Website
Sub-Compact Glock Pistols
Glock 26 Specifications
Chuck Taylor on the Glock 26
Glock 26, A Lady's Point of View
Glock 26 Velocities
Les Jones Compares the Glock 26 to the Kel-Tec P11
Stephen A. Camp's Range Report on the Glock 26
The Official Glock Sub Compact Forum


Gun Tests Magazine Recommends Kahr PM9
Chuck Hawks Reviews the PM9
Mad Ogre's Review of the Kahr PM9
Kahr PM9 vs S&W 340PD as Pocket Guns
Masaad Ayoob Reviews the Kahr PM9
KahrPM9 vs Keltec P11 for "in the pocket carry"
Kahr PM9 vs Glock 26
Kahr Service Comes Through on a Lemon PM9
Ammo Testing with a Kahr PM9
PM9 Holster Discussion
New Kahr CW9 (a little larger than the PM9)
Guns Magazine Reviews the Kahr CW9
Combat Handguns Reviews the Kahr CW9
Shotgun News Reviews the CW9 and the PM9
Massad Ayoob on the Kahr 9mm
Kahr PM9 Compared to Subcompact Glocks
"Best Pocket Pistol" Kahr PM9 vs Kel-Tec P11
Kahr PM9 Ideal for Women
Kahr PM9 Reviewed in Police Magazine
Kahr PM9 Review w. photos comparing KelTec/Glock to PM9
Kahr: A Century of Pocket Autos
Police Magazine Reviews the Kahr PM9
Women and Guns Reviews the Kahr PM9
Kahr P9 vs Glock 26 vs KelTec 32
Glock 26 vs Kahr PM9 Discussion
Perfect Pocket Protection (Kahr PM9)
Kahr PM9 Discussion on WarriorTalk
A Very Negative PM9 Testimony
Some Good Experiences with the PM9
Kahr PM9 too Big for Pocket Carry?
Massad Ayoob on the PM9
Perfect Pocket Protection
Some PM9 Problems
Kahr PM9 Range Report
Ammo Testing (Many Varieties) with Kahr PM9
Discussion About Kahr vs Rohrbaugh
Kahr P Series
American Rifleman Reviews Kahr PM9
Kahr PM9 (9mm)
Kahr PM9 (14 oz, 9mm)
Kahr PM9 Review
Kahr P9 Review
PM9 Best Pocket Gun Discussion
PM9 Range Report
Comparison of KelTec P32 and Kahr PM9 (Photos)


Kel-Tec now manufactures two different 9mm models. The older P-11 has been around for a decade. The newer PF-9 has been in production since early 2007. The PF-9 will be seen as an ideal pocket pistol by many, for it is currently the lightest and thinnest 9mm pistol made by anyone. Here's a link for comparing the sizes of the PF-9 and P-11 (lots of big graphics).

PF-9 Links

Official PF9 Web Page
Detailed High Resolution Photos of Mousegunner's Kel-Tec PF-9
Two Pistol Packer's Guide to Disassembly and Repair of the PF-9
Mousegunner's Review of the Kel-Tec PF-9
RBB Reviews His PF-9
Another PF-9 Thread on the High Road
Paleo Gives A Range Report About His PF-9
A Short History of the Kel-Tec PF9
Gunblast Reviews the PF9
Kel-Tec PF9 Photos and Animated Gif File (new February 2006)
KTOG Folk Greet the New PF9
Glock Talk Greets the New PF9
The Firing Line Greets the New PF9
The High Road Greets the New PF9

P-11 Links

Kel-Tec P-11 vs Glock 19 On the Range Face Off
Detailed High Resolution Photos of Kel-Tec P-11
Kel-Tec P-11 Ongoing Reliability Testing
My Slice of the Web P11 Report
Gunweek Reviews the P-11
Nice P-11 Review in PDF Format (Grundman)
Kel-Tec P-11 vs Kahr PM9 Discussion on KTOG
Kel-Tec P11 Review and Ballistics Info
Kel-Tec P11, the Almost Ideal Pocket Gun
StoppingPower Discusses Kahr PM9 vs Keltec P11 for pocket carry
Kel-Tec P11 (9mm)
Kel-Tec P11 (9mm) Review
How to Carry a P-11
Golden Loki's P-11 Page
P-11 Comments by Gun Writers/Magazines
Police Discuss Kel-Tec P-11
Good Words for the Kel-Tec P-11 on Glock Talk
Host of KelTec P11 User Reviews
More Glowing P11 Reviews
Kel-Tec P11 Triggerwork (PDF)
Kel-Tec P11 Gunsmithing Projects
How to Fix the P11 Magazine Rattle!
Kel-Tec P11 Trigger Shoe Installation
GoldenLoki's KelTec P11 Web Page
LEOs Comment on the P11 and P3AT
One Person's Kel-Tec P11 Range Test
Kel-Tec Thoughts (good) on GlockTalk
P11 Comments on the Firing Line Forum
RecGun Reviews the Kel-Tec P11
Accuracy with the Kel-Tec P-11
Negative Kel-Tec P11 Review
Positive Kel-Tec P11 Review
Another Positive P11 Review
Kel-Tec P11 Discussion
More P11 Discusson
Another Kel-Tec P11 page
Kel-Tec P11 Owner's comments
A series of Kel-Tec P11 reviews and remarks
GunTests Compares Kel-Tec, Kahr and SW 9mm
Nice Kel-Tec P11 Review by Jason Steiner
Blackhawk's P11/P40 Trigger Job
GoldenLoki's 9mm Ammo Tests with a P-11


The Professional's Pistol
Rohrbaugh 9mm -- Photo thread
Photographic Size Comparison: Seecamp 380 vs Rohrbaugh 9mm
Rohrbaugh R9S / Seecamp LWS380 Shoot-out
Detailed Rohrbaugh Reply to Guntests Mag Review
Brudenell's Rohrbaugh Review
Rohrbaugh Owner's Manual (PDF)
Seecamp Owners Discuss the Rohrbaugh 9mm
Guntests Compares the Rohrbaugh with A Kahr
Rohrbaugh compared to Kel-Tec P11 Discussion
Rohrbaugh R9 compared to NAA 380 w. photos
Rohrbaugh Owners Compare Seecamp Pistols
Rohrbaugh Facts and Faqs
Excellent Rohrbaugh Range Report
Rohrbaugh Defense Review
Rohrbaugh Photos Compared to P3AT and P11, etc
Full Rohrbaugh Information
Rohrbaugh, the Professional's Pistol
Rohrbaugh R9/R9S 9mm mousegun
R9 Reliability vs Kel-Tec P3AT
Rohrbaugh R9S Range Report
Rohrbaugh 9MM Manual
Rohrbaugh Comparison Photos
Photos of Rohrbaugh with Colt Pony and Seecamp 32
RS9 compared to Kahr PM9 Review
Another Rohrbaugh 9mm Review
Rohrbaugh R9 compared to NAA 380 w. photos

Springfied Arms Sub-compact XD

Springfield XD Subcompact
Springfield XD Manual
Another Springfield XD Subcompact Review
SA XD Subcompact Review by Handguns Magazine
Gunblast Large Photo of SA Subcompact XD
Sheriff Jim Wilson's Review

Skyy Industries

Skyy CPX-1 Review in PDF Format
Skyy Industries CPX-1
CPX-1 Manual in PDF Format
Skyy Industries Fiasco on KTOG Forum
GlockTalk Discussion Weighs in on the Skyy CPX-1
Skyy CPX-1 Range Reports
Skyy CPX-1 for Sale (Excellent Photos)
Another Sky CPX-1 for Sale (SS slide) (More Excellent Photos)
A Few Owner's Comments on the Skyy CPX-1
Another GlockTalk Discussion of the Skyy CPX-1
The Skyy Forum
Skyy CPX-1 Range Reports
Comparative Range Report Kel-Tec P11 vs Skyy CPX-1


Taurus PT111 (Titanium)
Taurus Millennium Pro 9mm Review
Taurus PT111 compared to Kel-Tec P-11
Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro Cleaning (Many Pix)
Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro Review
Taurus Mill. Pro Titanium PT111
Gunblast Review of the Taurus PT111
Taurus Titanium PT111 Discussion


Gun Tests Reviews the Kahr PM40
Kahr PM40 Problems Galore
KTOG P-40 Reviews/Comments
Kel-Tec P40
Kel-Tec P40 problems
Using P11 Mags in P40 for Reliable Feeding
Kel-Tec P40 "History" Discussion
Kel-Tec in .40 S&W and .357 Sig
Kel-Tec P40 -- Highest Power to Weight Ratio
Negative P-40 Comments
Kel-Tec P40 vs Springfield XD40
Glock 27 Page from the Armed Citizen
Chuck Taylor's Review of the Glock 27
Mousegunner's Review of His Glock 27
Kahr PM40 (Guy Sagi)
Kahr PM40 Review on Glock Talk
Chuck Hawks Reviews the Kahr PM9 and PM40


Kahr P45
Cobra Double Action .45ACP
Cobra Patriot 45 (20 oz)
Cobra Patriot Review, Wood
Discussion of Cobra Patriot 45
See Other Cobra Patriot Links Here