Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More on the "XD"

Dear Mr Jacobson,

I read with interest your comparison of Glock to the XD.
I would like to say I own a 40 service model and am generally quite happy with it. I find it to be quite accurate and I like the grip safety on a weapon without an exposed hammer.

There is a web sight called PISTOLGEAR and they have different parts including guide rods and springs. They have an item called Don's guide rod. I have no experience with the products.

I must say that I have quite a bit of experience with various pistols and revolvers and am a retired Sheriff's deputy and police firearm instructor and armorer. I enjoy your blogs and postings and appreciate your input and thoughts.
Having said that,

If you really want to have a problem, try reassembling an XD with the disassembly lever in the assembled position. The gun will start to go together without much effort and then it will REALLY be stuck!!!
It took a visit to my local gun shop, a call to the factory, and a lot of work with a plastic hammer to make things right.

No damage was done. The manual is not much help and was written by an attorney.

I do believe this must happen to others. I am somewhat more experienced than the average user. I thought you might like hearing about this in case you haven't run into this yet.

I enjoy my XD but purchased it mainly because the price was right and I had a decent quantity of ammunition. I will probably get a glock eventually because of easy availability of everything. I also believe the Glock 9's to be the best of the Glocks.

Keep up the good work