Thursday, November 30, 2006


Question of the Month!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

PLEASE NOTE: A Federal Firearms License is REQUIRED for the purchase of any Complete Weapon or Lower Receiver. Orders will not be processed without it.

The New 45 Bushmaster Rifle

New Bushmaster A3 6.8mm SPC Carbine New Bushmaster A2 6.8mm SPC Carbine

Bushmaster Predator Bushmaster Superlight with TeleStock

Bushmaster Superlight with Stubby Stock Bushmaster AK Carbine

Bushmaster M4 Type 16in Carbine with Izzy Flash Suppressor Bushmaster 16in Carbine with Bird Cage Flash Suppressor

Bushmaster M4 Type 16in Carbine with Bird Cage Flash Suppressor Bushmaster 20in Rifle with Bird Cage Flash Suppressor

Bushmaster 16in Modular Carbine

Bushmaster SuperLight Carbine with Stubby Stock

Bushmaster SuperLight Carbine with Fixed Tele-Stock Bushmaster "Varmint Special" Rifle

Bushmaster Stainless Steel Rifle Bushmaster Varminter Rifle

Bushmaster M4 Type 16in Carbine Bushmaster A2 16in Carbine

Bushmaster A3 16in Carbine Bushmaster AK A2 Rifle

Bushmaster AK A3 16in Carbine Bushmaster Dissipator A2 16in Carbine

Bushmaster Dissipator A3 16inCarbine Bushmaster A2 20in Rifle

Bushmaster A3 20in Rifle Bushmaster V Match Carbine

XM15 E2S V Match 20in Rifle

BUSHMASTER - The Best. By A Long Shot!
Here's Why:

Barrels: We machine our Barrels from either the best grade Chrome-Moly Vanadium Steel, or 416 Match Grade Stainless Steel. Our heavy profile Barrels (standard on most models) step down from 1" diam. at barrel nut to .750" at the sight base to improve heat dissipation and decrease barrel whip. The majority of our barrels are button rifled - right hand twist - 1 turn in 9", as we've found that the 1 in 9" twist gives optimum accuracy results with a broad range of ammunition, and will stabilize bullets up to 75 grains. DCM Competition Rifles are 1 in 8" twist for the very heavy bullets used in high power competition.

Chrome Lined Bore & Chamber:
A chromed bore and chamber - as in most of our Chrome Moly Steel Barrels - can double the barrel's life if proper care and regular maintenance procedures are observed. The chrome protects against corrosion, and as it is harder than the barrel steel, it reduces friction, increases velocity, and aids in chambering and ejection. Chrome lined barrels also clean up easier because lead, copper and powder fouling simply does not adhere as easily to the chrome lining - so you'll spend less time cleaning after a day at the range. Note: With any chrome lined barrel, you should avoid leaving ammonia based solvents, bore cleaners, or pastes in long term contact with the chrome lining (i.e. over-night soakings) as the ammonia can react with the chrome to cause oxidation. Regular session cleaning will ensure proper barrel care and long life. We apply a Manganese Phosphate finish to our barrels, and other critical steel parts, to protect against corrosion and rust and to produce a matte black, non-reflective surface color. We do not paint any of our parts. Finally, Bushmaster rifles and carbines are laser boresighted at the factory to assure that the accuracy inherent in our barrels works in coordination with the sights that we put on them.

Manganese Phosphate Finish: We utilize the mil. spec. recommended protective finish for steel in our manufacturing. This finish protects against corrosion and rust, and produces the correct matte grey/black military surface color. We do not paint any of our parts.

Forged Front Sights: The front sight base is not a casting. Bushmaster uses only steel forgings which are far superior in tensile strength. Your weapon won't be disabled if you bang it against something!

Receiver Features: We machine our receivers to fit together with two standard mil. spec. push pins. This offers simple “tool-less” take down in the field - no need for two screwdrivers as with some other brands. We incorporate a brass deflector into the aluminum upper receiver forgings for ejected shell control and a raised “fence” area around the magazine catch button prevents accidental release of the magazine - all per latest military design specifications.

Rear Sights: We use the standard mil. spec. A2 Dual Aperture Rear Sight which incorporates adjusting knobs for both windage and elevation. Our A2 sights feature 1/2" incremental windage adjustment at 100 yards instead of the older version which offered only 1" increments - additionally, the adjustment knobs on the A2 rear sight eliminate the need for a sight tool. The beauty of the dual aperture flip-up is that the same sight can offer both quick target acquisition (with the field aperture) and fine distance sight picture (with the target aperture).

Stock and Grip: We install the latest A2 standard trapdoor buttstock - which is 5/8" longer than the original A1 - for a mil. spec. trigger pull length of 13.5 inches. The black thermoplastic pistol grip has finger groove and serrated back for solid grasp.

Bushmaster Value!...All complete Bushmaster Rifles and Carbines are now being shipped in this hard plastic, lockable, clamshell style case - a $18.95 value!