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Feb 01 Unigrip Squeeze Light (preview only)
Feb 01 LumaPower M1 Hunter Cree

Feb 06 Several Cree-based Fenix lights...

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(If you are wondering why fewer reviews are being done now, see the note at the top of the "News and What's New" section below.)

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Fast riser at # 21: Maglite Mag-LEDs

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As of December 2006 we are only reviewing products on an infrequent basis and only by special invitation.
I have found it necessary to severely scale back the product reviewing process.

Feel free to contact us regarding reviewing your product but very few will be accepted at this time.

Any products received without explicit permission to send them will be
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External pressures on my time prevent the degree of involvement I have had in the past with, but it is my intention to continue to maintain this site for everyone's reference. For now the site is "semi-retired". Review samples are only being accepted and reviewed by special invitation and will be done on an infrequent basis. Email to the author may not receive a reply. New articles may be added, but not with the frequency of the past several years.

- Doug P., Author and Owner,, December 2006

Feb 07 , 2007: Big thank you to everyone who has sent donations to help keep the site running. Recent thanks go out to Greg B., Adam R., Lewis S., and James G. who sent donations via US mail.

URGENT WARNING: Fake Surefire U2 flashlights are appearing on the market. They are almost exact copies in appearance (only). Functionally and quality-wise, they are sub-par. Please see the Fakes, Frauds, and Fallacies page for more information. Don't get scammed!

Feb 01 , 2007: The preview of the two hand squeeze lights is done. I received a LumaPower M1 Hunter Cree light for review and will work on it next. I have added a special review table for Cree and Seoul high efficiency LEDs, available from the LED selection menu at the top (there's only one entry at this time...)

Jan 24, 2007: I have received two prototype hand squeeze lights which are designed to be a very inexpensive human-powered rechargeable LED flashlight. Pumping the handle recharges what appears to be small cluster of NiMH cells inside. Considering the cost, so far they look pretty good. Better than those junk crank lights and fake hand pump lights. More to come!

Jan 17, 2007: The Fenix L2P has unfortunately been discontinued, but it's hard to keep a good light down! Check out Giga International for the L2P Version 2.0. Unfortunately I will not be reviewing this light, but if anyone would like to send me their impressions, please feel free!

Jan 01, 2007: Happy New Year! I've been doing some serious poking around in the collection and found this little critter. After playing with it for a while I have again realized what a nice little light it is. Although nothing super special, I just plain think it's cute. Plus it's on sale right now for about $11 and really has a good runtime and output for 1 AAA.

It appears that with the new year, I am not the only one cutting back (See Dec 26, 2006 News and What's New entry). One of my favorite daily newspaper cartoons, FoxTrot, will no longer be daily. The author is cutting back to Sundays only. He says in the press release "...I think it’s time I got out of the house and tried some new things." My friend, I know how you feel.

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