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Israel is run by "TRAITORS" known as the "EREV RAV"....If you will do a google search on the "EREV RAV" you will understand what I am talking about. This will eventually bring about the final battle of Armageddon in the valley of Megiddo. Read EZEKIAL Chapter 38 & 39. My spelling may be wrong but I am logically right. The leaders of Israel are turning to the European Union for help and especially "GERMANY" - which they just purchased 2 nuclear subs from. This is a terrible mistake.

In a world of about 6 (six) BILLION PEOPLE there are just about 12 to 13 MILLION Jews which is the short name for JUDAH. Why are they in the news headlines day after day after day. ?? We are approaching the final hours of what will be the deciding factor of all our lives. You must prepare to survive for the day after as you can not change a thing, its cast in concrete.

Our hours and days and weeks and months are not calculated the same in the after world. YOU MUST READ LEVITICUS CHAPTER 26, VERSE 19. AMERICA HAS WON ITS LAST WAR. BRITAIN HAS WON ITS LAST WAR. ISRAEL HAS WON ITS LAST WAR. G-D has broken the pride of our power and our Military is being spent in vain because the politicians will not let the soldiers who are the finest in the world fight to win like in WW II. Its more important to take care of our wounded than give out money to foreign countries, close our borders now. we are finished as our enemies are already within our borders thanks to the politicians.

While you are at it you must read the following scriptures - ISAIAH chapter 17, verse 1... DAMASCUS SYRIA WILL CEASE TO EXIST AS A CITY.

ISAIAH Chapter 34, verse 6 and there will be a terrible slaughter for G-D in Basra, Iraq. THIS IS THE KEY TO EVENTS THAT ARE COMING.

ISAIAH chapter 30, verse 25, it says the TOWERS WILL FALL - this was written 700 years before the Christian era.

There are so many more things I could have you reference but most people do not believe a word I am saying. Be sure to prepare your supplies now. WHAT IS THE ONE COMMODITY THAT PEOPLE WILL WANT TO BARTER FOR FOOD ?? ANSWER IS AMMUNITION...

Be sure to get all your family members a FOX 40 or STORM whistle so they can use it if they need help. Buy it from AMAZON.COM - Be sure to buy a camping WATER filter to make filthy water drinkable. Look at buying a KATADYNE FILTER. It is available at all sporting and camping supply stores. go to

Always keep your BIBLE handy as all the answers are in there. It does not matter what you think or "MAY" believe, because all the prophecies are in the BIBLE. THE SCRIPTURES DO NOT LIE.

No one knows how many guns are in this country and around the world, they give you guesstimates, you must own a gun of some kind or you will become a victim of human vultures if you survive. Your neighbors that have nothing will become your enemy if you are one of the people that have what it takes to survive and they do not.

Walkie Talkies are very cheap at this time and the new ones are 26 mile range. They cost approx. $60.00 for a set of two. It would be best if you can use "AA" batteries as there may be no power. Having a small battery solar charger is an excellent idea.

No government in this physical world is calling the shots, it is all being controlled by DEVINE INTERVENTION. Things that we are not capable of understanding.

If you need appliances buy old style mechanical devices such as a mechanical wind up watch. "THINK MECHANICAL" Its all coming to a head and all we are able to do is prepare to survive for the day after. Ammunition prices and availability are sky high and they are not available. People tell me its all because of the war effort, I say BS because if thats true why is 38 special so hard to find and so expensive. WHY are 22 LR CCI STINGERS so hard to find ?? CCI/SPEER AND FEDERAL ARE NOW OWNED BY THE SAME COMPANY.

Buying some basic reloading equipment is a first class idea. All you really need is a single stage press or a turret press. NO NEED TO BUY A VERY EXPENSIVE PROGRESSIVE PRESS. Think basics and be calm and get your things in order such as your medication and extra eye glasses and what ever you specifically need to survive. Remember without "PRIMERS" there is no reloading ammunition. Get some while you can. Do not wait.

You will need flashlights and stay with "LED" bulbs as they will outlive me. Buy all size batteries that you will need. I could write a book but I just want you to realize this world is like a runaway train with no engineer and no brakes.

Thanks for reading my commentary.....TJ

between the lines Joseph Farah

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Unholy alliance in Israel

Posted: September 10, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Olmert, Peres and the inner sanctum of the Israeli political elite fear the Temple Mount. They always have. In fact, ever since Israel captured the site in June 1967, fools like Olmert and Peres have been skulking about trying to figure out a way to rid themselves and their country of it.

You've heard the term "unholy alliance."

I think it was invented to describe those parties conspiring to transfer the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to the permanent care and custody of the very Islamic fanatics who claim no Jewish Temple ever stood on the site.

Who comprises this unholy alliance?

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Israeli President Shimon Peres, most of the rest of the Israeli political elite and the sworn enemies of the Jewish state, those who would finish the work of Adolph Hitler if they ever got the chance.

That is the amazing story within the story of a drama unfolding at the most explosive piece of real estate in the world.

While the Muslim zealots who administer the Temple Mount continue to excavate the site without a thought or care as to the integrity of the most sacred ground in Judaism, not to mention an archaeological treasure trove, the Israeli political elite is secretly working out a "final solution" for what they consider a troublesome, burdensome stone in their shoe.

Why would Jewish leaders give away to their archenemies the holiest site in Judaism?

It's an ugly little story, but one you should understand – because it's about to become center stage in the theater of world affairs.

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Why do they fear it?

Because they know if it remains in the possession of the Jewish people long enough, the Jewish people will obey their G-d and rebuild the Temple. This would be unthinkable to the Israeli political elite. They believe the Israeli government is the one, true G-d of the Israeli people. The Israeli political elite does not recognize the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They do not recognize the G-d who gave the Jewish people the land deed for their nation. They do not recognize the G-d who promised the Jewish people would be restored to the land. And they do not recognize the G-d who restored them to the land after 1,800 years in exile.

The Israeli political elite believe they are wiser than that G-d. So, they want to remove the temptation of the superstitious Jewish people to rebuild their silly old Temple by handing over the foundation to people who want to destroy all Jews.

Does this make sense?

It does if you are a member of the Israeli political elite. Trust me.

Olmert and Peres and the rest of those unprincipled cowards and wolves in sheep's clothing have sold out their own people. They are now bed partners with the Islamo-fascist fanatics they have entrusted with the holiest site in all Judaism, not to mention Western Civilization's richest archaeological treasure.

Let me make a little prediction: No matter how hard Olmert and Peres work in conjunction with the Muslims to destroy the Temple Mount, it will never come to pass.

In fact, I will predict that their actions will lead to a rising chorus among Jews in Israel and around the world to rebuild the Temple.

Olmert has tried to perform his dastardly betrayal behind closed doors. He has made a secret of his negotiations to turn over the Temple Mount. He has ignored requests from eminent archaeologists to stop the unsupervised, unnecessary excavation abomination taking place now at the Temple Mount.

He thinks he can just make it all go away – quietly.

I'm predicting he can't.

It really doesn't matter what Olmert does. Olmert is a political pipsqueak, at most a historical footnote in the history of the Jewish people. He couldn't give away the Temple Mount if he tried – because it's not his to give.

It belongs to G-d, as most observant and biblically astute Christians and Jews comprehend.

Has Olmert ever read the Bible? Does he have no fear of G-d? Does he think his nation's history is based on fairy tales? Who does he think he is?